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European business seethes over new US sanctions law

Posted by seumasach on August 9, 2017

What Mr Mercuris fails to point out here is that this is an existential challenge to Europe. His response to this is a defeatist one insisting on the EU’s subordination as a kind of iron law. Like the rest of the RT crowd Mercuris sees in the “EU’s disintegration…. the possibility of a fresh start.” I sincerely hope the Russian leadership doesn’t actually  share this idiocy. It is noteworthy that Mercuris sees no connection whatever between a largely neocon London government negotiating in bad faith over EU withdrawal and a neocon led Congress targeting Europe with sanctions. Fortunately, there are signs of resistance to the neo-con onslaught within the EU and, quite frankly, it is ridiculous to cite Rasmussen as typifying the European response.

Alexander Mercuris

The Duran

8th August, 2017

The dispute between the US and Germany over the anti-Russian pipeline provisions of the new sanctions law continues to mount, with RT reporting Klaus Schaefer, a German businessman whom it describes as the CEO of German energy major Uniper fiercely denouncing the new sanctions as a ploy to force Europe to buy expensive liquified American natural gas instead of cheap Russian pipeline gas.

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