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Sign this VOTE of NO CONFIDENCE in WHO’s EMF Project

Posted by seumasach on December 4, 2016

We, the undersigned, being aware of and/or harmed by the adverse biological effects of EMFs, hereby declare our VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE for WHO and its EMF Project, headed by industry-biased Emilie van Deventer—an electrical engineer (with no medical or health credentials), who has publicized her support for the wireless telecommunications industry and has a major conflict of interest, given her industry-funded research aimed at promoting and advancing wireless communication technology.

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Violations of the Right to Health in Fukushima

Posted by seumasach on May 29, 2013

Will WHO Listen to the UN Special Rapporteur?

Mieux Prevenir

28th May, 2013

“The initial comments made by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health, Mr Anand Grover, after his visit to Japan, confirm that the government has been willfully and perhaps criminally negligent in failing to protect the population from radioactive contamination.”

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Eternity and the Truth of Nuclear Energy

Posted by seumasach on March 17, 2013

Alison Katz

Mieux Prevenir

Source: Independent WHO, published in the Tribune de Genève, 16-17 March 2013 (translated from French)

17th March, 2013

In nuclear energy and its catastrophes, two themes constantly return: eternity and truth.

I went to see the exhibition of photographs of Chernobyl by Pierpaolo Mittica at the Saint-Gervais Theatre [Geneva]. “It is estimated,” he writes, “that the most contaminated areas, which cover 260,000 square kilometers (nearly the size of Italy) will return to normal radioactivity levels in 100,000 years.”

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Chancellor warned on inflation as rating cut sparks new sterling fears

Posted by seumasach on February 24, 2013

“For the market, the rating downgrade will underline that their earlier belief in the plan has proven wide of the mark. Part of the repricing of GBP that this reappraisal implies is already under way. There is more to come.”

The British people are already suffering the consequences of devastating inflation and not only rising prices but declining quality, witness the horsemeat scandal. There is no room for further inflation undermining spending power and increasing business costs and there is no up-side in a boost to exports given the destruction of Britain’s industrial base. The policies of the last 30 years will only be seen in retrospect as the wanton destruction of a nation. In fact, they were conceived within the context of Anglo-American hegemony, a dream of empire which is no more. What remains is a complete mess. The solution lies in national reconstruction within the context of complete abandonment of imperial pretension, demilitarisation and definancialization, and the acceptance of the new multipolar reality


24th February, 2013

Andrew Sentance, who served on the Bank’s rate-setting committee until May 2011, cautioned that the cut to the UK’s credit rating would add to the existing “downward pressures on sterling”.

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Scientific and citizen forum on radio protection

Posted by seumasach on May 24, 2012


Independent WHO

14th May, 2012

The “Scientific and Citizen Forum on Radioprotection: from Chernobyl to Fukushima”, organised by the collective ‘IndependentWHO – for the independence of the World Health Organisation(WHO)’, took place in Geneva on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th May.

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Karolinska Institute teaches science world lesson in politics – shut up or get out

Posted by seumasach on June 8, 2011

Prof. Johansson loses lab- IARC loses credibility

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Canada: Letter to the Minister of Health

Posted by seumasach on May 11, 2011

The question of the health authorities hiding behind corporate corrupted, global bodies such as WHO and ICNIRP is a general one, not only applicable to Canada. The context for this letter is an attempt by Martin Weatheral to bring about a criminal investigation into Health Canada. This approach is justified, as this letter makes clear, by the stonewalling of these authorities, their refusal to take into account either public concern or a growing body of scientific evidence going back for decades. Activists and concerned citizens would do well to emulate this approach elsewhere..
For years Health Canada has had evidence from various sources that radiation below Safety Code 6’s allowable limits cause significant harm. Yet both of you and others in Health Canada continue to give the public false assurances that the contrary is true. You both have hidden behind WHO’s and ICNIRP’s guidelines which, they admit, apply only to thermal radiation and are not protective or applicable to radiation from wireless devices, such as cell transmitters, phones, and WiFi. You continue to recommend that provincial medical officers ignore independent health studies which show that children are especially vulnerable to this radiation and encourage proliferation of WiFi and smart meters in every community.
It is with faint hope that I send you yet one more piece of evidence showing that WHO and ICNIRP are colluding with industry to maintain, or even increase, the current radiation exposure limits. In response to each letter I’ve sent with peer-reviewed, gold standard studies showing harm to DNA, heart, fertility, and the blood brain barrier I received a form letter telling me that Safety Code 6 is safe. I expect nothing different with regard to this letter.  Instead I am ensuring that you cannot say you were not aware of this information when you are called forward to testify, be it in a court of law or before a higher power.
Dr. Don Maisch has spent decades researching these 2 agencies, following the infiltration by industry, the money spent to ensure the public’s interest will be suppressed for the sake of profit. The same persons use the same terminology, e.g. risk assessment and weight of evidence, to justify the agencies’ actions. Over the years we’ve all learned what these terms mean to them and to Health Canada:
–  Risk assessment means: Do the financial costs justify taking action? Until the health costs in dollars and cents outweigh the financial costs of doing things in a safer way, nothing should be done.( A cost-benefit analysis at its basest.) How much is the life of a child, or ten, worth? Compare this with the cost of putting a hydro line underground? If only a few hundred additional people get cancer from cell transmitters, that can’t justify the cost of requiring fiber optic cables instead of towers near homes and schools.
–  Weight of evidence: The industry will have many studies produced showing no harm. They will outnumber the independent studies which show harm. This will be used as evidence to support the statement that there is no evidence of harm as if a study showing no harm negates a study showing harm. (The “scale of justice”?) The public will never realize that if something is safe there would never be a study showing harmful effects.
You and Health Canada can no longer hide behind WHO and ICNIRP. Their bias and conflict of interest is well documented. Now, what justification will you use to continue to allow Canadians to be exposed to dangerous environments?
I look forward to hearing your responses.
Sharon Noble
Address provided

