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The twilight of the age of reason

Posted by seumasach on February 26, 2021

Cailean Bochanan

26th February, 2021

The covid crisis turns out to be a crisis of everything except covid. The crisis of a civilisation, of its science, of its political constitution, it’s medicine, of its civic order, of family, of public health, of its economy of its culture and its core philosophy. In as far as this civilisation has its centre in the West it is a crisis of the West but given the great influence of Western thought it extends globally.This great unravelling of Western civilisation has been going on for decades. The only thing that is new is that its denouement should resolve itself into a neurotic focus on a negligible hazard. It is within such narrowness that we pose our existential crisis. On the one hand, we have “We must learn to live with covid”, in recognition of at least a degree of Stoic acceptance of nature. On the other, “ Zero Covid”, the total suppression of the virus, an exorcism of all evil in our midst, the alien pathogen, a final triumph over nature. However, if both are posited on vaccination we are left ultimately with an invocation of the god of science as our saviour.

Such a faith can only have disastrous consequences since our science is itself an expression of the very philosophical foundations which are so inadequate to the task of holding up our societal superstructure and realising our potential as humanity. These are broadly speaking those of the enlightenment behind which , no doubt, lie still deeper theological premises. As a positive ideology, rather than the mere scepticism of likes of Hume, this finds its truest expression the work of Descartes, also significantly something of a court philosopher of the Hanoverians, the Rosacrucian line of descent from the Stuarts. His famous dictum “I think, therefore I am” immediately presents man as the thinking being, a “thinking thing”. It is our mind which separates us from body, a mere machine, and gives us life. It is mind which separates us from nature (including animals who don’t have minds), an inert world of atoms and vortexes. Only in thought, reason, do we have being: not in feeling, intuition, sense, our senses, empathy or the myriad ways in which we know the world around us. We know the world through mind, given to us by God, through thought alone. But all those things which can check or condition or qualify thinking are absent. Thought alone suffices but

“there is nothing either good or
bad, but thinking makes it so”(Hamlet).

We can think anything and become prisoners of our own minds lacking any other compass. Of course, even in Descarte’s philosophy there must be more. Descartes thought the mind itself was a kind of machine which worked mathematically -it’s digitalised. We can measure the world around us and make generalisations from what we find. We can make a mathematical model. This makes thinking into “science”, a word derived form Latin meaning, quite simply, knowledge. When in doubt we’ve always got our data and we’ve never been in more doubt than now, swimming as we are in a cornucopia of statistics, graphs, comparisons, columns. But what to make of it all? As in any religion, and this science is by default our religion, its fundamentals have to be interpreted. It is the job of the priesthood to assess the data and to explain it in layman’s terms, for the faithful. So we have the “R” rate, the flattening of the curve, the case statistics, the CDR(case death rate), excess mortality. At any moment these could be rising or falling in a bewildering flight forward. But we have the high priests to explain patiently with rigour and the seriousness fitting to such exulted personages. Of course, they may, and do, contradict themselves and each other which tells us they’re only human after all, not gods, but with a special channel linking them to the highest realms of thought itself, to the science God. In them we trust.
The writer Salvian, witness to the fall of the Roman Empire wrote that “the Roman people are laughing and dying”. That doesn’t sound too bad- at least, they must have been struck intensely by the cognitive dissonance around them. Apparently, people tended to have a fixed expression of hilarity. This empire’s fall is more disturbing: people are able to watch daily briefings of politicians and experts with a straight face and talk in hallowed terms of the opinions of a Nicola Sturgeon or a Chris “Tricky” Whitty. But the idiocy of Zero Covid is the last gasp of our science cult. The utopian fantasy of the total eradication of the dreaded virion. Total war, a kind of chemotherapy applied to the whole body politic. Those of us who survive will judge those prophets by their fruits. After the twilight of the age of reason we can begin the philosophical refoundation of our world, a new paradigm reconnecting us to our own nature, to our own bodies, hearts, minds and souls, to other people (yes, even that!), to the natural world and the cosmos.

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Biden moves to restore trust with NATO allies

Posted by seumasach on February 18, 2021

“The Pentagon views the meetings as a way to reset the alliance after years of disruption, and a chance to set new goals on confronting China, combating climate change, and bringing NATO-aligned countries like Finland and Sweden closer to the alliance, Breaking Defense reported.”

