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Pour Berlin, prendre le leadership de l’Otan, ça en vaut la peine

Posted by seumasach on September 9, 2017

This report contains the highly significant conclusion that the USA is not adopting “leur rôle traditionnel en tant que leader dans l’Alliance ou tout au moins pas de manière fiable” [it’s traditional role as leader of the NATO Alliance, or. at least, not in a reliable manner]. As a consequence of this conclusion Germany seeks to take on the leadership role. Of course, a NATO not led by the USA is no longer NATO but something else: it appears it may become the foundation of an independent European defense capability.


7th September, 2017

Alors que la chancelière Merkel et le président Macron sont déjà convenus de gouverner ensemble l’Union européenne, le think tank officiel de l’Allemagne fédérale, la SWP, préconise que Berlin prenne le leadership militaire de l’Union et de l’Otan. Prenant acte de la position du président Trump qui limite l’influence états-unienne au sein de l’Alliance transatlantique, les experts gouvernementaux considèrent comme possible pour Berlin de prendre la tête de l’Otan face à la Russie en investissant massivement dans le développement de son armée et la création de forces multinationales.

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France’s Fillon seeks European defense boost

Posted by seumasach on January 23, 2017

Brexit and now the Trump presidency have been instrumental in pushing Europe towards integration and independence. Europe must now look east and forge close ties of cooperation with Russia, Iran and China.


22nd January, 2017

PARIS, Jan 22 (Reuters) – Conservative French presidential front-runner Francois Fillon urged Europe in an interview published on Sunday to boost its defense capacities with a pooled fund to finance foreign operations.

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Brussels and Moscow Rediscover Friendship

Posted by seumasach on November 16, 2008



By Hans-Jürgen Schlamp in Brussels


The extent of the harmony seen on Friday was rare: EU leaders and Russian President Medvedev agreed to new talks in Nice about political and economic partnership between Moscow and Europe. There was even talk of a “pan-European security pact.”


Speaking with a single voice?


Together again. All is forgiven as France and Russia renew their historic ties.[our caption-Ed. ITNT]]

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