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Posted by seumasach on January 18, 2008

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CCD Progress Report 2009: Proof by Omission

In the Ghetto, On the Brink

9/11: The Most Popular French Comedian Ridicules the US Government

Color revolutions: Bulgaria Vs Ukraine: Don’t Blink!

Now Legal Immunity for Swine Flu Vaccine Makers

(2005)US reviews risks of Tamiflu after 12 children die

Radio: Jim Willie-Pretend and extend tactics

Radio: Deceptions in Science (EM health cover-up)-Havas

Storks Lose the Plot Near Phone Masts

What is Happening to Nature?(EMF Exposure)

Obama Helps Banksters Loot American Economy

Nabucco, Turkey, EU And Obama Geopolitics

Global Financial and Economic Meltdown and Need for a Paradigm Shift

Nabucco, Turkey, EU and Obama Geopolitics

Bolivarist Academic Highlights CCd/EM Connection

Obama’s Approval Rating Slips

Novartis Recalls “HINI” Vaccine Two Months Before “HINI” Outbreak in Mexico

Belgian Soldiers are Sick Due to Electromagnetic Radiations in Afghanistan

Imminent Erosion of US Dollar Seawall

Video: Bolivia in Transition

Medvedev Charms Merkel at Munich Summit

Germany Becomes Russia Closest Partner in Europe and World

Video: Madsen: ‘Swine flu virus began life in lab

US: Iraq’s Nabucco Chances Better Then Iran’s

US Diplomacy Leaves Kurds Adrift

Max Keiser on Goldman Sachs

L’ Axe du Mal » de l’administration Obama

Reinvestigate 9/11 Breaks into Parliament

Parotid glands cancer: sharp increase

In Possible Iran signal, Israeli Boats Cross Suez

Twittering Revolutionaries

L’Iran dans le colimateur des Dauphins

Iran to Execute 14 US-Backed Jundullah Members

Clinton: US Won’t Hesitate to Use Military Against Iran

Obama Handshake Snubbed

Overload-Towards a confrontation with Moscow

Isolated and discredited- the US in Latin America

‘Russia makes no deal on Iran with US

Iceland: Government and trade unions impose IMF austerity measures

Iceland May Renege on Icesave Payments

Washington is Playing a Deeper Game with China

« Pipeline deal is sweet music for Iran

Mobile Phones: Oxidative Stress and Impaired Male Fertility

Que se passe-t-il dans le Xinjiang ?

Derrière la visite d’Obama au Ghana

British government under pressure: 13 doctors demand inquest into Dr David Kelly’s death

China’s Battle Against Terrorism

When Will the Recovery Begin? Never

Radio: Inflation V Deflation V Truth

Michael Hudson speaks to Max Keiser

Obama- Stop Blaming the West(or We’ll Bomb You)

Murdoch’s malign influence demeans British politics

Obama Administration Plans Forceful Policy to End Conflicts in Africa

Hey Buddy, It’s Cooling!

Obama Takes Small Steps in Moscow

Obama’s Rollback Strategy: Honduras, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan

Wireless Technologies Cause Harm to Children and Adults

Government Response to School Wi-Fi Petition Panned

The Wind that Shakes the Barley

Retired General Says 9/11 was an Inside Job

A Deconstruction of the Campaign Against Omar al Bashir

Roger Santini: Precautionary Principle Against Mobile Phones

Walls to Block Deflation

Russia Surprised by Biden’s Remarks on Iran

UK Freezing of Landsbanki Assets “as Damaging to Iceland as Treaty of Versailles”

The Wheels Come Off the “Good War” in Afghanistan

The Truth Behind Depleted Uranium(DU) Contamination and its Usage

Obamageddon is Coming!

