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Russia, Turkey, Iran: Adversaries of the West’s NATO alliance

Posted by seumasach on August 7, 2019

Telegraph hawk Con Coughlin laments the demise of the Western Alliance. But don’t they still have Oceania- as in Orwell’s 1984? If so, it’s a motley crew under the erratic leadership of Trump with Dad’s Army bringing up the rear under Captain Johnson, Brazil’s thirty families representative Bolsonaro hoping for some rich pickings and an increasingly sceptical ANZAC division hoping they don’t completely destroy good business with China.

Con Coughlin

Gateston Insitute

5th August, 2019

Germany’s outright rejection of Washington’s request [to support Washington’s proposal for a maritime protection force in the Arabian Gulf to protect shipping from attacks by Iran] is likely to inflame tensions further between Washington and Berlin. U.S. President Donald J. Trump is already at odds with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on a range of issues, from Germany’s obstinate refusal to meet its Nato funding commitments to its pursuit of closer energy ties with Russia through the construction of the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

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Polish military police raid Nato centre in Warsaw

Posted by seumasach on January 3, 2016

As Obama’s retreat from empire becomes more evident the revolt on the imperial periphery gains momentum : Turkey, Saudi and now Poland- it’s everyone for himself.


18th December, 2015

Polish military police have raided a Nato-affiliated counterintelligence centre in Warsaw in the latest of a series of moves by the country’s new rightwing government to consolidate its hold on power.

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German defense minister rips NATO’s military mission in Libya

Posted by seumasach on June 19, 2011



18th June, 2011

Talking to the Hamburg-based weekly news magazine Der Spiegel, the minister whose
country is not part of the western military alliance’s war in Libya, said NATO’s
planning of the whole mission in the North African state was short-sighted.
‘Of course, when you start something, you always have to know, how long you can sweat it out,’ de Maziere was quoted saying.

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