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Flu Is a Combination of Swine Flu from 3 CONTINENTS, Plus Avian and Human Flu

Posted by seumasach on April 28, 2009

George Washington’s Blog

27th April, 2009

It is not unprecedented for viruses from several different animals to “recombine” within a single animal. For example, the 1918 flu pandemic appears to have been a combination of pig and human viruses.

And scientists have previously hypothesized that someone already sick with a normal “human” flu who got sick from bird flu at the same time could act as an incubator for a newly-mutated bird-human flu.

This swine flu is unusual because it combines virus segments from 3 different animals – birds, pigs and humans – and also from 3 different continents – Europe, Asia and North America.

As the Wall Street Journal puts it:

In addition to genetic material associated with North American swine flu, the strain has gene segments associated with European and Asian swine flu, North American avian flu and human flu.

(confirmed here).

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