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The reckless depredations of corporate power and neo-Malthusian enthusiasts within the elite threaten our environment and our very survival. EM radiation,disappearing bees and pollinators, heavy metal toxicity, GM crops and soil depletion are amongst the most immediate dangers we face.

Did national security imperatives compromise COVID-19 vaccine safety? 

Posted by seumasach on January 15, 2023

Brownstone Institute

5th January, 2023

The US Department of Defense (US DoD) has had a dominant role in the response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and in the development, and distribution of the Covid 19 vaccines, a fact hidden from the general public. In those processes many standard steps and procedures, otherwise required for pharmaceutical products, were omitted or circumvented. 

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Nuclear reactions are smoldering again at Chernobyl

Posted by seumasach on May 13, 2021

There are the fake panics and the real ones, the latter being generally of no interest

Richard Stone


5th May

Thirty-five years after the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine exploded in the world’s worst nuclear accident, fission reactions are smoldering again in uranium fuel masses buried deep inside a mangled reactor hall. “It’s like the embers in a barbecue pit,” says Neil Hyatt, a nuclear materials chemist at the University of Sheffield. Now, Ukrainian scientists are scrambling to determine whether the reactions will wink out on their own—or require extraordinary interventions to avert another accident.

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Guidance on criteria for assessment of freedom from infection in covid-19

Posted by seumasach on May 9, 2021

Official recognition that the PCR test doesn’t provide a reliable indication of infection. It is , however, very good for providing a flexible tool for the manipulation of case statistics and spreading panic and alarm

The Swedish Public Health Agency

21st July, 2020

The Swedish Public Health Agency has developed national criteria for assessing freedom from infection in covid-19.

The PCR technology used in tests to detect viruses cannot distinguish between viruses capable of infecting cells and viruses that have been neutralized by the immune system and therefore these tests cannot be used to determine whether someone is contagious or not. RNA from viruses can often be detected for weeks (sometimes months) after the illness but does not mean that you are still contagious. There are also several scientific studies that suggest that the infectivity of covid-19 is greatest at the beginning of the disease period.

The recommended criteria for assessing freedom from infection are therefore based on stable clinical improvement with freedom from fever for at least two days and that at least seven days have passed since the onset of symptoms. For those who have had more pronounced symptoms, at least 14 days after the illness and for the very sickest, individual assessment by the treating doctor.

The criteria have been developed in collaboration with representatives of the specialty associations in infectious disease medicine, clinical microbiology, hygiene and infection control. These have most recently been discussed in the group at a meeting on 19 April 2021 due to the new virus variants. The assessment was then that no update was needed. The recommendations will be updated as new knowledge about covid-19 infectivity is added.

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Professor Valentina Zharkova: “We entered the ‘Modern’ Grand Solar Minimum on June 8, 2020”

Posted by seumasach on April 17, 2021


30th August, 2020

A new editorial paper has landed from professor Valentina Zharkova, entitled: “Modern Grand Solar Minimum will Lead to Terrestrial Cooling“. Published on August 4, 2020, Zharkova’s latest analysis suggests that June 8, 2020 was the date on which we entered the Modern (Eddy) Grand Solar Minimum.

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The twilight of the age of reason

Posted by seumasach on February 26, 2021

Cailean Bochanan

26th February, 2021

The covid crisis turns out to be a crisis of everything except covid. The crisis of a civilisation, of its science, of its political constitution, it’s medicine, of its civic order, of family, of public health, of its economy of its culture and its core philosophy. In as far as this civilisation has its centre in the West it is a crisis of the West but given the great influence of Western thought it extends globally.This great unravelling of Western civilisation has been going on for decades. The only thing that is new is that its denouement should resolve itself into a neurotic focus on a negligible hazard. It is within such narrowness that we pose our existential crisis. On the one hand, we have “We must learn to live with covid”, in recognition of at least a degree of Stoic acceptance of nature. On the other, “ Zero Covid”, the total suppression of the virus, an exorcism of all evil in our midst, the alien pathogen, a final triumph over nature. However, if both are posited on vaccination we are left ultimately with an invocation of the god of science as our saviour.