Fears for the World’s Poor Countries as the Rich Grab Land to Grow Food

Venezuela and Iran: Whither the Revolutions

One journalist killed and another wounded by hired assassins in Honduras

The Big Whorehouse On The Potomac

Generation X-Ray: Child victims of Technological abuse

Obama sends marines to suppress population of southern Afghanistan

All in the Family: the Wall Street White House

Wonders at the Credit Terms for the Icesave Deal

NATO Bombings’ Aftermath Takes Toll on Serbia

A Moment of Truth for Obama in Moscow

Why Zelaya’s Actions Were Legal

Chavez Blames US for Honduras Military Coup

Iceland Protests Continue

Europe’s Future with the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

Obama Faces a Persian Rebuff

.Fidel Castro: A Suicidal Error

Color Revolution Fails in Iran

The Coup in Honduras-Obama’s Real Message to Latin America

« Le SouthCom prend le pouvoir dans un État membre de l’ALBA

UK Economy Shrinks at Fastest Rate for 50 Years

Riots in Honduras

A Warning Bell on California Muni Bonds

Max Keiser Exposes Obama’s Tyrany

Bob Marley-Amandla

The Truth Behind the Vaccine Cover-Up

Monde et Contremonde

Global Systemic Crisis in Summer 2009: the Cumulative Impact of Three Rogue Waves

Shanty Towns in the USA. Obama’s Chamge

Rethinking Afghanistan. Obama’s War Crimes

“Color” Revolution Fizzles in Iran

9/11 FEMA Videographer at Ground Zero Goes Public

The CIA and the Iranian Experiment

Pourquoi Devrais-je Mepriser le Choix des Iraniens?

Robert F. Kennedy Explains Vaccines and the Autism Cover-up

Obama’s (Latest) Surrender to Wall Street

Obama: Election Promises Fulfilled?

Death By a Thousand cuts- China Commodities Undercut US Dollar

The West is Asleep

Beijing Cautions USA Over Iran

Iranian Elections: The “Stolen Elections” Hoax

Ahmadinejad Won. Get Over It.

The World is Now Changed

Darling and King clash over banking rules

Ahmadinejad won. Get over it

Iranian Electoral Fraud: A Skeptic’s View

Socialist Worker Confirms its Role as a Tool of Imperialism

Iranian Electoral Fraud: A Skeptic’s View

“Hidden Agenda” in Talk About Economic Recovery”

Khamenei Rides a Storm in a Teacup

Silvio Rodriguez- Cancion en harapos

Chinese president makes proposal for tackling global financial crisis at BRIC summit

CIA,Iran and the Election Riots- June14th, 2009

The American Empire is Bankrupt

The FDA Protects Your Pets from Mercury but not You

Pre-election Poll Showed Ahmadinejad Support

BRIC Group Plans Own Revolution

Rafsanjani’s Gambit Backfires

Spanish Paper on Cell Phone Addiction


Indian Officials, Scholars Express High Expectation of BRIC Cooperation

De-Dollarisation- Dismantling of America’s Financial-Military Empire:The ekaterinburg Turning-Point

Radio: Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert on Shadow Banking System

An Interview With Eva Jolly

US Cities May Have to be Bulldozed in Order to Survive

Afghanistan: Stop the War Supplemental

“The Enemy is Humanity Itself”

Cell Phone War

Coca Cola Zero Banned in Venezuela

The shipping index shows most stocks are heading down

Quantitative easing- cure or kill?

Mandelson Praises Euro

China Overtakes US as World’s No 1 Car Market

Obama’s “prolonged detention” shocks civil libertarians

What’s Next For The US Economy, or What’s Left of It?

Cuba Recognised in Human Rights Council

Alarm Bells Ring for the Sparrow

Marc Faber “100% Sure of Coming Hyperinflation”

1985 Global Warming Scaremongering

Denis Kucinich Once Again Speaks Out against Wars in Middle-East

Fear Rules

Mollycoddling Mubarak, Mugging Mugabe

Radio: Jim Willie on statistical fraud

The worse is not yet over, Rogers

.Fear Rules

Peter Schiff -The Road to Perdition

Bric deve ser um grupo aberto com desenvolvimento gradual, diz embaixador brasileiro na China

