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Iraqi government, Al-Mahdi Army agree to a cease fire

Posted by seumasach on May 11, 2008



Sheik Salah Al-Obeidi, an aide to anti-occupation cleric Moqtada Al-Sadr, says the cease-fire will go into effect Sunday.

He made the ceasefire agreement public in the southern city of Najaf on Saturday, IRNA reporter in Baghdad said.

Iran has called on warring parties to sit at negotiating table and settle dispute through dialogue.

Iran, so far, brokered a ceasefire between Iraqi government and Al-Sadr, but, the peace process was ruined by the US disproportionate bombardment of the residential areas in the city killing hundreds of children and women.

The US continues with the military mood and does not allow the Iraqi democratic government to develop national reconciliation and go ahead with reconstruction drive five years after occupation.

Iran told the Iraqi government that reconstruction efforts will help create jobs for corps of unemployed youth bringing the people closer to the government. –IRNA

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