Such a faith can only have disastrous consequences since our science is itself an expression of the very philosophical foundations which are so inadequate to the task of holding up our societal superstructure and realising our potential as humanity. These are broadly speaking those of the enlightenment behind which , no doubt, lie still deeper theological premises. As a positive ideology, rather than the mere scepticism of likes of Hume, this finds its truest expression the work of Descartes, also significantly something of a court philosopher of the Hanoverians, the Rosacrucian line of descent from the Stuarts. His famous dictum “I think, therefore I am” immediately presents man as the thinking being, a “thinking thing”. It is our mind which separates us from body, a mere machine, and gives us life. It is mind which separates us from nature (including animals who don’t have minds), an inert world of atoms and vortexes. Only in thought, reason, do we have being: not in feeling, intuition, sense, our senses, empathy or the myriad ways in which we know the world around us. We know the world through mind, given to us by God, through thought alone. But all those things which can check or condition or qualify thinking are absent. Thought alone suffices but

“there is nothing either good or
bad, but thinking makes it so”(Hamlet).

We can think anything and become prisoners of our own minds lacking any other compass. Of course, even in Descarte’s philosophy there must be more. Descartes thought the mind itself was a kind of machine which worked mathematically -it’s digitalised. We can measure the world around us and make generalisations from what we find. We can make a mathematical model. This makes thinking into “science”, a word derived form Latin meaning, quite simply, knowledge. When in doubt we’ve always got our data and we’ve never been in more doubt than now, swimming as we are in a cornucopia of statistics, graphs, comparisons, columns. But what to make of it all? As in any religion, and this science is by default our religion, its fundamentals have to be interpreted. It is the job of the priesthood to assess the data and to explain it in layman’s terms, for the faithful. So we have the “R” rate, the flattening of the curve, the case statistics, the CDR(case death rate), excess mortality. At any moment these could be rising or falling in a bewildering flight forward. But we have the high priests to explain patiently with rigour and the seriousness fitting to such exulted personages. Of course, they may, and do, contradict themselves and each other which tells us they’re only human after all, not gods, but with a special channel linking them to the highest realms of thought itself, to the science God. In them we trust.
The writer Salvian, witness to the fall of the Roman Empire wrote that “the Roman people are laughing and dying”. That doesn’t sound too bad- at least, they must have been struck intensely by the cognitive dissonance around them. Apparently, people tended to have a fixed expression of hilarity. This empire’s fall is more disturbing: people are able to watch daily briefings of politicians and experts with a straight face and talk in hallowed terms of the opinions of a Nicola Sturgeon or a Chris “Tricky” Whitty. But the idiocy of Zero Covid is the last gasp of our science cult. The utopian fantasy of the total eradication of the dreaded virion. Total war, a kind of chemotherapy applied to the whole body politic. Those of us who survive will judge those prophets by their fruits. After the twilight of the age of reason we can begin the philosophical refoundation of our world, a new paradigm reconnecting us to our own nature, to our own bodies, hearts, minds and souls, to other people (yes, even that!), to the natural world and the cosmos.

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Scientists: The Human Brain And the Entire Universe Have Odd Similarities

Posted by seumasach on November 26, 2020

As above, so below! The Italian Renaissance continues to bear fruit. Here, the two Italian scientists find a striking analogy which confirms, at one and the same time, the electrical nature of universe and of life and conscientiousness itself. “Even more intriguing both galaxies and neurons only account for about 30 percent of the total masses of the universe and brain. Further, both galaxies and neurons arrange themselves like pearls on a long string.” In the case of the universe we know that this is due to the predominance of plasma, an electrically polarised state of matter which spreads throughout the universe”. This is also suggestive of the reckless folly that is mankind’s experimentation with electro-magnetic radiation, as in mobile technology, 5g etc.

Justin MacLachlan

The Mind Unleashed

21st November, 2020

An astrophysicist at the University of Bologna and a neurosurgeon at the University of Verona have claimed that the brain resembles the universe. The two Italian researchers came up with the galaxy-brain theory that is out of this world: The structures of the perceptible universe, they say, are astonishingly comparable to the neuronal networks of the human brain.