.France-The mayors of several cities request a trial period of reducing EMF exposure levels

Ivan Lins:Antes Que Seja Tarde- Before it’s Too Late

US Moves into Back Seat

France: the Mayors of Several Cities Request a Trial Period of Reduced EM Exposure Levels

Bric deve ser um grupo aberto com desenvolvimento gradual, diz embaixador brasileiro na China

Peter Schiff -The Road to Perdition

DNA Databases Prelude to Return of Eugenics

Russell Means-Lakota Declares its Sovereignty

Honeybee collapse strikes Japan; up to fifty percent of honeybees gone

Obama is Morphing into Dick Cheney

Geithner to DeMint: Bailouts may never end, no exit plans

West and Russia Spar. China Wins

Hutton on Brown

The Great Charlatan has spoken and it’s a Heap of Horseshit

Max Keiser and Alex Jones discussing the rising kleptocracy in the United States

China says IMF wrong to question Congo deal

Max Keiser and Alex Jones discussing the rising kleptocracy in the United States

Tienanmen, 20 ans après:l’échec de la première « révolution colorée »

Obama et les arrières-pensées de la main tendue aux musulmans

Sadr: Obama Has Subtle Plans to Control the World

As the Dollar Falls off the Cliff

Radio : Kirby on Gold Reports- the uncovered truth

China Willing to Buy Up to $50 Billion in IMF Bonds

Obama-The Cairo Factor

Jump in Scotland’s Swine Flu Cases Shows Community Spread

Cuba’s Fidel Castro Calls OAS a “US Trojan Horse”

CIA ‘plot to kill Hugo Chavez’

Dirty old town. The Poques. Lyrics by Ewan McColl

New Labour taking us towards compulsory vaccination

Ahmadinejad: Blair apologized to Iran

Jim Willie: Quarterly $1 Trillion Monetization

Los países BRIC y la teoría del desacople

The Big Collapse Could Be Very Near

Sarkozy’s Secret Plan for Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccination

Turning the Threatened into the Aggressor: Media Distortion in the Coverage of North Korea’s Nuclear Test

Germany Blasts “Powers of the Fed”

Max Keiser comparing the United States to the Eurozone

Media Trivialization of Electropollution

Ticehurst councillor questions safety of new wireless masts in schools

Why Are Indian Farmers Committing Suicide and How Can We Stop This Tragedy?

US Calls for China to have Greater Say in World Economic Affairs

L’Administration US veut faire du Pakistan un etat defaillant

ITNI Archive: Disappearing Bees

It’s Finished

How Stevie the Rat Bankrupted GM

The Birds, the Bees and Electromagnetic Pollution-update

ITNT Archive: Mercury and Autism

Global Vaccine Agenda – Mercury and Autism

French Government to follow some BioInitiative Recommendations

Tortured while MI5 left the room: Briton’s claim after 7/7 attacks

Michael Hudson on Chinese Soft Power

China is now in firm Control of US Debt Markets

Richard Gage on CA Fox station 9/11 Evidence for Controlled Demolition

Russia wants CSTO to be as strong as NATO

“Give us some peace”, Abuse Survivor Pleads

Bond Markets Defy Fed as Treasury Yields Spike

Political Commentary on President of Slovenia’s Lecture at University of Bosporus

Germans Angry at US Role in Opel Negotiations

All Hail The British Revolution!- All Power to the Oligarchy!

China warns Federal Reserve over ‘printing money’

China says ‘no thanks’ to G-2

Billionaire Club in Bid to Curb Overpopulation

Cosmology in Crisis Again

Short Sellers Ser for Flame Forum

US:Big Brother Concern Grows-Privacy Challenges to Smart Grid

Media Fabrications Impede Recovery Efforts

Brazil and Neighbors Are the Ones Shaping Up Any New US-Latin America Relations

Webster Tarpley Points to Anglo-American Plans to Undermine China’s Allies

Radio: Jim Willie on Paradigm Shift-Big Changes Ahead

L’affaire Hariri: apres la Syrie le Hezbollah et l’iran mis en accusation

La Chine commence a s’ecarter du dollar

Where Did America’s Missing Millions Go?: Holodomor Lessons

41 US Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Agency Veterans Challenge the Official Account of 9/11

US Doctor’s Association Calls for Moratorium on GMO Foods

Osama Bin Laden:Dead or Alive?

