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UK needs new party to stop ‘catastrophic’ Brexit

Posted by seumasach on August 9, 2017

The pro-European faction within the British ruling class has finally made it’s move after biding it’s time for so long. Behind it, of course, is George Osborne, the architect of the aborted strategic deal with China. This split goes right to the top and no quarter will be asked or given as it is fought to a conclusion over the coming months and years. The Brexiteers will be hoping to exploit divisions within Europe reducing the continent to the CIA’s old Europe of the regions, a chaos on a par with the fragmentation of Yugoslavia. The Osborne faction is betting on the failure of this neocon wet dream and sees the Brexit faction left twisting in the wind. But our fate lies not in our own hands but depends on developments in the USA, as well as Europe.


9th August, 2017

A former chief of staff to David Davis has said Brexit is a catastrophe that must be stopped and called on centrist MPs to form a new party.

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