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The Case of the Bees

Posted by seumasach on January 20, 2008


Cailean Bochanan

27th April, 2007

The humble bee finds itself at the centre of controversy as scientists seek to the respond to their disturbing disappearance which is now making itself felt as far afield as Taiwan.
We have had recantations, and denunciations within the scientific community; for the most part, they and the media, at least in the USA, throw in their lot with a theory that a fungus, Nosema ceranae, is responsible. This in preference to the politically incorrect notion that human agency, via microwave emissions from mobile phone masts and satellites, may be responsible. Unfortunately a government agency has made short shrift of the fungus theory:

“Government scientists who have been tracking the phenomenon they call Colony Collapse Disorder were skeptical, however, saying the parasite had been an early suspect in the bee die-off but that they had concluded it probably was not responsible.”

Clearly we need an investigation which is prepared to countenance all possibilities.

Why should we regard this issue as being of such importance?

Firstly, the disappearance of the bee is in itself a ecological disaster of major proportions; its direct consequence would affect about a third of the food chain, but because the interconnectedness of all aspects of nature its wider effects could be far worse.

Secondly, if the bee is being affected by microwave radiation, or blighted by something else which undermines its ability to orientate itself, it is probable, and there is some evidence, that other insects and birds are suffering similarly, pointing again to a wider ecological crisis.

Thirdly, if the microwaves( from mobile phone masts or satellites) are affecting bees then this begs the question what effect our they having on ourselves. We already have a substantial body of scientific work showing the deleterious effect of microwave communications on humans which has generally been kept away from public attention.

Finally, this an issue about truth, not in some higher ideological or religious sense but about simple factual truth and our ability to tell it. Are we re-enacting on a grand scale Ibsen’s great drama “ The Enemy of the People” in which the whole superstructure of official society, media , trade unions, vested interests etc. conspire to prevent the reality, that the waters of a local spa are poisoned, being revealed? If we have many Dr Stockmans( Ibsen’s hero who wishes to expose the truth) we also have an unprecedented apparatus of official society, of experts, scientific bodies, academia etc., much of which is working on behalf of private interests. This is a public interest question par excellence; the internet has already been singled out as a vehicle for politically incorrect conclusions regarding this case; it may be it is only hope in building momentum for a truly scientific, open-ended, and urgent, inquiry into this disturbing state of affairs.

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