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Brexit meets Russia

Posted by seumasach on August 10, 2016

Britain’s post-Brexit foreign policy: detente with Russia, containment of China. This, presumably, is merely a reflection of US foreign policy- the culmination of the Obama doctrine and the policy basis of the next US presidency.  There is a logic here: just as confrontation with both Russia and China is unrealistic, so is detente with both together. If we are to finally bring an end to the Cold War then this is to be applauded. Russia and China cannot be turned against each other: this is not 1972. At the same to “containment” of China may turn out to be just a posture, although a very expensive one, especially for the UK. Washington intends to hold back, Canute-style, the incoming waves of China’s economic development model, partly by mimicking it with a neo-Keynesian policy shift. Neo-Keynesianism in one country is not possible: it has to be carried out globally on the basis of a new global financial architecture, a reset of the global currency system. In the end , constructive engagement with our main creditor and the world’s productive centre is inevitable.

Theresa May speaks to Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time since becoming Prime Minister


10th August, 2016

Theresa May has spoken to Russian president Vladimir Putin for the first time since she became Prime Minister.

The Kremlin said both leaders expressed dissatisfaction with UK-Russian relations and pledged to improve ties.

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The week that ushered in new Cold War

Posted by seumasach on July 29, 2014

The USA fought the the Cold War from a position of strength, having emerged from WW2 as the world’s leading power. The USA is now in a position of weakness. A new Cold War cannot resolve their problems. They can either launch a hot war or embrace the new multipolar reality. I suspect a hot war is not a real option since the military oppose it. This new Cold War is therefore a half-way house representing a stalemate between the president and the Pentagon, on the one hand, and the State Department, the CIA and the Deep State on the other. Obama cannot embrace multipolarity because of the opposition of the latter, who , in turn, cannot bounce the military into WW3. The position of the Deep State is steadily being eroded as their various covert programmes, in Syria, Venezuela and Ukraine run into the ground.


Indian Punchline

29th July, 2014

If future historians were to pinpoint the transition when the post-cold war era morphed into the new Cold War, they are bound to take a close look at this week. The Barack Obama administration is in a triumphalist mood after the success, finally, in rallying the US’s major European allies — UK, France, Germany and Italy — behind its concerted strategy to isolate Russia from Europe and impose biting sanctions against it. 

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Russia and the changing world

Posted by seumasach on March 4, 2012

Vladimir Putin


29th February, 2012

In the run-up to Russia’s presidential elections, prime minister and presidential candidate Vladimir Putin has to date published a total of seven program statements in which he defines Russia’s niche in a “changing world.” The sixth article on defense policy and army reforms was published by Voltaire Network yesterday. Today we bring to the attention of our readers the latest statement, published Monday in theMoskovskiya Novosti, devoted to international affairs.

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Russia: Foreigners working against Syria

Posted by seumasach on November 18, 2011


18th November, 2011

Russia says ‘some foreign countries’ are trying to exacerbate the situation in Syria to make pretext for their interference in the Middle Eastern country’s internal affairs.

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US cruiser in Black Sea angers Russia

Posted by seumasach on June 12, 2011



12th June, 2011

Russia has protested against the presence of a US Navy cruiser in the Black Sea which is preparing for joint naval exercises with Ukraine.

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Kyrgyzstan moves to shut US-run Menas air base

Posted by seumasach on April 9, 2010


9th April, 2010

Kyrgyzstan’s new leaders have said they intend to remove a US military base, which currently serves as the premier air mobility hub for the US-led forces in Afghanistan, from their soil.

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Russia Says US Tactical Nukes Must be Withdrawn from Europe

Posted by seumasach on February 6, 2010

Global Research

5th February, 2010

Global Research Editor’s note

US made tactical B61 bunker buster nuclear warheads are stockpiled and deployed by six European countries including five non-nuclear states, including Germany, Turkey, Belgium, Italy and The Netherlands.

The targets are Iran and Russia. These nuclear weapons are under national jurisdiction, yet because they are Made in America, these five European countries are not considered nuclear states.

It is worth noting that while Germany has deploys US made tactical nuclear weapons, it also produces nuclear warheads for the French Navy, in a joint venture relationship between Deutsche Aerospace and Aerospatiale Matra, which are the main shareholders in the Franco-German-Spanish defense conglomerate EADS (European Aerospace Defense Systems Corporation)

Michel  Chossudovsky, 5 February 2010

MOSCOW– US tactical nuclear arms should be withdrawn from Europe, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko said on Thursday.

“Issues of further nuclear disarmament, including tactical nuclear arms, should not be addressed as such, but only in close relation with other types of weapons, including conventional armed forces in Europe and the ballistic missile defence systems,” he said.

Russia is adamant that nuclear arms should be deployed only in the territory of the states possessing such weapons.

“In this context, withdrawal of American tactical weapons from Europe back to the United States would be welcome. It should be accompanied by complete and irreversible demolition of the entire infrastructures supporting the deployment of such weapons in Europe,” he noted.

Commenting on the recent article by Swedish and Polish foreign ministers, Karl Bildt and Radoslaw Sikorski, in which they called on Moscow to withdraw tactical nuclear arms from Russian territories bordering on the European Union, the foreign ministry spokesman said that “it would be good if the authors of this article furnished their explanations – namely: if their opinion heralded a shift in the common European position and readiness for a closer, open and comprehensive dialogue on all aspects of European security.”

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US-Russia: Cold War or Warm Reset?

Posted by seumasach on October 1, 2009

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International Relations in the « New Coordinate System »

Posted by seumasach on September 30, 2009

Sergey Lavrov

29th September, 2009

It is time to build a polycentric world, asserted Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov. The proposed new structure of international relations is not aimed against the United States, with whom Moscow no longer has an ideological divide. It corresponds to a need shared by all, including U.S. policy makers who avow the impossibility for a superpower to dominate the world by force. Nevertheless, such rhetoric hardly veils Russia’s great concern that the collapse of the United States might prove to be even more tumultuous than that of the Soviet Union. Without antagonizing them, Sergey Lavrov would like to impress upon Western countries that they are no longer the centre of the world.

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Powers line up to stir Afghanistan’s pot

Posted by seumasach on August 19, 2009


Asia Times

20th August, 2009

In his distinguished diplomatic career spanning four decades, there is not a trace of record to show that Richard Holbrooke, United States special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, dabbled in energy security issues. His current visit to Pakistan – en route to Afghanistan – has been officially projected as aimed at helping his host country find a way to overcome its electricity shortage.

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China dips its toe in the Black Sea

Posted by seumasach on August 1, 2009

M K Bhadrakumar

Asia Times

31st July, 2009

Like the star gazers who last week watched the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century, diplomatic observers had a field day watching the penumbra of big power politics involving the United States, Russia and China, which constitutes one of the crucial phenomena of 21st-century world politics.
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