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Canada: campaign against wi-fi in schools

Posted by seumasach on May 31, 2011

The following is  a letter from parents in Richmond Hill Ontario to “The Liberal’s editor.

Letter to the Editor,

I am a parent of three elementary school children and I am writing about my concerns regarding the Wi-Fi technology in their school. I am a medical professional and my field deals with patient exposure to electromagnetic frequencies. I am well aware of the health implications that EMF’s have on the human body and I am trained to keep exposure to a minimum. My husband and I have made every effort to remove Wi-Fi from our home so our children can grow in a healthy environment and I am appalled that they are now being subjected to it at school without our consent. This is a violation of parental rights and our children should have the right to learn in a safe school environment.

This constant low level microwave radiation can cause serious neurological and cardiac issues, as well as cancer. There are numerous peer-reviewed studies that have proven this and schools around the globe are now removing Wi-Fi because of the documented health hazards. As of May 27, 2011, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, has stated that they will be using the pre-cautionary principle and will be removing all Wi-Fi devices from schools due to health safety issues. Neglecting the facts on this issue is irresponsible and is putting our children at a high risk for serious health problems.

We are teaching our children ways to help clean up the environment yet we are purchasing this costly technology which pollutes their body, the earth and takes money away from employing more teachers, purchasing books and helping the large number of students with mental health issues. Health Canada and the Ministry of Education have made a grave mistake and changes need to be made immediately.

Parents, teachers and administration need to review the non-industry funded studies and take action by contacting their MPs and school board trustees. Non-consent forms, which can be found at , can be completed and handed in to school administration.

Jim and Lynnette Haralampopoulos

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