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Children in Risk – Outcome of EMF & Health, London

Posted by seumasach on December 16, 2008

Beyond Creativity

I am back. From the EMF & Health – A Global View, Royal Society, London.

For parents with children I have a message:

Don’t let your children use a mobile phone or a 3G data connection (without strict guidance) !


Om_gandhi_penetration_of_radiatio_2 First, look at the picture and differences in adult’s and child’s skull and how radiation is absorbed. The picture is originally from Om Gandhi. Preadolescent children are more vulnerable [to microwave radiation] because of their thinner skulls, their still developing nervous systems, their increased levels of cell division, and their less robust immune systems.

Hardell_sar_higher_in_childrens_b_2 In the conference professor Lennart Hardell pointed that the risk of Glioma (brain cancer) of a child is 5.2 times higher than compared to an adult who has started to use mobile phone when … he was already grown-up. I recommend the following papers from Hardell & Co: [1] , [2] , [3].

The research originally from Wiart et al. (2008) demonstrates SAR values in child’s head compared to adult’s head. As the picture indicates, children have higher radiation absorption rates till 15 years age.

The presentation of Lloyd Morgan was about the design flaws of InterPhone studies and how they indicate smaller risk than what is reality. Update 26th September 2008: Good to know: some Interphone studies indicate already increased risk for heavy users, like Sadetzki et al. (2008), Lahkola et al. (2008), Hours et al. (2007) and Blettner et al. (2007) – despite of design limitations :-( Update 4th October: Professor Michael Kundi’s balanced literature review “The Controversy About a Possible Relationship Between Mobile Phone Use and Cancer” is worth checking as well.

My discussions (in Russian ;-) with professors Yuri Grigoriev and  Oleg Grigoriev, from the  Russian Radiation Protection Bureau (RNCNIRP) were useful. Children and pregnant women are not allowed to use mobile phone in Russia. RNCNIRP’s independent research teams have the longest research experience in this area in the world. Additionally they have learned from catastrophes (ChernobylUS Embassy in Moscow). So, they know what chronic exposure is and what the outcomes are. Yuri had a good slide about new standards that are needed for children. All Yuri Grigoriev’s slides can be found here.

My earlier story indicated warnings that Russian and other governments have announced around the globe.
For those skeptics (even medical doctors!) who claim that non-ionising radiation can not cause cancer,  I can point out at least 4 mechanisms:

  1. Pulsed or UMTS-modulated radiation from a mobile phone makes the blood-brain barrier leak –> substances and chemicals from blood circulation are able to access brain.
  2. Radiation affects the pineal gland and reduces melatonin production  –> According to Dr John Walker that is the main cause in the UK’s (mainly breast and skin) cancer clusters close to some base stations.
  3. Radiation removes calcium ions in cells and makes them leak.
  4. Radiation breaks DNA-double strands, through reactive oxygen species increase.

Update 26th September 2008: The presentation of Henry Lai had these mechanisms with references listed. Please, check the following slide set:  Henry_Lai_EMF_Health_London_RRT.pdf .

If you still don’t believe, please, ask me more comprehensive references.

Rrt_conference_london_001800 AND it is not only question of Cancer. Depression, Infertility, Alzheimer, Electrosensitivity (see George Carlo’s excellent slides), ADHD, Autism etc are all the time increasing countries with extensive mobile infrastucture. The presentation of Eileen O’Connor (in the picture) about the risks of base stations was both shocking and memorable one.

If you don’t believe in human symptoms and illnesses, then look at what is happening in nature. Birds close to base stations have vanished, eggs have high mortality rate and bees lose their orientation ability. The presentation of Ulrich Warnke in the conference was … stunning. Update 24th September: Check Warnke’s longer paper. See also the research papers collected by the LivingPlanet. European Parliament just indicated the problems with radiation levels of base station and how inadequate the ICNIRP guidance levels are (See chapters 21-23).

Update 26th September: This topic is becoming really ‘hot’. Please, watch the following video:


US Congressional Hearing – Cell Phone Use and Tumors: What the Science Says. Chairman: Senator Dennis Kucinich.

(I highly appreciate the commitment of Mrs Ellen Marks, Senator Dennis Kucinich, Director Ronald Herberman and Director David Carpenter!)

Technical topics: Why did we abandon analog phones and related systems like NMT? They were much safer without pulsing ala GSM, DECT, Wi-Fi, @450, Digital-TV or nasty signal modulation ala UMTS (3G). Why can not countries invest in fiber optics infrastructure? (My country Finland is one of worst in that, our government even allows shutting down landlines  in the countryside and small children are forced to make calls far from base stations with mobile phones increasing their power by 20-40 times.) Really ugly and irresponsible.

I don’t want any new 4G antennas next to my house and I don’t want that untested technologies with radio wave frequencies are run through me or my immunity system is compromised without my approval. I find it amazing that historical records show so clearly the risks and still new services are launched every day with the governments’ approval.

Ethical topics: There is a tremendous amount of corruption in the mobile industry. Professor George Carlo’s and Martin Schram’s book provides a comprehensive overview of it. The outcome of WTR (Wireless Technology Research) project (1993-2000) was a warning of health risk related to cell phones/mobile phones. Therefore, Carlo and his team recommended hands-free use, post-market surveillance and strict avoidance of children’s use of mobile phones . Only one operator that time, Metro Call, listened and advised its customers about the safer use of mobile phones. All other teleoperators/carriers and mobile phone manufacturers did…nothing . Once again, I am asking: How ethical or responsible is mobile business?

During the years, the FDA and other fdas around the world have remained silent and have not done their duty to advise (warn) consumers. I find it really strange.

Mikko Ahonen

Beyond Creativity

In 2000 the ECOLOG institute from Hannover was asked to provide a report of health risks to main European teleoperators. When these big bosses read it, nothing was done. Carriers and mobile phone manufacturers did/do not even bother to advice customers to use hands-free! More like, even more pressure was put to shut down laboratories of top researchers . Actions have been also indirect, by funding generously cancer and autism associations  (“don’t bite the hand that feeds you”).

Update 24th September: The ties of some scholars to industry remains to be … secret . Additionally, if 70 percent of non-industry funded research shows biological effects, why are the ICNIRP guidance levels (still) based on thermal effects?

How can you allow this kind of development? Are you so addicted to your mobile phone and wireless connection?

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  1. Wafa said

    Hi there,

    this is Mohammad from Egypt, a medical student.

    I am working with a professor of neurology in my college in a research about cell phones and children, unfortunately the links offered here seems expired and I can not get the links to the researches about children.
    I really need the scientific material to much, if only you can help me about that please..

    My email:

    thanks for you good post here :))))


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    There is a few articles on our website.

  3. inthesenewtimes said

    Sorry, I forgot the link- it’s an excellent one!

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