Where the Pentagon and NATO lead Biden and the Europeans will follow? That is the question. Notably, no mention of Ukraine membership or Johnson’s Asia NATO

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Covid, fascism and the road to war

Posted by seumasach on October 2, 2020

Cailean Bochanan

2nd October, 2020

General Sir Nicholas Carter has warned that Russia and China, authoritarian regimes as he has it, are using the covid crisis to undermine Western societies. He even accuses them of seeking to win without fighting. That is probably true in accordance of the dictum of Sun Tzu. In fact, they may already have won. But not in the eyes of out gallant general. This is a man who called for the army to be deployed against coronavrus back in March. He is the symbol and the rallying point of all those who refuse to recognise that the empire is over. In this speech he was introduced in this web conference by David Petreaus, a seasoned neocon. The neocons, the infection which won’t go away, are indeed back. Some of them are featured in the Transition Integrity Project, a more or less brazen attempt to overthrow the president of the USA in the, highly likely, event that he wins the coming election. Where this leads the USA is anyone’s guess but the great hope of the neocons, judging by past form , is that America will once again lead the world to a New World Order by defeating the Russia/China alliance. That certainly seems to be a long shot, but politics as the art of the impossible is exactly attuned to dying empires. 

What concretely, does Carter propose. He has realized that modern warfare is about modern technology, specifically 5G, AI, robotisation and cybernetics. Isn’t it a bit late in the day to realise this? Well, the West thought they could win through their Jihadi irregulars destabilising the Middle East and thence both Russia and China. Empire on the cheap, if you like, actual investment, long term investment, in new technology being beyond the scope of America’s corporate welfare system. So, that all has to change- there has to be a reset. The pretext for the reset is the lockdown, a proposal first mooted by the Chinese and their friends in the WHO. Perhaps the Chinese hoped to out the war party once and for all and Carter and Petreaus have duly obliged. Their language may be newspeak but their intentions are transparent. The US/UK and their self-declared allies have decided to reassert their birthright, their ‘ownership” of the “international community”.

Covid, of course, is about politics rather than public health. In the first instance, it is essential in order to set the US election within the framework of the “new normal”. This enables the subversion of the electoral process as never before. In particular, it allows the postal voting which , as Trump correctly points out, is a guaranteed means of electoral fraud. All that matters if that the outcome, presumably a victory by Donald Trump, can be contested. Why the removal of Trump is such an imperative I can’t say. That it is an imperative is beyond question. If the neocons are in the mix , as they appear to be, then it can only be a question of war or peace. I would then surmise that Trump, despite all appearances, intends to seek an American diplomacy which permits a detente with Russia/China wheres his adversaries seek a New World Order built on the ashes of Russia and China. Trump’s policy then would be a realistic pursuit of US national interests as opposed to the entrenched fanaticism of fantasists.

It is significant that Trump has consistently sought to downplay the coronavirus crisis in contrast to most of the media, the democrats in general and the neocons in particular. Not only is coronavirus a cover for electoral fraud, it is instrumental in furthering the aims of the war party. The USA has to “reset”, restructure in the interests of war. This would entail economies of scale, the monopolisation of the economy, the rapid running down of social programmes, the destruction of independent wealth, the middle class and the scaling down of the population. If fascism is defined as the orientation of an entire society to war then this is fascism- fascism with a transhuman face: the human values of yesteryear and their advocates reduced to naught. We can already get more than a glimpse of this in the lockdown, already a dystopia which leaves 1984 or Brave New World looking not so bad after all. Is this then between an Orwellian vision and a Huxley vision. I believe not. We are firmly placed in Oceania and Orwell’s world of rivalries between power blocks. The Western elites have retreated from globalisation which is now being led by China. They make seek to retool for global war, a ‘challenge” too far I would say, regress into a fourth world misery, or finally embrace the new multipolar reality where no one is top dog, not even China, and the world finds a new equilibrium.

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War profiteers and the demise of the US Military-Industrial Complex

Posted by seumasach on July 22, 2019

Dimitri Orlov

Club Orlov

16th July, 2019

Within the vast bureaucratic sprawl of the Pentagon there is a group in charge of monitoring the general state of the military-industrial complex and its continued ability to fulfill the requirements of the national defense strategy. Office for acquisition and sustainment and office for industrial policy spends some $100,000 a year producing an Annual Report to Congress. It is available to the general public. It is even available to the general public in Russia, and Russian experts had a really good time poring over it.