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Coronavirus: the position of Doctor Stefano Montanari

Posted by seumasach on April 2, 2020

La forza della Verita

31st March, 2020

The biography of Dr. Stefano Montanari, nanopathologist (here his curriculum) tells of a man who, after graduating in pharmacy in 1972 with a thesis in Microchemistry, has started dealing with applied research in the field of medicine since his university days.
Author of several patents in the field of cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, pneumology and designer of systems and equipment for electrophysiology, he has carried out scientific consultancy for various companies, directing, among other things, a project for the realization of a heart valve biological.

Since 1979 he has collaborated with his wife Antonietta Gatti in numerous researches on biomaterials.

Since 2004 he has been the scientific director of the Nanodiagnostics laboratory in Modena where research is carried out and top-level consultancy is offered on nanopathologies. Lecturer in various national and international masters, he is the author of numerous scientific publications.

For years, it has been carrying out an intense work of scientific popularization in the field of nanopathology, especially with regard to sources of pollution from ultrafine dust.

Together with his wife, Dr. Stefania Gatti deals with diseases and pathologies deriving from micro and nano, to be precise, it was precisely Dr. Gatti, much more than 20 years ago, the first scientist to discover these diseases.

“This  is a flu virus whose origin is unclear. It belongs to the coronavirus class of viruses. The common cold is due to a coronavirus . They are usually completely harmless and do not cause death. It is extremely infectious, that is, capable of entering the body of other people with enormous ease but remains harmless, free of any clinical sign, of symptoms, in the vast majority of people.

Where it does have a pathological effect, it is in the old, especially those who take certain drugs, old people who have lung diseases or old people who already have other diseases.

Healthy people suffer absolutely no harm from this virus which is probably ubiquitous, we find it everywhere, like billions of other viruses. I am convinced that if we went to look for the virus in the 60 million Italians at least 30 million, probably more, would have it: this virus stays there without doing any harm like a huge number of other viruses.

Mortality is very low from viruses, probably even non-existent.

I heard a hospital junior doctor say that having a disease with the virus or caused by the virus is the same, but I think this person should go back to elementary school a little bit, because this lacks logic: dying from a disease means that that disease is the cause of death . For example, a heart attack causes death. If you go under the train that trauma is a cause of death. If you go under the train and have a cold, the cold is not the cause of death. The cold is incidental

I am convinced that if we went to check all the deaths out of 650,000 people who die physiologically every year in Italy, we would find that more than half, perhaps even more, because they are old people, have the corona virus in their body. So we are faced with something enormously hyped ”

Montanari goes on to say that: “I consider it a virus like many others. This is not just any flu, it is a particular flu that affects the lungs. There are influenzas that affect the intestine and therefore diarrhea, there are influenzas that affect the stomach and therefore vomiting, there are influenzas that affect the nervous system and therefore headache, while this affects the lungs.

This affect on the lungs means that certain cases, especially in the elderly (as we see the dead are over eighty and in Italy this the median group affected by death, therefore nothing has changed compared to the normality of the statistics) these people need respiratory assistance, ie respirators.

The respirator is a common device in the hospital (I have done more than 40 years in the operating room). The fact that we do not have them or we have too few of them to counter what you want to call an emergency , is the fact that for 10 years we have destroyed our health system: we have closed hospital wards, even closed small hospitals, the equipment is bought little and badly, the prices in Italy are much higher for the equipment as for almost everything or everything that is needed in a hospital. Why? Because in Italy there is a system of widespread corruption, so if something costs 10 in a clean country, it costs 20 in Italy; this means that the little money we have is misused.

We are faced with an emergency that we are not prepared for because our rulers have been unprepared for at least 10 years and have destroyed a health system. When I hear that the Italian one is one of the best health systems in the world, I shake my head in disbelief.

