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Obama’s approval rating slips

Posted by smeddum on July 19, 2009

Obama’s approval rating slips

July 18th 2009    Peoples Daily Online

U.S. President Barack Obama’s approval rating slipped to under 60 percent, according to CNN’s “poll of the polls” released Friday.

According to the “poll of the polls,” an average of five national polls conducted in July, 57 percent of the Americans surveyed approve of Obama’s job performance, with 36 percent disapproving.

It’s the first time that the president’s approval rating slipped under 60 percent.

In CNN’s “poll of the polls” released in early June, Obama’s approval rating was 62 percent.

Analysts attributed the slip to the growing public frustration on how Obama handles the economy.

Put into a historical perspective, Obama’s approval rating at this point is mediocre.

2 Responses to “Obama’s approval rating slips”

  1. slips depending on uninformed popular opinion

  2. smeddum said

    Typically meaningless weasel words from the obama camp.

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