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Hollande calls for European army amid terror alerts

Posted by seumasach on July 22, 2016

Sputnik News

20th July, 2016

French President Francois Hollande has begun touring European cities in the run-up to the next EU summit in September as part of an attempt to garner support for an European Union army, now that the UK – which opposed it – has signaled its intention to leave.

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Why a thaw between Russia and NATO is possible

Posted by seumasach on July 15, 2016

Sputnik News

15th July, 2016

There are signs indicating a slight shift in NATO’s strategy towards Russia. Western Europe now does not believe in the “Russian menace” while some Western politicians have called upon the EU to regard Moscow as an ally rather than a geopolitical rival.

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Germany seeks closer military ties within EU after Brexit

Posted by seumasach on July 14, 2016

Brexit has already had dramatic geopolitical consequences. This is the first one: an independent Europe logically leading to the demise of NATO. Meanwhile “independence day”, as you might expect, means for Britain an even deeper integration into the US security sphere.


Berlin and Paris will push for closer military ties with EU member states, the German defense minister said, adding that the long-contended issue was let loose by UK’s vote to leave the bloc. It comes as Germany is looking for a new global role for its military.

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Brexit clouds TTIP negotiations but may not scupper deal

Posted by seumasach on July 12, 2016

Third, with Britain’s vote to leave the EU, TTIP has just lost one of its greatest cheerleaders. French and German officials are increasingly expressing concerns about TTIP. Within three days of the Brexit vote, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls dismissed the possibility of a US-EU trade deal, stating TTIP was against ‘EU interests’. In addition, 59 per cent of Germans oppose TTIP – up from 51 per cent – according to the most recent Eurobarometer survey. Britain’s voice for further trade liberalization will be sorely missed by American negotiators eager to strike a deal.

Or is it like this? Despite British attempts to promote TTIP inside the EU, as “one of its greatest cheerleaders”, they, the Americans, have come up against a brick wall of European opposition at both institutional and street level. So they have given up on TTIP and no longer need the UK to play a role on their behalf inside Europe. So the UK has left the EU and now seeks a closer trade, investment and security relationship with the USA whilst using so-called negotiations over Brexit as the framework for a sustained anti-EU propaganda campaign aimed at creating a Brexit domino effect.

Chatham House

11th July, 2016

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Freedom from the EU: Why Britain and the U.S. Should Pursue a U.S.–U.K. Free Trade Area

Posted by seumasach on July 12, 2016

From the neo-conservative point of view, in this case the Heritage Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, already in 2014 the US attempt to negotiate a free trade deal with the EU was doomed to failure:

“Moreover, both in the TTIP negotiations and in general, EU supporters understand the game perfectly and are therefore able to discount British negotiating positions, which they can attack as reflecting only American desires. The very fact that the U.S. is relying on the U.K. to strengthen its hand inside the EU also points out that neither the EU itself nor the U.S. sees the EU as aligning easily with U.S. interests. Finally, and in a practical sense most damaging of all, the complete failure of the British government, even after the stunning results of the 2014 European elections, to block the selection of the Euro-federalist Jean-Claude Juncker—who stated that “when the going gets tough, you have to lie”—as president of the European Commission is a clear sign that the U.S. strategy of relying on the U.K. to carry its water in the EU will not work.[5]

There is therefore little point in having the UK inside the EU. The alternative is a closer US-UK alignment with the UK outside the EU. This rounds off the neo-conservative agenda with Osborne in Washington reforgeing the special relationship and Farage on a roving commission to destabilise Europe.

Heritage Foundation

26th September, 2014

A referendum on British membership in the European Union is scheduled for 2017. EU supporters argue that exit from the EU would hurt Britain’s economy and, in particular, its ability to negotiate trading arrangements with the rest of the world—a responsibility currently exercised by the EU on behalf of all of its member states. But there is every reason to believe that Britain, the world’s sixth-largest economy, would be able to negotiate trade agreements independently. If Britain does decide to leave the EU, one of its central priorities should be to negotiate a modern free trade area (FTA), based on sovereignty and freedom, with the United States. This is a goal that the U.S., which should abandon its policy of supporting the EU at the expense of the sovereignty of its member nations, should also champion.