Living with 75 Tons of Depleted Uranium in Gaza

Russia stands by Hezbollah on Der Spiegel

Sri Lanka Wards off Western Bullying

The Climate-Industrial Complex

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation:Prospects for a Multipolar World

UN: Nearly 2.4 Million Displaced in Pakistan

WHO and Electric Utilities: A Partnership on EMFs

Bees and the Future of Food

Ex-SAS officer is expenses whistleblower

America’s Nightmare: The Obama Dystopia: Manipulation, propaganda, imagery & PR wizardry

Loud Paradigm Shift Rumblings

Obama vows to keep US military dominance

Dr George Carlo Speaks in Westminster

Most cancer in firefighters is due to radio-frequency radiation exposure

Paul Graig Roberts on the two trillion dollar deficit.

UK faces rating blow as debt may soar 100pc

Scotland the Deaf!

The BioInitiative Report – Biological Standards for Wireless

Michael Hudson: The latest in junk economics, the Toll Booth Economy

Precautionary Principle: Clamart Town Council Disconnects Orange Relay Antenna

China to Send New Buying Mission to EU

The Disappearing Bat Puzzle

Why are the Birds Disappearing

The Weimar Hyperinflation? Could it happen again?

US Needs More Inflation to Speed Recovery

Nation Ready to be Lied to About Economy Again

American Death Squad

China Holds Sway Over US$

Leading Scientist Calls on Health Canada to Respond to EMF Health Risk

US Economy: the Cancer is Still There

Global systemic Crisis: June 2009

Intelligence Officials “Laughed” at Al-Queda 7/7 Bomb Link

Pipelineistan Goes Af-Pak

Cuba et les Contradictions de Barack Obama

Brazil President Arrives in Beijing

What if Global Warming Fears are Overblown?

.Dr Carlo Speaks: Radiation Is Killing the Bees Despite the Cell Phone Industry’s Disinformation Campaign

Radio: Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert on the Financial Oligarchy

NATO has had its day, Russia’s Medvedev says

A New Look at Near Neighbors Part One

New partners sign up for South Stream

Paul Craig Roberts:USA no longer ruled by law

False Dawn: Trampled Green Shoots

Where have all the Salmon gone?

UK Butterfly numbers plunge to new low

Seeds of Truth

Time the Gulf looks east

Video: China/EU cooperation

The Almighty Remnimbi

Distant Voices, Desperate Lives in Sri Lanka

NATO-Fun and Games in Georgia

Banks “may need more state aid”, Bank of England Warns.

Radio: Jim Willie on the rising of the yuan

US Soldier in Iraq Kills 5 Comrades in Stress Clinic

“Bric Countries” Role in Global Economy Can Only Increase

UK Stakes Claim to Huge Area of South Atlantic Seabed

Icelanders Need to be Told the Magnitude of their Economic Problem

Federal Inspector without a Clue

The Nature of the Current Financial Crisis: The System is designed to exert Total Control over the Lives of Individuals

Warning of psychiatric problems with Tamiflu

Afghanistan: Heroin-ravaged State

.Radio: Max Keiser and Stacy Herbet on Submerging economies + non-displayed liquidity venues

Don’t Worry. Bee Happy. No pollination crisis, the new spin

Radio:Jim Willie and Rob Kirby onLosing Faith in the Dollar

Signs of Hope? Hilary and Latin America

US Troops to Leave Ecuador in September

Peter Schiff: Don’t Be Fooled by Inflation

Comrade Callinicos: prepare for period of slow growth!