Regarding the images of military vans carrying the coffins leaving the hospital in Bergamo, Dr. Montanari declares that: “They are not people who died from the virus crown. From coronavirus there are 3 dead and even here I  have some doubts. The more or less ascertained deaths are 3. It is the Istituto Superiore della Sanità who says that (here the ISS Report).

This virus changes quickly therefore certainly the Italian one is not the same as the Chinese one as well as the German one, which was isolated in Germany, it is not the same as the Italian one and it is not the same as the Chinese one. Since it is a new virus, it is seeking its stability, a status in which to remain for a while. So it changes with enormous speed, tomorrow is no longer today’s. It is not the only virus that does this, there are many. We constantly live in communities with viruses, we even host a huge number of them in our body and many of them are also indispensable for our life, they are chemical chains (this is also particular because it is made of RNA and not DNA) like many others. So it is normal for it to change very quickly. So when we go looking for a drug for this virus we run after something that runs faster than we do. ”

Regarding the images of hospitals full of  people, however, he says that “we are not prepared to manage a disease that affects the lungs because our politicians have destroyed our health system. All these coffins belong to the 650 thousand deaths that we have every year in Italy. There is no increase in mortality this year, you can see these coffins in any hospital on any day.

 Many years ago I refused a job in children’s oncology precisely because I could not bear the spectacle of the white coffins that passed in front of me continuously, so we are talking about nothing new. You know very well that as a journalist you can make what you want appear. Don’t you remember when 1 or 2 years ago every day there was talk of the two Italian marines who were in India. 27 times a day we heard that news. Today it is no longer talked about but nothing has changed except that attention has been diverted to somewhere else. Here we are talking about 3 dead, as long as it is only these 3 dead. If you don’t like it, fine, but those are the facts”

Dr. Stefano Montanari explains that: “This is a viral interstitial pneumonia, there are many of them. Look, here in Italy for several months we had an  atypical pneumonia and it was never mentioned. For example in October (5/6 months ago) there were patients with atypical pneumonia, which we don’t usually see (usually we see bacterial pneumonia) and they were pneumonias of which nothing was known: the origin was unknown, they were impossible to counter pharmacologically and we had to wait for these patients to heal on their own. And they healed on their own.

We, contrary to what we are led  to believe, have our own immune defenses, which are very strong, much stronger than the vast majority of drugs. Just on our skin we have bacteria, viruses, fung that are used to fight pathogenic bacteria, viruses and  fungi, that is, carriers of disease. When we put on gloves to fight this crown virus we make a disaster from the point of view of our health because we prevent our fungi, bacteria and viruses that are on the skin from interacting with pathogenic ones. Then with our gloved hands we touch our clothes, the cashiers of the few open shops (who touch the money, the counter) on which the viruses have settled, but the glove prevents our immune defenses that are on the skin from acting.

So wearing gloves is infinitely worse than not wearing them. We are faced with reactions from complete imbeciles, who do not know the principles of biology.

We already have immune defenses like all living things (from clover, rhino, elephants) we have the ability to heal on our own.

If you have a headache and I give you some nail polish on your toenails, it wasn’t the nail polish that made you recover from your headache,  your body took your headache away. My old professor of physiology was a gentleman named Luigi Di Bella and he said that ‘untreated flu lasts 7 days, treated flu lasts 1 week’. So we continue to interact arrogantly with nature  not knowing what we are doing. For example, right now I am seeing in the video a carabiniere with a mask.

Here we are idealing with madness. Why? Because this mask is not able to stop anything. I mean, if this carabiniere is sick it stops his saliva from spreading the virus, it does something. But if this gentleman is not infected and thinks that that mask protects him from the viruses that fly off a droplet of saliva, which are of an infinite quantity, there are billions of billions per square meter of sidewalk, that is an illusion.

Because these gentlemen believe that viruses are as big as sewer rats,  perhaps because Beatrice Lorenzin, then, for some reason, Minister of Health, made them believe it. We are faced with things that are neither in heaven nor on earth. Viruses are there  in huge quantities, they are capable of entering in huge numbers into cells. One cell is a few thousandths of a millimeter large, so a huge number of viruses can enter it. We are talking about something extremely small. When you put the cloth mask in front, it’s like putting up a gate to stop mosquitoes from entering the house. People don’t realize it, but there is more. Those masks should be thrown away continuously for the sick. For the non-sick, they are of no use. Patients should throw that mask every 3 minutes, every minute because it is already full of these viruses, but they don’t. The carabinieri use it for three days in a row, so what are we talking about here.

