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Te molesta mi amor?- Silvio Rodriguez

Posted by seumasach on April 16, 2009


Whatever else the Cuban revolution brought us , it brought us Silvio Rodriguez, poet and musician of genius, the unforgetable,  immortal voice of Cuba, love and liberty.(Silvio Rodriguez: A Brief Biography in English)
Te molesta mi amor?
Mi amor de juventud
y mi amor es un arte en virtud
Te molesta mi amor?
Mi amor sin antifaz
y mi amor es un arte de paz.
[Does my love bother you?
My love of youth,
my love, an art of virtue.
Does my love bother you?
My love without a mask,
my love, an art of peace.]
Te molesta mi amor?
Mi amor de humanidad
y mi amor es un arte en su edad
Te molesta mi amor?
Mi amor de surtidor
y mi amor es un arte mayor
[Does my love bother you?
My love of humanity,
my love, an art whose time has come.
Does my love bother you?
My fountain of love,
my love, my greater art.]
Mi amor es mi prenda encantada
es mi extensa morada
es mi espacio sin fin
mi amor, no precisa frontera
como la primavera
no prefiere jardin
Mi amor, no es amor de mercado
porque un amor sangrado
no es amor de lucrar
mi amor es todo cuanto tengo
si lo niego o lo vendo
para que respirar…
[My love is an enchanted jewel,
my extended home,
my infinite space,
my love  needs no frontier,
any more than springtime needs gardens.
My love is not for sale,
since a love that has bled
knows no gain,
My love is all I have,
if I deny it or sell it
why breathe.]          
Te molesta mi amor?…
Mi amor no es amor de uno solo
sino alma de todo
lo que urge sanar
mi amor es un amor de abajo
que el devenir me trajo
para hacerlo empinar
[My love isn’t love for one person alone,
but the soul of everything,
it heals.
My love is a love from below,
which grew and raised itself up] 
Mi amor, el mas enamorado
es el mas olvidado
en su antiguo dolor
mi amor abre pecho a la muerte
y despeña su suerte
por un tiempo mejor
mi amor, este amor aguerrido
es un sol encendido
por quien merece amor…
[My love,  the most in love,
is the most forgotten
in his ancient pain
My love opens its chest to death,
throws in its lot
for a better world
My love, battle-hardened,
is a sun set alight,
for he who deserves love]
Silvio says at the end about Castro:
“I don’t know whether he believes in heaven on earth, but what he does believe is that it is impossible not to fight for it.  That is what lies behind his sense of dignity, his  belief that his principles will prevail, his vision of history”

3 Responses to “Te molesta mi amor?- Silvio Rodriguez”

  1. lucesitam said

    Esa cancion es hermosa y la voz de este hombre es privilejiada.

  2. rigazza said

    excelente!! me encanta!!! buen gusto! feicidades

  3. Khanh Pham said

    Gracias por la traduccion en ingles.

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