Perhaps somebody should send Gordon Brown back to school

.US pro-Israeli group attempts to stop shift in White House Middle East policy

Concerns grow for future of wild honey bees

NATO-led drills kick off in Georgia amid Russian criticism

.Is Obama Taking on the Israel Lobby?

Is Swine Flu the Latest U.S. Bioweapon Attack?

Intellectual Dishonesty in an Age of Universal Deceit

La Era Esta Pariendo un Corazon

“Bernie Madoff, Scapegoat” by Michael Moore

The Prospects of a New Cold War? Towards the Consolidation of the Russian-led CSTO Military Alliance

The birds, the bees and electromagnetic pollution

“Web of Debt”: the Inner Workings of the Monetary System

Rupert Murdoch: “Internet Will Soon Be Over”

.Georgian opposition: Saakashvili staged coup

US airstrikes kill scores of civilians in Afghanistan

Dieron a conocer el contenido del informe del Colegio Médico sobre la estación transformadora de Barrio Las Rosas

.Referendum on EU likely in Iceland

In Massive Switch, Lieberman Suddenly Open to Peace Israeli FM Backs Off Previous Claims Peace Talks Were Dead

“Not even Jesus could reverse the decline in the US” – Engdahl

Defying the Economic Odds-The World Melts Down, China Grows

Asia establishes $120bn crisis fund

Cell Phone companies Kill TV documentary

New York Fed Chairman’s Ties to Goldman Raise Questions

Beyond Treason

Residential Schools: Kevin Annett-the Man Who Won’t Cave in

Tamiflu, Lies and GMO

Skyrocketing Stock Values of Novafax

Evidence Against Cell Phones: The Glaser List

Electromagnetic Killing Fields

U-turn in UK’s Zimbabwe policy welcome

Max Keiser on Chrysler Bankruptcy

Farewell, the American Century: Rewriting the Past by Adding In What’s Been Left Out

Britain’s Crushing Debt Burden

.France in revolt

China “has cancelled US credit card”: lawmaker

Is Swine Flu a Race-Specific Virus?

Eric Margolis on Afghanistan and Pakistan

Cognitive effects of radiation emitted by cellular phones: the influence of exposure side and time.

The Birds , the Bees and Mankind

1977-CIA Link to Cuban Pig Virus Reported

Britain ‘may inflate itself out of debt’

Pope Expresses “Sorrow” Over Residential School Abuse

UAW Union May Take Over Chrysler

A new order emerges in Lebanon

.World-renowned pianist declares he will not return to U.S.

Obama’s Iraq: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Pakistan Snubs Brown in Terror Bust-up

AIG’s Fall: Bad Business or Criminal Acts

Milan Police Seize UBS, J P Morgan, Deutsche Bank Funds

ITNT Archive: Anthrax Attack, Ivin’s Affair

Flu is a Combination of Swine Flu from 3 Continents, Plus Avian and Human Flu

.Is Swine Flu A Biological Weapon?

Flu Is a Combination of Swine Flu from 3 CONTINENTS, Plus Avian and Human Flu

Baxter To Develop Swine Flu Vaccine Despite Bird Flu Scandal

China Spearheads Dollar Dethroning

Russia To-day on UN racism conference and “New Helsinki” agreement

Police attempt to recruit spy (recordings). Plane Stupid

Guilty of Being Poor

Is Iceland on Its Way into the EU?

Notice of Upcoming Public Forum and Inquiry into RCMP, church and state complicity in the death and disappearance of aboriginal people

RCMP want to question Kevin Annett about his website and writings concerning Missing Women

Gold – The Yuan Goes Global – Consequences

‘We have to assume’ swine flu is in Ontario, health official warns

German FM to US: Remove Nukes

The disappearing bees: CCD and electromagnetic radiation

Fidel Castro: Trapped by history

Borrowing puts UK’s AAA rating in danger after Budget 2009

China Increases Gold Reserves 76% to Fifth-Largest

Borrowing puts UK’s AAA rating in danger after Budget 2009

China Increases Gold Reserves

Currency Traders Eye China fro Clues

Cash-rich China courts the Caspian

Official: US Dollar Dominance in World Systen Challenged

The Dark Side Of CFLs

Protecting children from Wi-Fi in schools

Free the Torturers- and the Rapists Too

9/11 – Time for a Second Look

Obesity Causing Global Warming

American Empire Forclosed

Alaska tribes meet with Bolivian president

The Cell Phone Disease Quagmire-Are We Being Deceived?