Regarding the reason for these increasingly restrictive measures imposed by the authorities Montanari says that there are various reasons: “The first reason, the smaller one, is that in 2017 bonds were issued, that is, bonds that bet on an infection, curiously from a coronavirus, which would take place between 2020 and 2021, so whoever played on that bet wins, but this is small stuff because we are only talking about a few hundred million.

The bulk is in two games: the first game, the vaccines. We, the global regime , will force the world to get vaccinated. Now, getting vaccinated against a virus that does not give immunity like the case of this virus is something that is neither in heaven nor on earth. If I had said this, 50 years ago when I took my pharmacology exam, to my professor who was one of the greatest Italian pharmacologists, he would have thrown me out the door because only an incompetent can imagine such a thing.

A vaccine against a virus that does not give immunity does not have any chance of working; this regardless of the vaccine that works or does not work for measles, rubella, etc … Here we are talking about a virus that does not give immunity. Then we are talking about a virus that changes at a huge speed, so moreover it is a virus that you can’t catch up with. It is a virus like that of the common cold, to which family it belongs, and you cannot  vaccinate against a cold  because the common cold does not give  immunity. You can catch a cold 200 times in a lifetime but it won’t give you immunity. So thinking about a vaccine is a multi-billion worldwide scam, vaccinating 7 billion and 600 million individuals, if they are all forced to be vaccinated, will constitute a colossal, truly colossal business. ”

Regarding the situation in which a smoker finds himself, Dr. Montanari says that: “A smoker fares badly. We all have tubes on the bronchi that become thinner and thinner and bring the air to 600 million bags that are called pulmonary alveoli in which we exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide. Along these tubes all healthy people have a small and very thin layer of mucus, indispensable because it blocks dust, viruses, bacteria. Healthy people have vibratile eyelashes in the bronchi, that is, a kind of whip that whips these powders, viruses, bacteria out of the lungs, throw them out.

The smoker has a much much thicker mucus layer. The vibrating eyelashes not only do not make it to what has been enveloped by this mucus (which is phlegm in the smoker) but they are even paralyzed by smoke.

So the invaders slide down, towards the pulmonary alveoli and never come out of it. So the smoker gets the viruses, bacteria and fungi in an infinitely greater number than a non-smoker does, so even in this case. ”

With regard to the tampons for testing, Dr. Montanari maintains that “to perform the analysis of those tampons you need very special equipment, it is not that it can be done in the kitchen. That equipment is not always available and then competence is needed in using it. Then, from what appears, more than 80% of the positives are false, they are false positives. So it’s a big risk because we risk telling a person that he’s positive when he isn’t. What is more, most of those who are actually positive have no symptoms, as for the vast majority of viruses that exist in the world.

So we risk transforming healthy people into sick people and this is very serious also because in medicine we have known it for many years, depressed people, in a bad state of mind, react much worse to pathologies, and they often get sick. You also prevent these people from the possibility of going out (in Emilia Romagna the order prohibiting it has already gone out) and if you cannot sunbathe, you do not properly metabolize vitamin D, essential to protect us, to protect our immune system. So we’re at home, in a bad mood, we can’t metabolize vitamin D, so we get sick more. All these decisions taken by complete incompetents are deleterious because they make the situation worse. People should be told to stay out, stay in the sun, walk, try to move, stay healthy, eat healthy. But no – these incompetent people don’t realize the harm they do or maybe they do realize it, I don’t know.

These disasters didn’t happen with sars. With the Avian flu, we, Italy,  bought 27 million doses of vaccine, we threw away 26 million and 700 thousand doses although we had paid for them. We don’t even have the money to buy respirators, but we have the money to buy a vaccine that we throw in the sewers. Unfortunately when we are ruled by incompetents, I don’t want to talk about corruption even if I have some temptations, but I don’t talk about it, but it is like Commander Schettino to the nth degree. 

