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Bank shortfall looms

Posted by seumasach on March 24, 2013

“For the Government, these sorts of figures are terrifying, implying some form of additional taxpayer support for either Lloyds Banking Group, or more particularly, the Royal Bank of Scotland, in which it has major stakes.”


23rd March, 2013

Britain’s banks are under-capitalised. Not just by a little bit, but a lot. Under the Bank of England’s worst-case estimate, lenders need to raise something in the order of £60bn, more than three times the amount required to bail out Cyprus, which gives some idea of the scale of the problems officials think the industry faces.

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2012: The year of the world’s great geopolitical swing

Posted by seumasach on January 21, 2012

We always post GEAP’s public announcement with which we are once again largely concurrent, and we strongly recommend their website
GEAB no.61
16th January, 2012
This GEAB issue makes it six years that the LEAP/E2020 team have shared their anticipations with their subscribers and readers of their public briefing on the development of the global systemic crisis each month. And, for the first time, in the January issue which presents a summary of our anticipations for the year to come, our team anticipates a year which will not result solely in a worsening of the world crisis but which will also be characterized by the emergence of the first constructive elements of the “world after the crisis” to use Franck Biancheri’s phrase from his book « The World Crisis: The Path to the World Afterwards ».

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The Big Con and the Big Lie

Posted by smeddum on October 9, 2008

The Big Con and the Big Lie
Posted in fury by Frank
October 8, 2008
Tags: bbc, bilderberg, creditcrunch, lies, media, motherfuckingbbc, robertpeston, scam, shills, theft
For a few weeks now I’ve been blissfully unconcerned by the Credit Crunch, and subsequent fall-out. I have no investments or pension, I’m not looking to buy or sell a house so the direct consequences don’t affect me. But further, I figured the market would find its balance, and this would all be small beer a few years hence – another Dot Com Crash, gone and soon forgotten. What has worried me is the usual media idiocy and uniformity of presented opinion (generally masquerading as fact), the quite pitiable reaction of the major political parties, and the general rush to ill-judged state interventions worldwide. Read the rest of this entry »

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