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US, Russia revive the Syrian peace process

Posted by seumasach on February 25, 2016

 Kerry: “Cooperation between Russia and the United States via foreign and military agencies will be stipulated as part of further work.”


Indian Punchline

22nd February, 2016

What is cooking between Russia and Iran? Evidently, there is something terribly important happening for Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu to make a rushed visit to Tehran on Sundayso soon after his Iranian counterpart’s ‘working visit’ to Moscow only last week. Shoigu brought a message from President Vladimir Putin, which he handed over in person to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. No further details have been divulged.

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We are going to attack Isil on five fronts

Posted by seumasach on December 17, 2015

This collective effort is working towards a UN Security Council resolution to empower a UN-endorsed ceasefire monitoring mission and to support a political transition process that will see Assad leaving office.

The British government continues to prefer the old script with it’s rumbustious, Gilbert and Sullivan style,”He’s got to go!” chorus line. How many encores they’ll receive in New York remains to be seen.

By George Osborne and Philip Hammond


16th December, 2015

In recent weeks, we have seen appalling events in France and America. Acts of terror have killed hundreds of innocent people going about their daily lives. They have been designed to divide the Western world and to spread fear across our great nations. Instead, we stand together, strengthened by our united determination to hold firm to our shared values and confront the evil that threatens us.

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Kerry ‘publicly scraps policy of Russia’s isolation’

Posted by seumasach on December 16, 2015


16th December, 2015

US Secretary of State John Kerry made public statements in Moscow where he announced that Washington has abandoned its isolation of Russia, according to Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

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‘We see Syria fundamentally very similarly’ – Kerry after talks with Putin, Lavrov

Posted by seumasach on December 15, 2015

“A project for a resolution on Syria is expected to be ready for presentation to the UN Security Council after Friday’s meeting, Lavrov said.”


15th December, 2015

Russia and the US have agreed on a number of ‘critical’ issues, particularly with regard to Syria, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said following talks in Moscow.

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Moscow, Washington agree on Syria peace talks in New York on Friday

Posted by seumasach on December 15, 2015

“Lavrov also said that both parties agreed that the Vienna Accords on Syria must be backed by a United Nations Security Council resolution, adding that Washington and Moscow have agreed on the next steps for effectively coordinating anti-terror efforts”.


15th December, 2015

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has confirmed that Syria talks will resume in New York City on Friday, adding that he and US Secretary of State John Kerry are finding common ground.

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Russia and France will organize joint military operations against IS

Posted by seumasach on November 19, 2015


18th November, 2015

MOSCOW, November 18. /TASS/. The Russian Armed Forces will organize joint military operations with the French Navy to combat terrorists in Syria, chief of the main operations directorate of Russian army’s General Staff Andrey Kartapolov said on Wednesday.

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David Cameron warned against Syria vote by Commons committee

Posted by seumasach on November 4, 2015

Cameron’s plans were dead in the water from the moment the Russians intervened. However, unilateral, illegal action is not the only option: we could respond to Putin’s appeal for a UN authorised coalition against ISIL. Corbyn should be backing this and probably would do so but for his Russophobic leftist base.


3rd November, 2015

An influential Commons committee has urged David Cameron not to press ahead with a vote on UK air strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria.

The Foreign Affairs Committee – which has a Conservative majority – said the prime minister should instead focus on efforts to end Syria’s civil war.


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US, Russia hold joint military training exercise in Syria

Posted by seumasach on November 4, 2015


4th November, 2015

US and Russian fighter jets conducted a joint training exercise above Syria on Tuesday, according to an American defense official.  

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If you can’t beat them join them!

Posted by seumasach on October 20, 2015

Or WW3 “to stop the bloodshed”

Cailean Bochanan

20th October, 2015
Russia’s bold move to finally bring effective military force to bear against ISIL has given rise to some strange political activity in the West and heightened, collective, cognitive dissonance.
Casually turning on the TV to watch the Scottish National Party’s conference in Aberdeen I couldn’t believe my eyes when a Syrian “refugee” was given the platform and proceeded to deliver a rant against Syria’s President Assad which would be worthy of John MacCain. According to this gentleman extremism in Syria is caused by Assad and we need to establish “No bomb zones” to protect civilians. Readers may notice a similarity between “No bomb zones” and the famous “No fly zones” which also never happened.

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