Regarding the duration, Dr. Montanari says: “I don’t know whether it is a seasonal virus but like almost all viruses it is almost certain to be sensitive to temperature  You see nature, which is much wiser than our leaders, than many doctors and is not even corrupt, knows very well that when we get sick we have to raise our temperature because the high temperature (higher is better) improves our immune defenses and lowers the vital capacity of bacteria, fungi and viruses,  What does the doctor do? He gives you tachipirine, madness because it takes away that defense. Here we are, faced with  the total incompetence of the doctor, who gives you tachipirine when your temperature is 37.8. It is like a besieged city and you break down the walls because you wants to get some air. We are living through pure madness.

In summer, when the temperature rises, this virus may decrease its vital capacity, so to speak.  It is more than likely that in summer this virus will fall away but that isn’t the real point. Consider that we have 20,000 deaths a year of flu, yet nobody talks about 20,000 deaths.We have 49,000 deaths a year from hospital-acquired infections. The data is official (read here), That means from 130 to 140 people who die every day because they are hospitalized for an appendicitis and die of pneumonia. Nobody talks about it. In one day we have had more deaths from these infections than we have had from corona virus since the beginning of this farce. We are faced with something that is beyond the absurd, far beyond the absurd and gives rise to many suspicions. ”

Answering another question from the journalist in the studio on those with pre-existing pathologiesMontanari says:

“You see if I throw you off the tenth floor and you had a cold or flu or arthritis, I can’t say that you died of flu, arthritis or a cold. You  died because I threw you off the tenth floor. The data from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità show that they are all people who dies have cancer, very serious diabetes, who are obese, who are old, in their eighties. They are people who died from other diseases.

Regarding young people, how sure are we that the 32-year-old boy died of the corona virus and not with the corona virus (he was said to have had health problems due to an infection contracted in Cuba two years ago).

Surely you don’t think that if a person is infected with corona virus they will then recover from cancer or another disease: that is absurd. This person had an infection, had cancer and also happened to have the coronavirus. Hmm? Here we really are facing a colossal scam. ”

On herd immunity he says that “it is a monstrosity invented by pharmaceutical companies that does not exist. If you want you can make a broadcast in which I explain why it is a scam, much to the chagrin of the simpletons. Herd immunity does not exist. But even if did existed, how does herd immunity exist for a disease that does not give her immunity? “.

“If we look at the economic aspect, which is not part of my skills, we are shutting down the world. Italy’s economy was already at its limit. All activities are blocked, but the stock exchange that continuously falls does not stop. This means that those who are ultra billionaires, who have tens or hundreds of billions of them, can buy companies listed on the stock exchange for two lire. When you decide to call off this farce and say that everything is over, although in reality this virus will continue to do what it has done so far, that is to say, nothing, these people will find themselves master of the world, they will have everything. Those who aren’t super rich but with a few  pennies have bought three, four restaurants or shopswill have to close them so who the rich will be infinitely richer but we will have a flood of poor who will still be poorer. These will be other consequences of an epidemic created on purpose. 

Regarding the correlation between pollution and viruses, he says that: “my wife and I have been talking about it for many years. When there are dusts, micro nano particles these viruses stick to them, they are infinitely smaller, and these micro and nano particles act as a vehicle for these viruses, as for dioxins, urans, hydrocarbons, etc … all this is widely known. Then some genius turns up now saying but if it were so. For twenty years, however, we have always said it unheeded. “

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Don’t like CO2? Advanced nuclear power is the answer

Posted by seumasach on February 10, 2020

A future free of fossil fuels and dependent on nuclear power was first put forward in a 1945 booklet entitled “The Atomic Age”. Throughout the 1950s it was scientists linked to the Manhattan Project who put forward the “global warming” thesis. Now under the pretext of “saving the planet” nuclear energy is set for a comeback. This is ironic: if there is one thing which will render planet earth permanently uninhabitable it is the pitfalls which inevitably accompany nuclear power. We have already had at least two major catastrophes and countless incidents of contamination. We would have already had the good sense to leave it behind were it not for the pseudo-problem of CO2. As this article makes quite clear green energy sources will not make up the deficit left by ending fossil fuel energy generation. The Green agenda demands a nuclear agenda as recognised in Labour’s manifesto.

