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9/11: The most popular French comedian ridicules the U.S. government

Posted by seumasach on July 23, 2009

Thierry Meyssan


22nd July, 2009

Whereas the corporate media in NATO countries have sanctified the Kean-Hamilton report of the government-appointed commission on the attacks of September 11, 2001, French comedian Jean-Marie Bigard’s mockery of this preposterous tale is a resounding success. Indeed, it is no longer possible to sustain the government’s account of those events without provoking hilarity.

While the wave of distrust in the government’s version of the September 11, 2001, events continues to unfurl worldwide, including in the United States, the veil of silence imposed by western media gives no signs of abating. An actual « iron wall » has been erected by NATO states and their allies. Any question raising the slightest doubt is immediately ascribed to the category of « conspiracy hallucinations » and the person concerned is systematically discredited or ostracized. However, what is particularly astounding in this era of globalized communications is not so much the monolithic stance of the U.S. media, but their ability to continue to conceal from their own public and the rest of the world the magnitude of the 9/11 truth movement. Not a single word is ever heard about the thousands of foreign dignitaries, including Nobel Prize laureates and Heads of State, who have openly challenged the version of the Bush and Obama administrations.

As we near the eigth anniversary of these criminal acts, the western media are deploying their artillery to discredit the «heretics». One of the most effective gambits is to equate critical questioning of 9/11 with Holocaust denial. Then, social science experts file in to deliberate on people’s psychological need to invent secrets behind events which they are unable to comprehend. Next, a few fringe characters defending outlandish theories are systematically interviewed and portrayed as typical representatives of the truth movement. Last but not least, discredit is cast on the information found on the internet where – as we all know – people can write anything they want. But never have the media ever presented the critical arguments raised by an increasing number of skeptics … nor have they ever attempted to refute them!

From the very outset, I questioned the version contrived by the government, raising my challenge to the level of a global debate. I travelled to all corners of the world ; I met numerous heads of State and government ; I spoke at length on several television networks reaching overall more than one billion people. I have paid a very high price for my impudence. I have been insulted, stripped of my possessions, threatened and tracked down. But today I am heartened to see that free voices everywhere are rising to reject the deception and demand the truth.

In my country, France, where intellectual debate used to be exemplary and a question of national pride, the television networks have again been prohibited from giving me the floor on 9/11. Those who dared to express their doubts on the subject have been harshly reprimanded and reduced to silence. The Anglo-American order reigns among the editorial chiefs of the Parisian media!

Nevertheless, free-thinking and courageous spirits have not died out. Last year, the most popular of French comedians, my friend Jean-Marie Bigard, manifested his skepticism during a television broadcast. The media immediately unleashed a campaign which tried to ruin him by sabotaging the promotion of his forthcoming show. He waited for the storm to subside while holding his ground. Now he is back with a weekly video serial relayed on his website. With a hefty and bawdy Rabelaisian humour [1] as his only weapon, he highlights and ridicules the inconsistencies of the Kean-Hamilton report. The thrust is enourmous, the tone is uncanny! Not even the most rabid neo-conservative could resist a hearty laugh!

Here is Bigard’s first series of videos with English sub-titles. The emperor is naked! [2]

Click here to see videos

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