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We are going to attack Isil on five fronts

Posted by seumasach on December 17, 2015

This collective effort is working towards a UN Security Council resolution to empower a UN-endorsed ceasefire monitoring mission and to support a political transition process that will see Assad leaving office.

The British government continues to prefer the old script with it’s rumbustious, Gilbert and Sullivan style,”He’s got to go!” chorus line. How many encores they’ll receive in New York remains to be seen.

By George Osborne and Philip Hammond


16th December, 2015

In recent weeks, we have seen appalling events in France and America. Acts of terror have killed hundreds of innocent people going about their daily lives. They have been designed to divide the Western world and to spread fear across our great nations. Instead, we stand together, strengthened by our united determination to hold firm to our shared values and confront the evil that threatens us.

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