Jonathan Tennebaum

Asia Times

26th January, 2020

So you don’t like CO2? What you need to know, then, is that there’s no alternative to advanced nuclear power.

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U.S. should buy control of Nokia and Ericsson to fight Huawei, attorney general says

Posted by seumasach on February 8, 2020

This is all very amusing. Firstly, Trump wanted government -led national effort to build deadly, 5g technology. This was rapidly shot down by the US corporate elite. Now, after Johnson’s desperate appeal for an alternative to Huawei fell on deaf ears, the Americans have come up with a solution: they’re going to take over the two European leaders in the field. These two are happily going ahead with 5G using Huawei technology and it’s not clear they want to be taken over.

Japan Times

7th February, 2020

Read article

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Oscillations of the baseline of solar magnetic field and solar irradiance on a millennial timescale

Posted by seumasach on February 8, 2020

The appearance of Valentina Zharkova’s thesis in Nature magazine lays down the gauntlet to the warmists and their leading theorist Michael Mann- he of the famous hockey stick who is in danger of becoming a habitual loser of court cases against opponents who have accused him of fraud. Zharkova has created a model for cycles of sunspot activity and the sun’s irradiance based on the suns behaviour as an electric dynamo which appears to correlate with historically recorded sunspot measurements and carbon 14 traces in tree rings. Thus , her model fits perfectly the historically documented Maunder Minimum 1645-1715. It also predicts a new minimum from this tear, 2020 and her theory is therefore soon to be put to the test. Mann regards the sun’s activity as being negligible regarding climate and denies that the Maunder Minimum was a period of exceptional cold- which seems to leave him standing on very thin ice.


24th June , 2019


Recently discovered long-term oscillations of the solar background magnetic field associated with double dynamo waves generated in inner and outer layers of the Sun indicate that the solar activity is heading in the next three decades (2019–2055) to a Modern grand minimum similar to Maunder one. On the other hand, a reconstruction of solar total irradiance suggests that since the Maunder minimum there is an increase in the cycle-averaged total solar irradiance (TSI) by a value of about 1–1.5 Wm−2 closely correlated with an increase of the baseline (average) terrestrial temperature. In order to understand these two opposite trends, we calculated the double dynamo summary curve of magnetic field variations backward one hundred thousand years allowing us to confirm strong oscillations of solar activity in regular (11 year) and recently reported grand (350–400 year) solar cycles caused by actions of the double solar dynamo. In addition, oscillations of the baseline (zero-line) of magnetic field with a period of 1950 ± 95 years (a super-grand cycle) are discovered by applying a running averaging filter to suppress large-scale oscillations of 11 year cycles. Latest minimum of the baseline oscillations is found to coincide with the grand solar minimum (the Maunder minimum) occurred before the current super-grand cycle start. Since then the baseline magnitude became slowly increasing towards its maximum at 2600 to be followed by its decrease and minimum at ~3700. These oscillations of the baseline solar magnetic field are found associated with a long-term solar inertial motion about the barycenter of the solar system and closely linked to an increase of solar irradiance and terrestrial temperature in the past two centuries. This trend is anticipated to continue in the next six centuries that can lead to a further natural increase of the terrestrial temperature by more than 2.5 °C by 2600.

Read full study

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NATO report exposes the West’s 5G quandary.

Posted by seumasach on August 13, 2019

NATO report exposes the West’s 5G quandary.

