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General ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis is the only one who can stop North Korea and US tensions from getting out of hand

Posted by seumasach on August 9, 2017

“It is the military around Trump, the sanest men in his administration, led by “Mad Dog” Mattis, who will, we can hope, stop matters getting out of hand.”

Trump is now role-playing “mad dog”, at least, let’s hope he’s role playing, whilst “mad dog” himself is cast in the role of one of the “adults” who restrain Trump. This is a clever ploy enabling Trump to escape being stereotyped as a compromiser with regard to Russia ,Iran or North Korea whilst the “realist” character of the Presidency is attributed to his more sore-minded entourage.


9th August, 2017

Donald Trump’s talk of annihilating North Korea with “fire and fury likes of which the world has never seen” – a threat delivered from his golf resort in New Jersey – was by far the most aggressive rhetoric used by a US President in difficult dealings with the country.

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