Mercury and Fluoride – The Dumbing Down Of A Population

Morales assassination plot: Parents left devastated in ‘assassin’ death riddle

These United States: Too Big to Fail? Or too big to survive?

Leading economists urge full nationalisation of Ireland’s banks

Naked Short Selling Exposed

Document of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA) countries for the 5th Summit of the Americas

Obama at the Americas summit: A bid to revive US hegemony

Baxter: Product contained live bird flu virus

What’s Obama smiling about?

Change you have been told to believe in: A closer examination of Barack Obama’s foreign policy

It’s April 15: Time to Pay for War, Killing and Oppression Once Again

GEAB N°34 Summer 2009: The international monetary system’s breakdown is underway

Mamdani on Darfur, Politics and the War on Terror

Te molesta mi amor?- Silvio Rodriguez

The Crisis That Could Bring Down Obama

Bee Losses at37% in USA This Year

The Crisis that Could Bring Down Obama

Who is behind Moldova’s Twitter Revolution?

The David Kelly “dead in the woods” Psyop

Is Colony Collapse the price of EMF Progress?

Einstein’s Idiots – Stephen Crothers: Why Black Holes Don’t Exist

Why I know weapons expert Dr David Kelly was murdered

Doctors warn on electromagnetic radiation

Hope Abandoned- Obama Protects CIA Torture Memos

Record demand for free food parcels in Dublin

A Danish scientist Niels Harrit, on nano-thermite in the WTC dust

Georgia protests enter third day

US blitz continues to kill Afghan civilians

60 drone hits kill 14 al-Qaeda men, 687 civilians

Breast Cancer Fund highlights EM radiation danger

Moeen Yaseen: Global Vision 2000, Exec. Director

Russian scientist says Earth could soon face new Ice Age

Growing Anger at US Killings in Afghanistan

Iran poses no threat to US: Russia

China and Russia unite to block UN action over North Korea long-range rocket launch

David Ray Griffin in London to talk on 9/11

ARS-developed honey bees headed to the new White House garden

Advancing decadal-scale climate prediction in the North Atlantic sector

‘Wi-fi in schools may give children cancer’

Police medic lays into demonstrators

The G20 wind egg

The Financial New World Order: Towards a Global Currency and World Government

Have Two Wet Summers Rendered the Butterfly Extinct?

Chavez says China part of ‘new world order’

Petition: Disband NATO!

The End of Small Farms?

Dmitry Orlov: The collapse of America is unavoidable

Daniele Ganser : « Le président Sarkozy a accepté la domination des États-Unis »

Michael Hudson and John Perkins on Icelandic TV

Rockall claim puts Britain on collision course with Iceland

Caminhando- Geraldo Vandre

Paris liberation made ‘whites only’

The Dirty Little Financial Secret

The Financial War Against Iceland- Being defeated by debt is as deadly as outright military warfare.

Peace Flag Protest in German Parliament Berlin

Globocop versus the TermiNATO

French Judge Exposes Fraud of G20 Tax Haven Regulation

Salbuchi – Global Financial Collapse – Part 2

Salbuchi – Global Financial Collapse – Part 1

Fake faith and epic crimes

Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

Eye witness reports of provocateur activity at G20 protests

British tax havens escape G20 blacklist

Chomsky: NATO should immediately disband

Sudan/Darfur is Test Case for Obama’s “Humanitarian” Aggression

G20 signals end for dollar hegemony

Who Controls The Black Bloc Anarchists?

