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Global Systemic Crisis: Towards a Renaissance in European political and economic integration

Posted by seumasach on February 19, 2012

Global Economic Anticipation Bulletin (GEAB) no 62

Global Research

18th February, 2012

As anticipated by LEAP/E2020, the fear largely fed by the City of London and Wall Street of a Eurozone break-up over the Greek debt crisis proved unfounded.

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HSBC to snub Chancellor’s £20bn loan plan

Posted by seumasach on February 19, 2012

This is yet another bailout- a handy 20 billion, but not enough to to prevent the inevitable: a run on the banks.


18th February, 2012

The British bank is understood to feel that the Chancellor’s loan guarantee scheme – which will see the Government loan money to UK banks to lend on to small and medium-sized companies – is not workable as it would prove to be too expensive under the structure being discussed.

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QE2 launched as Titanic sinks

Posted by seumasach on September 22, 2011

The inevitable will happen: here comes the next bailout of the banks, euphemistically described as “quantitative easing”. Prepare for further falls in the value of the pound with attendant inflation leading eventually to a raise in interest rates and mortgage rates. Attempts to offload the crisis onto the euro zone will probably fail given emerging economies support for euro. The disastrous and reckless war against Libya only adds to our disarray. The British people can only save themselves by moving to stop the wars and stop the bailouts which finance them.

Bank of England minutes indicate more quantitative easing on the cards


22nd September, 2011

The Bank of England appears almost certain to expand its economic stimulus programme before Christmas, in an attempt to prevent the UK economy worsening.

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Australia: Debt Driven Globalism

Posted by seumasach on October 31, 2008


Jeremy Lee

Global Research

31st October, 2008

The Prime Minister of the UK, Mr. Gordon Brown, in an article in the Washington Post, (Friday October 17, 2008) advocated that “The Financial Crisis is also an Opportunity to Create new Rules for Our Global Economy.”

There it is! Now out in the open! President Bush’s swan song in mid-November will be to host a Global Conference (150 nations) to establish a World Money System! There’ll be plenty of dire warnings about the consequences if we fail to take this last chance for humanity!

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