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France-The mayors of several cities request a trial period of reducing EMF exposure levels

Posted by seumasach on June 9, 2009

Translation HC [original PDF]
Press release _________________________
Grenoble 25 May 2009
Government Round Table on phone masts
The mayors of several cities request a trial period of reducing EMF exposure levels
Michel Destot, who has been involved in the discussions initiated by the Minister of Health on the question of radio frequencies, health and environment, was pleased with the progress of the discussions and the initiative that brought together for the first time residents’ action groups, representatives of consumers and employees, local authority officials and phone operating companies.
However, the Association of mayors of French cities (Association des Maires de Grandes Villes de France – AMGVF), of which he is president, is requesting that once the studies have been completed, the government announce specific measures that will give a clear message to the public.
The AMGVF is aware that at present the strategy favoured by residents’ action groups is taking their case to court, and the phone companies are very hesitant about improving existing agreements or signing new ones.
Without preempting the results of the scientific and health assessments that are expected in the autumn, the AMGVF is demanding that:
– city-wide experiments should be started this summer in reducing the areas of exposure to electromagnetic fields, to see if this is technically and financially feasible;
– these experiments should managed by the State, which needs to allocate adequate resources in personnel and finance;
– these experiments should bring together residents, action groups, phone companies and local officials in order to continue the public debate initiated by the government.
The AMGVF would also like to see new protocols and methods for measuring EMFs tested.
The city of Grenoble has already declared its availability for such an experiment, undertaken by the State, but within a framework that the AMGVF wishes to see clarified by the government, following the presentation this morning (Monday 25 May) of the report on the Round Table on phone masts.
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