Clinton Advisor: Earth’s Population Has Exceeded Limits

Obama, allies aren’t on same page as G20 opens

Obama, allies aren’t on same page as G20 opens

Indict Bush not Bashir, Chavez says at Arab summit

Fidel Castro reflects on China

Bee documentary precludes pesticides as CCD cause

The Logistical Nightmare in Iraq

Obama’s War Has the “peace movement” become part of the war machine?

Geithner’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’: The Entire Global Financial System is at Risk

Breaking with Israel

Is CCD caused by pesticides?

Distortion, Denial And Destruction- New Labour Legacy For Children With Disabilities And Their Families

Chad Mitchell trio: Johnny I hardly knew ye

In time and place convenient, They’ll do’t themselves for a’ that.

The Free Market, Financial Style How the Scam Works

The G20 summit is already exposing tensions between the US and China

Time to stop the rip-off

Electromagnetic fields stress living cells.

« ZÉRO – Enquête sur le 11-Septembre », le film-enquête du journaliste et député européen Giulietto Chiesa en salles de cinéma à partir de mars 2009

China Calls for New World Reserve Currency

Fed needs to double balance sheet: PIMCO

Explanation of Geithner ’s Bailout

U.S. Treasury Bonds Heading for Day of Reckoning

Ye Jacobites by name!

China may offer IMF $100b during G20 summit: expert

US 2010 apocalypse avoidable: Scholar

Gordon Brown seeking to win over US bankers with his ‘vision’ for global economy

Goldman Sachs, Welfare Queen

UK population must fall to 30m, says Porritt

The Criminalization of Everyday Life

Freeze The $1.5 Qaudrillion Derivatives Bubble As The First Step To Recovery

U.S., “Europe” brush off calls for new reserve currency

Saakashvili under Pressure from EU Probe

Poland, Cracow: NATO anti-summit [19-20 February 2009]

Professor Igor Panarin: When America fell to pieces the shouting was outrageous

Depleted uranium found in Kosovo

The Great American Spectacle

Cell Phones, the New Cigarettes

Fiscal plan fails to revive markets

Nobel laureate Krugman slams Geithner bailout plan

The U.S Treasury Bubble: The worst kept secret on Wall Street

Venezuela’s Chavez calls Obama “ignoramus”

Captured By The Debt Spider

Public health implications of wireless technologies

France, Germany say regulation priority for G20

The American Empire: A Finale

Preparing for Civil Unrest in America-Legislation to Establish Internment Camps on US Military Bases

Brain cancer linked to youngsters using cellphones

NATO attack on Serbia: 1999- 2009 ” there is no humanitarian war “

The Big Takeover

Justice Secretary Jack Straw to be Accused on Torture in Parliamentary Inquiry

The Malthusian question

40,000 people affected by brain tumours are missing from the UK’s official statistics each year.

Phone masts: : a new judgement and a ministerial crisis in France

Our Shame

The United States Of Ponzi

Is Britain going bust?

US treasuries: The biggest bubble

The Real AIG Conspiracy

The Invisible One Quadrillion Dollar Equation — Asymmetric Leverage and Systemic Risk

Wall Street’s and the City’s Attempt to Destabilize the EU Banking System and the Euro

Happy St Patrick’s Day – Galway Girl (modern folk song )

11th September 2001: a Global Provocation

Concerned Africa Scholars’ Jacob Mundy

Bioinitiative Press Release

The Obama Deception (1.51 mins)

Democrats Finally Waking Up to the Ongoing Looting of the Economy


EM radiation scandal- Images from Next-Up

The Cell Phone Genocide Rap by Trillion

Zimbabwe: Taskforce On Sanctions Welcome

Jon Stewart’s Epiphany: Has a Comedian Just Saved America?

The Financial Sector: “A House Burning Down”

Business as usual at IMF

Ireland: Sudden Death Syndrome strikes yet again

Bolivia passes land from rich to poor

Something is Rotten in the State of Iceland

Bailout money is flowing abroad

Latinoamérica oxigena economía rusa en tiempos de crisis

Dangerous decisions in Afghanistan Pt. 3

Nobody listens to the real climate change experts

GMC case on Dr Wakefield falls apart.