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De-dollarizing the American financial empire

Posted by seumasach on July 15, 2019

Interview with Michael Hudson

Guns and Butter

7th July, 2019

Economist Michael Hudson continues his discussion of Super Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire with a focus on US monetary imperialism; President Trump’s demand for lower interest rates undercuts America’s requirement for foreign investment to fund its domestic and balance of payments deficit, increases the carry trade and turns IMF and World Bank policies on the US; analysis of US economic domination of the world from its position as the world’s largest creditor post-WWI; analysis of US economic domination of the world from its position as the world’s largest debtor after the 1971 close of America’s gold window; emergence of the dollar-debt standard; how war has bankrupted the US; the difference between imperialism and super imperialism; US bribes foreign governments; China’s banking system; China and Russia stockpile gold as the world breaks out of dollar domination.

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Rows mar NATO’s birthday bash

Posted by seumasach on April 8, 2019

The defeat of the attempted coup by the Clintonites seems to have prompted Trump to return to some his original themes: disdaining NATO and pursuing detente with Russia and China.


Indian Punchline

5th april, 2019

In his initial remarks with the NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg at the White House on April 2, US President Donald Trump charged straight into his pet grievance that America “alone accounts for the vast majority of NATO defense spending ’s spending”. Trump failed to congratulate NATO on its 70th birth anniversary. When Stoltenberg’s turn came, he gently reminded Trump of that 10-letter word — Afghanistan — which is the alliance’s flagship project, and its first ‘out-of-area’ operation. 

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Merkel draws the line against Trump

Posted by seumasach on February 25, 2019

Tom Luongo

21st february, 201

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has turned the corner on relations with the United States. Her speech at the Munich Security Conference should be considered Germany’s divorce filing from the U.S.-led post-WWII institutional order.

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Trump scores, breaks generals’ 50-year war record

Posted by seumasach on January 1, 2019

Gareth Porter

The American Conservative

28th december, 2018

The mainstream media has attacked President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria as impulsive, blindsiding his own national security team. But detailed, published accounts of the policy process over the course of the year tell a very different story. They show that senior national security officials and self-interested institutions have been playing a complicated political game for months aimed at keeping Trump from wavering on our indefinite presence on the ground in Syria.

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Syrian Kurds throw Americans under the bus

Posted by seumasach on December 28, 2018


Indian Punchline

28th December, 2018

The Syrian government forces have entered the northern town of Manbij on the Turkish border earlier today. The Syrian military command announced in Damascus that the operation stemmed from the commitment to “impose sovereignty to each inch of Syrian territories and in response to calls of locals of Manbij city.”

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Russia phasing out US dollar in military contracts

Posted by seumasach on December 25, 2018

The Duran(source:RT)

24th december, 2018

Moscow is dropping the greenback in major arms deals and switching to the Russian ruble and the national currencies of its partners, according to the country’s trade minister Denis Manturov.

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Hitler’s failed blitzkrieg against the Soviet Union

Posted by seumasach on December 8, 2018

Jacques Pauwels

Global Research

6th december, 2018


World War II started, at least as far as the “European Theatre” was concerned, with the German army steamrolling over Poland in September, 1939. About six months later, even more spectacular victories followed, this time over the Benelux Countries and France. By the summer of 1940, Germany looked invincible and predestined to rule the European continent indefinitely. (Great Britain admittedly refused to throw in the towel, but could not hope to win the war on its own, and had to fear that Hitler would soon turn his attention to Gibraltar, Egypt, and/or other jewels in the crown of the British Empire.) Five years later, Germany experienced the pain and humiliation of total defeat. On April 20, 1945, Hitler committed suicide in Berlin as the Red Army bulldozed its way into the city, reduced to a heap of smoking ruins, and on May 8/9 German surrendered unconditionally.

Clearly, then, sometime between late 1940 and 1944 the tide had turned rather dramatically. But when, and where? In Normandy in 1944, according to some; at Stalingrad, during the winter of 1942-43, according to others. In reality, the tide turned in December 1941 in the Soviet Union, more specifically, in the barren plain just west of Moscow. As a German historian, an expert on the war against the Soviet Union, has put it: “That victory of the Red Army [in front of Moscow] was unquestionably the major break [Zäsur] of the entire world war.”[1]

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