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British climate scholar: ‘Climate Crisis Worse Than Recession’

Posted by seumasach on March 12, 2009

Is this the beginning of the end of the end of world history?

“He says we musn’t lose sight of the need to tackle global warming just because our economies are suffering.”

We mustn’t lose sight of the need to tackle global warming just because it’s freezing.

‘Climate Crisis Worse Than Recession’

Capital Radio

12th March, 2009

“We are, I fear, at a defining moment in the world’s history,” the royal told a meeting of Brazilian business leaders ahead of a planned visit to the Amazon rainforest.

“The global recession is far worse than any seen for generations,” he said.

But, worse, he continued, was that “the threat of catastrophic climate change calls into question humanity’s continued survival on the planet.”

He stressed: “Any difficulties which the world faces today will be as nothing compared to the full effects which global warming will have on the world-wide economy.”

The speech was billed as a key presentation in the prince’s commitment to environmental conservation.

It comes a day before Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are to head to Brazil‘s Amazon to see the human impact on the world’s biggest rainforest.

Reporting from Rio de Janeiro, Sky’s royal correspondent Sarah Hughes said: “Prince Charles has talked in the past very passionately about what he calls the ‘climate crunch’.

“He says we musn’t lose sight of the need to tackle global warming just because our economies are suffering.

“He has described it as the central challenge of the 21st century.”

The prince praised Brazil for the measures it had implemented to protect the Amazon, describing them as part of a new approach to the search for solutions to the world’s economic and financial crisis.

After his speech, he left to visit a social programme set up by a British-run group in one of Rio’s notorious slums that seeks to channel street violence into sports including martial arts.

One Response to “British climate scholar: ‘Climate Crisis Worse Than Recession’”

  1. niqnaq said

    The US radical paleocon take on all this is that it is just Big Pseudo-Science, to enable the neo-‘primitive accumulation’ you were talking about yesterday. By ‘US radical paleocon’ I mean people like Alex Jones, who are sort of Ron Paul hinterland politically. They start where Carroll Quigley left off, in “Tragedy and Hope” and “The Anglo-American Establishment,” in terms of their view of globalism, the Trilateral Commission, the Council for Foreign Relations, etc., and tend to be very Anglophobic, sometimes going so far as to claim that the City of London covertly runs Wall Street. They are what the mainstream press now calls “Global Warming Deniers.’ They also believe that there is a plan to reduce the earth’s human population by 80% or something, a view shared by Larouchists. It’s hard to find British equivalents for this level of weirdness except in the old UK 9/11 Truth group, at, which still contains Tony Gosling, of, and Annie Machon of, but I think has rather foundered since David Shayler decided he was the messiah. All this interests me, because I often find the political psychology of conspiracy theory more revealing than the so-called ‘scientific facts,’ which I am incompetent to assess anyway.

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