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Cynthia McKinny – Libya is Being Destroyed

Posted by seumasach on May 31, 2011

2 Responses to “Cynthia McKinny – Libya is Being Destroyed”

  1. jon said

    Much as a admire Mckinney I think she is too much of a conspiracy theorist. Prior to the revolution Obama didn’t want to get involved, and it was the Arab Union, Britain and France and Lebonon that convinced him. Obama’s agenda was not to get involved in any more wars in the run up to the next presidential election. Okay, there might be huge untapped resources in Libya, but nobody has provided proof or evidence that the UN and Nato actions are connected in any way with grabbing those resources. and why would Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or any other oil producing Gulf State support such a imperialist resource grab which would establish Libya as a competitor? After over forty years the libyans are trying to get rid of the parasitic Gaddafi family. Surely that is a good thing. We in the west may loath the imperialists in america and Europe, but unlike Libya at least we have a kind of democracy and right to protest, the people of Libya don’t.

  2. inthesenewtimes said

    If we loath the imperialists we’re not doing much to show it- imperialism’s cool as long as it is presented in a humanitarian light. So much for anti-war movements- all that is water under the bridge. The Libya is after all a question of maintaining global ascendancy in the West. Yes, the oil stuff is a red herring. The left always throw that in to obscure the issue of hegemony via the imposition of a global reserve currency- this is what the latest spate of war is about- every single victim of NATO aggression has in someway tried to byepass the dollar. But it is looking very much like endgame for the West, or, at least, the anglosphere, with total economic collapse at home and military failure abroad.

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