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Marco Rubio urges American senate to secure ‘special relationship’ with Britain

Posted by seumasach on July 10, 2016

Now that TTIP is dead in the water a similar transatlantic deal with the UK could be on the cards. At the same time, without the UK, European integration will push forward. In foreign policy Europe must now look east towards detente with Russia and revisiting it’s 2003 strategic partnership with China


7th July, 2016

Marco Rubio, a former Republican presidential candidate,  yesterday urged the US to secure the “special relationship” with Britain in a formal appeal to Congress.

The draft resolution, shown to The Daily Telegraph, calls on President Barack Obama to show greater resolve in furthering America’s trade and defence ties with Britain in a post-Brexit era.

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Transcript: Professor Michael Dougan on the EU Referendum

Posted by seumasach on July 9, 2016

I cannot recommend Professor Dougan work strongly enough in terms of cutting through the bullshit of the continuing EU debate. He provides the technical and legal knowledge to elucidate our present self-imposed plight. He is also, judging by his comments to the Commons Treasury committee, aware of the ideological nature of the Brexit camp, without spelling out their actual neoconservative affiliations, but does not deal with that here.. This is the aspect which has most impressed me and is a major aggravating factor in addition to those addressed by Professor Dougan, in considering the real scale of the Brexit fiasco.

University of Liverpool

22nd June , 2016

I have been a professor here at the university since 2004 and my specialism is European constitutional law. I look at the EU institutions, I look at relations between the EU and its member states, specifically the UK. The single market and free movement of person in particular.

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Only more Europe can beat Europe’s nationalists

Posted by seumasach on July 8, 2016

Guy Verhofstadt

New Europe

8th July, 2016

BRUSSELS – British voters’ choice to leave the European Union is unfortunate, but unsurprising. For decades, British politicians have avoided making the case for EU membership, or even explaining to the British people how the Union works and why it is necessary.

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Brexit causes resurgence in pro-EU leanings across continent

Posted by seumasach on July 8, 2016

The Brexit project lives and breathes though it’s ability to project itself across Europe and bring low the Great Scarlet Whore of Brussels. Instead it may drive the European project forward. If true, these statistics will dismay Gove and his band of merry neoconservatives and Brexit is set to become the mother of all fiascos.


8th July, 2016

Two weeks after Britain’s EU referendum, Europe has defied predictions that the UK’s vote to leave would inspire a surge in copycat breakaway movements, with establishment parties enjoying gains and populists dropping points in the polls.

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The EU could crumble like the Soviet Union if Britain leaves, Gove claims as he urges voters to ‘liberate’ the continent

Posted by seumasach on July 7, 2016

As Farage embarks on his mission to destabilize Europe via the domino effect, Brexit being nothing but the first domino, it is worth recalling Michael Goves words back in April which encapsulate the neocon viewpoint on Europe as the new Soviet Union

Daily Mail

19th April, 2016

Michael Gove has insisted the EU could crumble like the Soviet Union if Britain chooses to leave – urging voters to ‘liberate’ the continent.

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The new Mrs T and the City

Posted by seumasach on July 5, 2016

Cailean Bochanan

5th July, 2016

It seems that Theresa May’s victory is not so certain after all. Andrea Leadsom, the self-proclaimed successor to Mrs Thatcher, is all the rage amongst the rank file Tories. Her victory would certainly have repercussions. In Scotland the reincarnation of Margaret Thatcher as prime minister would certainly constitute that”material change of circumstances” that would trigger a new referendum on independence. In fact, a referendum would be unnecessary: a unilateral declaration of independence would go unopposed.

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