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Protecting children from Wi-Fi in schools

Posted by seumasach on April 22, 2009

1 20065 Fernridge Crescent Langley, B.C. V2Z 1X5 April 15, 2009 Langley School District No. 35 4875 – 222 Street Langley, B.C. V3A 3Z7 Attention:

Attention: Ms. Cheryle Beaumont School Superintendent Re: Wireless Technologies and Associated Health Risks

We are extremely concerned regarding Langley School District’s plans for installing Wi- Fi wireless technology into Langley Fine Arts School. Please find attached letter to Mr. Balan Moorthy in reply to his e-mail informing of Wi-Fi installation at the school. We request your full review of the points raised in that letter and attached documentation.

The world’s parents are slowly becoming aware of the undeniable and growing evidence of biological health problems associated with wireless technology. Health Canada Safety Code 6 and WHO standards are being roundly ridiculed by scientists as being totally inadequate to protect public health from biological damage at the cellular level. Some governments around the world have begun to take steps to protect their populations, especially vulnerable children. Independent scientists are calling for immediate protection of children, claiming that current thermal standards and safety limits set for these types of radiation are “thousands of times too lenient”.

On April 9, 2009, The British Association of Teachers and Lecturers, which represents 160,000 staff called for the immediate dismantling of Wi-Fi in all schools, citing increased cancer risk for children and other damaging health effects. There is a growing trend in opposition to the continued exposing of children to ICRW (information carrying radio waves) within school settings. Wired alternatives in schools, libraries and other public places young people congregate are being recommended by top scientists in efforts to slow down potential harmful biological damages. More and more schools are opting for caution and enacting the Precautionary Principle with regard to Wi-Fi exposure. Sir William Stewart, chairman of the British Health Protection Agency, has publicly stated he believes precautionary measures need to be implemented in school settings. The official advice in an open letter from the Salzburg Public Health Department is not to use wireless technologies in schools due to the “very biologically active” nature of the signal.

The Salzburg Public Health Department lists symptoms of wireless technology exposure to be headaches, concentration difficulty, restlessness, memory problems, etc.

The American Trial Lawyer published an article in Fall 2008 written by Dr. George Carlo, entitled “Illusion & Escape: Are We Being Deceived?” Dr. George Carlo is regarded as the world’s leading expert on the wireless industry as he ran the industry’s own research program, the world’s largest study on the health effects of wireless radiation: a 6 year, $28.5 million study, employing over 200 doctors and scientists. His article states:

“Catastrophic trouble lies ahead if corrective steps are not taken to stem the tide of danger of wireless technology…..The expanding telecommunications and internet industries have perpetrated a dangerous fraud upon the public, withholding information that would expose the risk.”


“Another part of the corporate strategy encourages manipulation of the consumer market, such as the effort to convince parents and teachers that Wi-Fi wireless internet access to school will improve education – with no evidence to support the claim. Ironically, the pathology associated with ICRW is consistent with learning deficiencies linked to Wi-Fi itself.”

Why is it that parents are not being informed openly of the plan to install Wi-Fi? What reason can you have for not soliciting parental consent to microwave radiation exposure of this kind? There are numbers of parents and teachers that do not support Wi-Fi in schools and those numbers are growing as more scientists speak out against exposing children. When there are scientific calls for caution and demonstrations against Wi-Fi in other countries, plus widespread calling for dismantling of systems, why is the Langley School Board rushing to expose children to this potentially dangerous wireless technology? Upon what studies or scientific proof have you based your assumption that the potential learning opportunities outweigh the significant risk to children’s long term health? Why would the School Board take it upon themselves to decide to expose children to this risky technology without informed consent from the parents?

Perhaps you are not aware that your school insurance policy excludes any liability for health claims associated with exposure to wireless technology? Given the clear scientific evidence that shows double strand DNA breaks within 8 hours of exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as well as increase in micronuclei and chromosomal aberrations, it is obvious that the insurance industry is aware of the unmistakable potential for large scale personal injury actions and is protecting itself against future fallout from the wireless industry.

Given the continuous and growing high quality scientific evidence of biological and cellular damage from low-level wireless technology, we are of the opinion that the School District cannot guarantee a satisfactory level of student health and safety when exposed to this cumulative microwave radiation. The mounting weight of evidence of harmful biological effects from Wi-Fi shows that a positive assertion of safety with respect to chronic exposure to low intensity levels cannot be made by the School District, and further, the public needs to be informed of the potential for increased risk.

We advise you now that we do not give our consent to our children being exposed to this form of electromagnetic radiation within the school setting. To remove choice within the school, and further have no way of protecting one’s self from a hazard that penetrates to the depths of the human cell and brain violates the most fundamental principles of our social system. We consider this a human rights issue.

The Langley School District has the responsibility to protect the children in its care and provide a safe learning environment. Based on growing contradictory scientific evidence about the damaging biological effects of low-level microwave radiation, no assumption or assurance of safety can be made by the school or the School District to the children and parents. To do so would be completely irresponsible given the mounting scientific evidence of the massive potential for biological harm from wireless technology, especially to the immature and rapidly changing cells of our youth.

Lakehead University, Ontario, sets a good example of placing student health safety as a priority by providing complete connectivity with a comprehensive fibre-optic network in order to limit wireless connectivity based on the “precautionary principle”. Lakehead’s Wi-Fi Policy further states:

“Microwave radiation in the frequency range of WiFi has been shown to increase permeability of the blood-brain barrier, cause behavioural changes, alter cognitive functions, activate a stress response, interfere with brain waves, cell growth, cell communication, calcium ion balance, etc., and cause single and double strand DNA breaks at EMF levels as low as 0.005 w/kg.”

The wireless industry undoubtedly wishes to conceal this information. Referring again to the article by Dr. George Carlo in The American Trial Lawyer:

“The telecommunications and internet industries have enlisted an army of public relations, marketing and defense law personnel to apply their skills learned in the tobacco and asbestos wars to an even greater, more sophisticated ruse: the orchestrated campaign of deception that assures the public that telecommunications technology is safe.”


“According to the industry playbook, the sole issue is public perception, not about public health and safety, or scientific truth. To achieve that end, the industry has found it necessary to alter scientific facts to suit the desired outcome.”

We believe a profound urgency to protect children from wireless technology exists. On behalf of the children, as well as other concerned parents, we ask you to mitigate the potential health risk by opting for the preventative approach of hard wiring computer installations at Langley Fine Arts School. We await your communication with us on this matter. Please know that we will do everything in our power to assist the furthering of education on the scientific evidence showing harmful biological effects of Wi-Fi, given the strong, credible scientific opinions that children need to be protected from this technology.

Yours truly,

Una St.Clair-Moniz & Ernest Moniz

Parents of two children at LFAS

Cc DPAC BCCPAC School Trustees B.C. Teachers’ Federation Mr. Charlie Etchell, Assistant Superintendent SD 35 Mr. Grant Lenarduzzi, Assistant Superintendent SD35

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