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Einstein’s Idiots – Stephen Crothers: Why Black Holes Don’t Exist

Posted by seumasach on April 14, 2009

One Response to “Einstein’s Idiots – Stephen Crothers: Why Black Holes Don’t Exist”

  1. Lawrence Falzitto said

    Why black holes and singularities are never a part of the physical reality of the known universe. It is such that in the equation E is equal to the mass times the velocity of light squared or E = mc2, it is mostly unknown by the scientific community at large, that E is not always equal to mc2!
    There are many reactions in nature and throughout the universe where sometimes E is greater than mc2, or E > mc2. Likewise, and then again, there are reaction of matter and energy in the universe and here on earth where E is less than the mc2, or E < mc2. And this I propose to you is a fundamental reason why black holes and singularities can never exist. Thank You . .Lawrence Falzitto

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