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Chernobyl 25 Years Later

Posted by seumasach on April 29, 2011

Concealing the Consequences

Ralph Nader


27th April, 2011

The disaster at Chernobyl’s reactor on April 26, 1986 continues to expose humans, flora and fauna to radioactive lethality especially in, but not restricted to, Ukraine and Belarus. Western countries continue to reflect an under-estimation of casualties by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

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How nuclear apologists mislead the world over radiation

Posted by seumasach on April 20, 2011

Helen Caldicott


11th April, 2011

Soon after the Fukushima accident last month, I stated publicly that anuclear event of this size and catastrophic potential could present a medical problem of very large dimensions. Events have proven this observation to be true despite the nuclear industry’s campaign about the “minimal” health effects of so-called low-level radiation. That billions of its dollars are at stake if the Fukushima event causes the “nuclear renaissance” to slow down appears to be evident from the industry’s attacks on its critics, even in the face of an unresolved and escalating disaster at the reactor complex at Fukushima.

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Chernobyl: the true scale of the accident?

Posted by seumasach on March 16, 2011

We have been assured that the Japanese nuclear disaster is not as serious as that at Chernobyl. But according to the WHO/IAEA the Chernobyl disaster wasn’t that serious anyway. “Good science” exponent and former head of WHO bodies ICRP and ICNIRP, Dr Michael Repacholi was, of course, in there as always with words of reassurance:

“the health effects of the accident were potentially horrific, but when you add them up using validated conclusions from good science, the public health effects were not nearly as substantial as had at first been feared.”

Repacholi has also been to the fore in reassuring us about EM radiation from the mobile phone network. In fact, Repacholi’s powers of reassurance are quite exceptional: even deadly depleted uranium is in his view “basically safe”:

“Depleted uranium is basically safe – you can touch depleted uranium for hours and not cause and radiation damage you can ingest it and it’s excreted through the body – 99 per cent of it goes within about a day – you would have to ingest a huge amount of depleted uranium dust to cause any adverse health effect.”

Still just in case you want even more reassurance here’s the WHO’s 2005 press release on Chernobyl twenty years on. There you will learn that:

“This was a very serious accident with major health consequences, especially for thousands of workers exposed in the early days who received very high radiation doses, and for the thousands more stricken with thyroid cancer. By and large, however, we have not found profound negative health impacts to the rest of the population in surrounding areas, nor have we found widespread contamination that would continue to pose a substantial threat to human health, within a few exceptional, restricted areas.”


Chernobyl: the true scale of the accident

5 SEPTEMBER 2005 | GENEVA – A total of up to 4000 people could eventually die of radiation exposure from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (NPP) accident nearly 20 years ago, an international team of more than 100 scientists has concluded.

As of mid-2005, however, fewer than 50 deaths had been directly attributed to radiation from the disaster, almost all being highly exposed rescue workers, many who died within months of the accident but others who died as late as 2004.

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EU parliament urged to investigate H1N1 outbreak

Posted by seumasach on May 6, 2010

More than 200 deputies have signed a proposal calling for a special committee on the H1N1 pandemic.

5th May, 2010

The members, who come from across the political divide, said one of its aims would be to evaluate the EU’s dependence on the World Health Organisation.

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