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Trump’s looming showdown with the ‘secret government’

Posted by seumasach on December 5, 2016

Boston Globe

1st December, 2016

Many incoming presidents learn quickly that the managers of the military, intelligence, and law enforcement departments of our government are largely self-governing, virtually immune from democratic accountability and the checks and balances described in civics books.

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Flynn, Pompeo, and the paradox of the New Nationalism

Posted by seumasach on December 3, 2016

Justin Raimundo

21st November, 2016

These two appointments underscore the contradictions at the heart of Trumpism

Life is full of contradictions: that’s what ideologues of all persuasions don’t get. And politics – with its inevitable vagaries, compromises, and unforeseen events – exemplifies this reality. You can multiply that principle by at least ten when analyzing President-elect Donald J. Trump and his nationalist supporters.

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New study confirms that mercury Is linked to autism

Posted by seumasach on December 1, 2016

Robert F.Kennedy Jr.


Two new studies by international teams, including Egyptian scientists, have validated the link between autism and mercury.

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A Zimbabwe politician says all the Chinese in his country should be deported

Posted by seumasach on August 3, 2016


16th May, 2016

A member of a Zimbabwean opposition party has called for all Chinese nationals to be kicked out of the southern African country.

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Brazil’s Temer says Mercosur needs revision

Posted by seumasach on August 1, 2016

It’s not just Brexit putting regional integration projects in question. Already after the coup in Brazil Mercosur’s future is being put in doubt by coup leader Temer:

“We need to rediscuss Mercosur at this moment, not to eliminate it, but to give us a safer position to seek to broaden our relations with other countries,” Temer said.

Which other countries might these be? Mercosur is negotiating a trade deal with the EU but that seemingly isn’t broad enough. Unsurprisingly, he is also blocking Venezuela’s upcoming presidency of Mercosur.

Then we have Trump’s wall effectively ending NAFTA, Australia bringing into question it’s partnership with China and it’s Asian future and the question of Hong Kong secession suddenly raised. We seem to be witnessing an emerging anglosphere which would look very much like Oceania in Orwell’s 1984.


24th June, 2016

Brazil’s interim President Michel Temer said the Mercosur trade bloc poses an obstacle to other trade agreements and needs to be revised, but not ditched altogether.

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Treasury minister ‘considering quitting’ over Hinkley Point delay

Posted by seumasach on August 1, 2016

A bio of O’Neill is interesting: he is both an Osborne man, Goldman Sachs and pro-BRICS- in fact, he coined the phrase. He is the classic representative of the pro-China, pro-EU faction which I assumed would win the referendum, but lost.

Politics Home

1st August, 2016

Treasury minister Jim O’Neill is said to be considering his future in the Government in light of Theresa May’s decision to review the new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point.

According to the Financial Times, Lord O’Neill believes the pause reflected a shift in the new administration’s attitude towards China, which is set to finance £6bn of the Hinkley Point deal.

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For Xi, a ‘China Dream’ of Military Power

Posted by seumasach on July 30, 2016

2010-2013 may be seen in retrospect to mark the beginning of a prolonged confrontation between China and the USA seeing both the coming to power of Xi, according to this article under the influence of the 2010 book “China Dream”, and the publication in 2011 of Clintons essay Asia’ Pacific Century. I had always tended to regard the famous “pivot to Asia” with some skepticism seeing it as merely a response to US failure in the Middle East. However, Brexit has made me rethink since it seems essentially to be a realignment of the UK with the USA with regard to China. Cameron called for the referendum on the EU in early 2013 but subsequently the UK appeared to be entering into an unprecedented strategic partnership with China. However, Cameron’s role in this was viewed with evident skepticism by the Chinese and it was George Osborne who took the leading role culminating in President Xi’s visit to London last year. Osborne is the main victim of post-Brexit vote machinations as well as the leave campaign’s neoconservative leaders who seemed to be under the illusion that victory would bring them to power. Power has instead fallen to May who has already put dampeners on the China partnership and brought the UK out of the sphere of influence of Chinese soft power. Not for the first time in its history Britain has abandoned its own national interest in deference to that of US imperialism.


13th March 2013

Soon after taking over as Communist Party and military chief, Xi Jinping launched a series of speeches referring to “The China Dream.”

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The media against Jeremy Corbyn

Posted by seumasach on July 30, 2016


July, 2016

The British media has never had much time for Jeremy Corbyn.

Within a week of his election as Labour Party leader in September, it was engaging in a campaign the Media Reform Coalition characterized as an attempt to “systematically undermine” his position. In an avalanche of negative coverage 60 percent of all articles which appeared in the mainstream press about Corbyn were negative with only 13 percent positive. The newsroom, ostensibly the objective arm of the media, had an even worse record: 62 percent negative with only 9 percent positive.

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Hillary Clinton and her hawks

Posted by seumasach on July 30, 2016

The hawks and harpies coalescing around Clinton are making threatening noises but their options on the ground in Syria are very limited and have just become a lot more limited with the loss of Turkey to Russian diplomacy. It all boils down to whether they are prepared to challenge Russia directly, risking all out confrontation. The rather lukewarm warmongering proposals below suggest not. Trump is the man of the moment in that sense: his policy of engagement with Russia against ISIS is consistent with the deeper underlying shifts in the global balance of forces. His Russia policy may be “controversial” but it is logical and realistic for an America in terminal decline.

As Hillary Clinton begins her final charge for the White House, her advisers are already recommending air strikes and other new military measures against the Assad regime in Syria.

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New light on the Black Death: The cosmic connection

Posted by seumasach on July 29, 2016

This article is very important in advancing the thesis of Velikovsky concerning the influence of catastrophic events on human history. It appears that some of these events may have been more recent than he thought and may be particularly important in relation to the demise of the Inca and Aztec empires. These certainly suffered catastrophic events but Velikovsky found the chronology anomalous. This article helps to provide some answers.

Soft Net

19th December, 2007

I just finished reading this one and all I can say is: Wow! This was an intense book! Not a long one, either – just 208 pages including appendices. It’s tight and economical with no wasted words or idle rambling around. Every example and temporary diversion is crucial to the central argument which is – brace yourself for this one – Mike Baillie (yeah, a real scientist and not a crackpot), is saying that the Black Death, one of the most deadly pandemics in human history, said to have killed possibly two thirds of the entire population of Europe, not to mention millions all over the planet, probably wasn’t Bubonic Plague but was rather Death By Comet(s)!

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Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox as the Three Brexiteers? Dream on

Posted by seumasach on July 16, 2016

Marina Hyde


16th July, 2016

Another week in Brexit, another seven days in which the tickers along the bottom of the news channel screens may as well have been changed to a continuous loop of the inquiry: WHAT JUST HAPPENED?????

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