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The Syria War will not be a quagmire

Posted by seumasach on February 11, 2016

— Because Putin and Assad are winning

Alastair Crooke

Huffington Post

8th February, 2016

BEIRUT — Late in the night on Feb. 2, the news hit: “all communication and supply line[s]” between Turkey and Aleppo had been severed, according to a Elijah Magnier, a renowned Arab war correspondent with Alrai Media Group. It seems to be so: the Syrian army and allied militias, backed by Hezbollah and Russian air power, took control of a tendril of territory that cuts off Aleppo-based rebels from the Turkish border. See the map below. Eastern supply lines for the so-called Islamic State appear to have also been cut.

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Army of widows, orphans trail US war

Posted by seumasach on June 21, 2011


21st June, 2011

The Arab Times website published the statistics produced in 2008 by credible official sources in Iraq on the invasion that began in 2003.

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Britain can no longer afford all-round defense: defense secretary

Posted by smeddum on July 24, 2010

“Labor has left us with such a car crash that next year the interest on the national debt will be nearly one and half times the defense budget. That is not sustainable.”, I think this sentence is highly remarkable. Why on earth do they think that any military presence abroad is sustainable?

LONDON, July 23 (Xinhua) — British Defense Secretary Liam Fox said on Friday that Britain’s armed forces faced a budget cut which would mean the country would no longer be able to counter every potential military threat.

Fox said, in an interview with the national daily newspaper The Daily Telegraph, “We don’t have the money as a country to protect ourselves against every potential future threat — we just don’t have it.”

Britain has a strategic nuclear weapons system, based on its four-strong Trident submarine fleet, and maintains a shrinking but powerful navy with the capability to fight globally.

It also has an army with an expeditionary capability, as demonstrated in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and still maintains 25,000 troops with regiments of tanks on mainland Europe.

The air force operates with sophisticated fast jets, but Fox’s frank warning comes against the background of massive budget cuts across all areas of British government, except health and foreign aid.

Government departments have been told to prepare for cuts of up to 40 percent in spending, to tackle the record public spending deficit, which this year is set to reach 153 billion pounds (about 240 billion U.S. dollars). Read the rest of this entry »

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How US set out to destroy Iraq’s national identity and build a dependent state

Posted by seumasach on January 19, 2010

Michael Jansen

Irish Times

12th January, 2010

Cultural Cleansing in Iraq Edited by Raymond W. Baker, Shereen T. Ismael, and Tareq Y. Ismael. Pluto, 296 pp. $34.95

THIS BOOK argues convincingly that the post- war cultural cleansing of Iraq is intentional rather than random and haphazard, the result of chaos and anarchy.

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Iraq awards contract for giant field

Posted by seumasach on December 14, 2009

As in Afghanistan the US find themselves in the embarrasing situation of occupying Iraq without controlling it. Iraq is beginning to reestablish some kind of sovereignty and exploiting the manifold possibilities of the new multipolar global reality.

The National

12th December, 2009

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90,000 Casualties, but Who’s Counting?

Posted by seumasach on November 10, 2009

Kelley B. Vlahos

10th November, 2009

Veterans Day arrives tomorrow, and with it, the anticipated harvest of heartbreaking anecdotes driving the press coverage and our ever wandering attention back to less desirable realities: the disfigured but persevering hero, the homeless warrior, the unemployable sergeant, the father or son or daughter who came home a stranger and cannot be reached.
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US ‘Not Happy’ as Iraq Announces Plans to Close MEK Camp

Posted by seumasach on July 31, 2009

Having gone to all that trouble in invading Iraq the US can’t even use it to subvert neighbouring Iran using one of their favourite terrorist organisations.

29th July, 2009

US officials are reportedly “not happy” with the situation unfolding in the MEK’s Camp Ashraf, following yesterday’s deadly raids by Iraqi forces. Today, the Iraqi government says that it plans to close the camp down entirely.
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US diplomacy leaves Kurds adrift

Posted by seumasach on July 17, 2009

So little news  comes out of Iraq that we need to look for clues as to what is actually happening. Here’s a very big clue. How has the US managed the relative stabilisation of Iraq? By conceding ground on the central issue, the integrity of Iraq. All the indications were that the US wanted to partition the country: then, under pressure from the resistance they were forced into a complete about turn.

Mohammed A Salih

Asia Times

17th July, 2009

WASHINGTON – The indefinite postponement of a referendum on Iraqi Kurdistan’s controversial draft constitution just days after a visit by United States Vice President Joe Biden has given rise to speculation that Washington may have played a role in the delay.
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Obama’s Rollback Strategy: Honduras, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan

Posted by seumasach on July 10, 2009

Petras is one of the very few on the left to view Obama’s strategy objectively. He is right to stress that global conditions are no longer favourable for US intervention: we are witnessing, before our very eyes, the end of empire.

James Petras

Atheo News

9th July, 2009

The recent events in Honduras and Iran, which pit democratically elected regimes against pro-US military and civilian actors intent on overthrowing them can best be understood as part of a larger White House strategy designed to rollback the gains achieved by opposition government and movements during the Bush years.

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Sadr: Obama has subtle plans to control world

Posted by seumasach on June 5, 2009


5th June, 2009

Iraq’s senior cleric Moqtada al-Sadr says Barack Obama’s speech indicates that the US wants to take a different avenue to bring the world under its control. 

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Orwell in Babylon- Obama’s Non-Withdrawal Withdrawal Plan

Posted by seumasach on February 27, 2009


Chris Floyd


25th February, 2009

It would be superfluous in us to point out that a plan to “end” a war which includes the continued garrisoning of up to 50,000 troops in a hostile land is, in reality, a continuation of that war, not its cessation. To produce such a plan and claim that it “ends” a war is the precise equivalent of, say, relieving one’s bladder on the back of one’s neighbor and telling him that the liquid is actually life-giving rain.

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