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German defense minister rips NATO’s military mission in Libya

Posted by seumasach on June 19, 2011



18th June, 2011

Talking to the Hamburg-based weekly news magazine Der Spiegel, the minister whose
country is not part of the western military alliance’s war in Libya, said NATO’s
planning of the whole mission in the North African state was short-sighted.
‘Of course, when you start something, you always have to know, how long you can sweat it out,’ de Maziere was quoted saying.

Germany has been under intense pressure by its key NATO allies – notably the US, France and Britain – to join the military mission.
According to de Maziere, the US had once again requested German military aid for the
Libya operation during a NATO meeting earlier this month which was turned down by Berlin.
Germany abstained in a UN Security Council vote in March for the use of military force
to protect civilians in Libya, triggering the wrath of other NATO member states.
Meanwhile, de Maziere said it was also ‘highly unlikely’ his country would even take part in a peacekeeping mission in Libya in the wake of the fall of the Qadhafi regime.
Political observers in Berlin believe that de Maziere’s latest remarks will only further antagonize Washington and deepen also differences within NATO whose political and military future is now seriously at stake.

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