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Afghanistan: Stop the War Supplemental

Posted by smeddum on June 13, 2009


June 13th: New tool will connect your phone to each key office and even let you leave a message after hours. Ask all the fence-sitting congress members to vote No on the war supplemental with this virtual phonebank.

June 12 super late night update: How funding wars “supports duh troops”: Fifteen Months After Bloodbath in Iraq, Young Veteran Takes His Life.

June 12 late night update: Latest Whip Count: 34 Down and 5 More Needed.

Keith Ellison made this speech and has NOT committed to voting No – Is he looking for a prize in hypocrisy?

What if instead of bombs we gave people in Afghanistan jobs?

June 12: David Waldman has started blogging about how we’re all blogging about this and having an impact.  Michael Moore has given this prominent placement at

June 12: In a (subscription required) Roll Call article, the White House claims it is NOT threatening freshmen Congress members to get them to vote for war funds, and Rep. Lynn Woolsey says she learned that it WAS doing that during a meeting in her office with members who voted No last time.  This means that if she heard it directly from freshmen, it was from one or more of these: Donna Edwards, Alan Grayson, Eric Massa, Chellie Pingree, Jared Polis, and/or Jackie Speier.  Woolsey also said that she was NOT lobbying her colleagues to vote No.  If that’s true, two questions arise: (1) what was that meeting in her office about? (2) What the hell good is committing to cast a single No vote if you fail to lobby your colleagues, which ought to be considered the primary duty of Congress members at least when what they are lobbying for is backed by their colleagues’ constituents — instead it’s considered rather uncouth except when done by those with the money.

June 12: Speak Out: Write Letters To Your Local Papers and Urge Members of Congress to Vote “No” On Supplemental

June 12: The Last Temptation of Congress

[lost June 12 updates but trying to recover]  Rebuilding the high points:

Latest whip count.

Heroes and Frauds.

Film of what war funding pays for.

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