Cailean Bochanan

13th August, 2019

National Security Adviser, John Bolton has been in London this week hoping, amongst other things, to pressure the UK government into dropping Huawei from it’s 5G project. With a New Cold War in the air the Americans have raised the spectre of a threat to national security, of China using it’s 5G expertise to spy. We already spy on each other using the Five Eyes network to get round restrictions on intelligence agencies spying on their own citizens: China would be an unwelcome guest at this particular party. Bolton has already claimed his lobbying has provoked a rethink on behalf of the UK government in “appreciation” of the US point of view. If Brexit means anything at all it means rallying to the Americans , a return to Oceania and an Orwellian standoff with Eurasia: that is why Johnson is prime minister.

So, in conformity with this geopolitical realignment it is logical that the UK abandon it’s flirtation with Chinese technology and and put it’s Orwellian 5G project back in the safe hands of Western companies. What could be the problem? The problem according to a recent NATO study, “Huawei, 5G, and China as a Security Threat” is that Huawei “is currently the only company that can produce ‘at scale and cost‘ all the elements of a 5G network, with its closest competitors Nokia and Ericsson not yet able to offer a viable alternative”. In other words, Huawei is indispensable! Well, that is a problem.It is also a humiliation for the West: we have already lost the technological race for 5G.

So the question isn’t really whether Huawei should be involved in 5G or not, it’s whether we have 5G or not, at all. Well, I for one prefer that question. 5G is just one more nefarious telecommunications industry project threatening public health, as is extensively and reliably documented, as well as civil liberties and privacy. And it does so on a massively increased scale. It also has sinister undertones of transhumanism an ideological current which goes back to the English renaissance which views humanity as “work in progress”. It is familiar from the works of Francis Bacon, the Darwins and the Huxleys. The musings of Elon Musk on microchips in the brain are enough to make us nostalgic for the good old days. Can’t we just go back to 1984?

But returning to question of 5G or not 5G, what solutions does the NATO report come up with?

“With a binary choice of ‘take it or leave it’ not among the options – there are as of yet no equivalent alternatives to Huawei 5G technology; the West is neither able nor willing to afford a technological stagnation, and with the expected socioeconomic benefits in the promise of 5G, states will likely remain pragmatic in their approaches. Whether by issuing security guidance to reinforce the security of critical government and commercial functions, strengthening risk assessment and management processes, or agreeing on transparency and accountability mechanisms, national responses will likely seek to improve risk mitigation.”

Logic doesn’t seem to be a NATO strongpoint: with no available alternatives to Huawei the choice is precisely ”take it or leave it”. The rest is what the French call “langue de bois” and the anglo-saxons would call, more bluntly, “bullshit”. So in addition to not recognising the problem NATO doesn’t offer any solutions.

The truth is that the Western model, or, more specifically, the Anglo-American model has exhausted itself in terms of major infrastructural project development. The scandal in the UK over prematurely obsolete schools and hospitals built through private finance initiatives or so-called public/private partnerships has dramatically exposed this reality. A children’s hospital in Edinburgh has just been “completed” for what will eventually amount to half a billion pounds. However, it can’t be opened due to structural flaws and already union representatives are talking about the need to demolish it. The US/UK are bottom of the league when it comes to fibre optic connections into people’s homes. Verizon won a contract to provide fibre optic to homes in New York. They failed to do so and are being sued by the City authorities. In fact, 5G is a poor man’s fibre optic but it still requires massive, and politically impossible, fibre optic roll-out and investment in masts placed in close proximity. Plus, of course, Huawei technology.

In contrast, the Chinese excel in long term, developmental and infrastructural projects. Through the Belt and Road Initiative they are building roads, bridges, airports, ports , high speed trains. Unfortunately, it also involves 5G, for the moment. If 5G was being carried exclusively by Western companies the American NSA would have unrestricted access to all data and therefore, total political control. The Chinese have effectively blocked that. However, we, the people, do not have to choose between a total surveillance state run by the USA or by the Chinese. Not because slaves can’t choose their masters but because we choose not to be slaves. We can simply reject 5G outright as we have every right to do as it constitutes an assault on our persons and our privacy. Italy leads the way in doing precisely that, with growing opposition at very level of civil society, the professions, local authorities and NGOs. Just as 5G epitomises an emerging technocratic elite governance, the opposition to it is a reaffirmation of democracy and citizenship. Let’s make technology our servant and not our master.

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