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Cuba recognized in the Human Rights Council

Posted by smeddum on June 12, 2009




10th june 2009

ON Wednesday June 10, the UN Human Rights Council adopted the Report of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), presented on February 5 and 9 of 2009. On that occasion, the Cuban delegation was headed by Justice Minister María Esther Reus and current Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez.

During the Council debate, the majority of state and nongovernmental organization representatives that spoke acknowledged the significant achievements of the Cuban people and government in the promotion and protection of all human rights for everyone. Appreciation of Cuba’s cooperation in solidarity and a demand for the end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States was likewise expressed by the majority.

Our country informed the Council on the follow-up it has been undertaking in the context of the previously drafted constructive and respectful recommendations on cases pertaining to it.

Cuba reaffirmed its commitment to the strengthening of international cooperation on human rights issues and to the UN Human Rights Council, which must be based on the principles of universality, objectivity, impartiality and non-selectiveness.

After 20 years of unjust anti-Cuban manipulations on the issue of human rights in Geneva – defeated in 2007 – the positive outcome of the consideration of the country by the Human Rights Council’s UPR mechanism constitutes an important victory for the Cuban people.

The exemplary achievements of the Cuban Revolution in relation to human rights have been acknowledged once again by the international community. It has not been possible to silence the truth.



Translated by Granma International 

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  1. Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is a lot more than I expected for when I found a link on Delicious telling that the info is quite decent. Thanks.
    p.s. Year One is already on the Internet and you can watch it for free.

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