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Parotid glands cancer: sharp increase

Posted by seumasach on July 16, 2009


16th July, 2009

A new report of the scientific committee of the israeli dentists association, presents in the first time a sharp increase of parotid glands tumor during the last five years. The researchers think it’s related to the cellular phone use. The study was done by Dr. Avi Zini from Hadasah Jerusalem, with Dr. Micha Bar Hana, head of cancer registy. They checked incidence of mouth neoplasms during 1970- 2006. Until 2002 there were 25 new cases a year and in the last five years 2.8 fold increase, since the year 2000.

They did not collect data on cell phone use but they do think it can be related. 20% of the patients are under 20 years old. While most patients of mouth cancer are adults, this specific type was prevalent in young people. Mouth cancer is no. 6 in its prevalence after breast, prostate, colon, lung and skin. The data was given to prof. Sigal Sadezki, she said the new data do not include benign tumors so the real number is even higher, she said there is a need to use the precautinary principle and to extend the disucussion on the cell phone health effects.

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