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Webster Tarpley 9/11 and the anti-war movement/ Obama’s job is to pacify the Left

Posted by smeddum on September 11, 2009

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Webster Tarpley-Obama the warmonger VS Cindy Sheehan & the anti-war movement

Posted by smeddum on August 31, 2009

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Webster Tarpley points to Anglo American plans to undermine China’s Allies

Posted by smeddum on May 27, 2009


As a follow up to Webster Tarpley’s comments on the so-called ” Bronx bombers”, Jon Stewart using satire  casts doubt on the validity of the story

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The Obama Deception (1.51 mins)

Posted by smeddum on March 18, 2009

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Is McCain trying to blow up Paulson’s plan?

Posted by smeddum on September 26, 2008

Tell McCain – Oppose Derivatives Rense
Bailout Or Drop Out
Of White House Bid
By Webster G. Tarpley

WASHNGTON, DC — Supporters of John McCain should tell their man right away and in no uncertain terms that he needs to take the lead in opposing the insane and futile derivatives bailout demanded by the Wall Street financial parasites through their spokesmen Hanky-Panky Paulson and Helicopter Ben Bernanke. Obama, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rockefellers, Soros, and Goldman Sachs, is a sure vote in favor of whatever monstrosity Paulson is able to extort. If McCain were to join Barky in voting to flay the American people alive for the sake of Wall Street’s derivatives casino, he might as well give up the race for the White House and go home. If McCain were to accept Obama’s weasel demand for a joint statement in support of the bailout, the Arizona senator might as well drop out. Two thirds of the American people are not supporting the $700 billion bailout. A growing anti-elitist and anti-oligarchical rage is abroad in the land. If Obama and McCain are in a united front to support Wall Street blackmail, voters will conclude that Obama is a plausible candidate, and he will emerge victorious. Read the rest of this entry »

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