Germany and France reject Brown’s global economic recovery plan

Full text of BRIC countries joint communique

IMF, World Bank must be fair to big developing nations – Medvedev

G20 ministers meet amid rifts

IMF poised to print billions of dollars in ‘global quantitative easing’

China Finally Diversifying Out of the Dollar?

Trying Again to Stop Torture: My Formal Statement for the Joint Committee on Human Rights

Updating The Militarization And Annexation Of North America

AIG Spells Out What a Run On Insurers Would Mean

Before the stampede

Report presents doomsday scenario for shipping

British climate scholar: ‘Climate Crisis Worse Than Recession’

Spain will never recognise Kosovo – Zapatero

This climate crunch heralds the end of the end of history

Nicolas Sarkozy ignores enemy fire as he marches France back into Nato

Detroit’s Beautiful, Horrible Decline

Cell phone health concerns continue to spread

Ahmadinejad: World economic system ‘unfair’

Barroso defends EU’s handling of economic crisis

Was the Omagh bomb bugged by security services?

The trade-off season begins on Afghanistan

The Upcoming Political Crisis in Washington

The special relationship is a joke, and it isn’t funny

Brits to win out against Euro

Bolivia expels US diplomat for ‘conspiracy’

Britain, Russia allies in fight against terror – U.K. govt. advisor

Retirement Funds In Danger For Millions Of Americans

Pakistan Cricket Attack “Inside Job” Theory Goes Viral

US fails to derail Iran-Russia arms deal

Russian FM: Make Middle East nuclear weapons-free zone

‘Run on UK’ sees foreign investors pull $1 trillion out of the City

Bill Seeks to Let FDIC Borrow up to $500 Billion

The $700 trillion elephant

Jailed for a MySpace parody, the student who exposed America’s cash for kids scandal

The bees are back in town(?)

Dennis Kucinich States His Intention To Put The Federal Reserve Under Government Control

France:Government and the phone masts: “An unforeseen crisis”

Off the scales

U.S.: Military Dominance in Mideast Proven a Costly Myth

Bank of England Ignites Quantitative Inflation

Minnesota Bank Asks Why It Pays for Wall Street Greed

A Generation of lost wealth

Jon Stewart Eviscerates CNBC and Rick Santelli

Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth Launched Today

Jean-Pierre Chevènement demande un vote du Parlement sur le retour de la France dans le commandement intégré de l’OTAN

US, EU seek Iran help on Afghanistan

Enormous die-off of bees happening in U.S.

Obama’s Iraq withdrawal plans and MoveOn

Kiss the Banks Goodbye and Refocus on Rebuilding the American People

Motion for European Parliament Resolution- On Health Concerns Associated with Electromagnetic Fields

Electricity Powers the Universe

William Engdahl-Taking on the banking cabal Pt 2

William Engdahl-Taking on the banking cabal

Bank of England ready to pump money into UK economy

Brown outlines plan to enslave humanity

Balmori:Childhood Leukemia and EM radiation

German Doctors unite on RF health effects

Mike Hudson on Tax Havens (Max Keiser Oracle Show)

La méthode Holbrooke, du Kosovo au Pakistan

L’affaire UBS : une acte de souveraineté impériale Lutte contre la fraude fiscale ou main mise sur le système financier international ?

Wi-Fi Petition

Edward de Vere: author of Shakespeare plays?

Eurozone ready to rescue members

Zapatero: Spain, Russia To Sign Wide-Reaching Energy Agreement

Chavez to Obama: Don’t mess with me

UK’s Brown urges global supervision of banks

MI5 Alert on Bank Riots

The Last Picture Show-President Barack Obama’s Fiscal Year 2009 Budget

The spider’s web

Iran, Syria vow to bring Israel to justice

The War on Humanity

The Brown plan for global oligarchy

Liberty groups unite to defend UK rights

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