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A new paradigm for a post-imperial world

Salbuchi – Global Financial Collapse – Part 2

Posted by seumasach on April 5, 2009


 Mr Salbuchi draws on Argentina’s experience over the last thirty or forty years to provide invaluable insight into the current crisis. However, the model cannot be applied mechanically to this global crisis. Salbuchi assumes the point at issue , namely, the continued ability of the USA to manipulate the situation to its own advantage. In doing so he ignores the entire counter-globalisation movement at both state and non-state level. Yes, the struggle for a new world order has begun, but it’s outcome can be based on multipolarity as well as US hegemony. Specifically, Salbuchi ignores the fact that the process of creating an alternative to the dollar as a global currency has already begun. A great video, with a salutary warning, but unduly pessimistic.

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