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US told to vacate Shamsi base; Nato supplies stopped

Posted by seumasach on November 27, 2011


27th November, 2011

ISLAMABAD: Furious over the pre-dawn Nato attacks on border posts, the government on Saturday reacted sharply by indefinitely closing down supply routes used by western forces in Afghanistan and once again asking the United States to vacate an airbase previously used for drone operations. The government also said it would carry out a thorough review of its cooperation with the US and Nato.

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Next stop is Pakistan

Posted by seumasach on October 5, 2011

Short of full-scale invasion of Libya by NATO, the only way to reverse the declining fortunes of their TNC proxy forces, the Libyan situation will soon go off-radar, a failed campaign, a memory to be obliterated by another hyped misadventure.Could it be in Pakistan?

Wayne Madsen


4th October, 2011

It looks as if Syria will have to wait now that – as Wayne Madsen points out – Washington’s priority is seizing Pakistan’s nuclear booty before, as the story goes, it falls into radical islamist hands. The only obstacle remaining was to create an environment acceptable to world public opinion that would justify a multinational intervention in Pakistan. Over the past year and a half, Washington has been attempting to do just that through a crescendo of uninterrupted provocations.

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Pakistanis stage anti-US demonstration

Posted by seumasach on June 20, 2011


20th June, 2011

Hundreds of Pakistani tribal elders and religious leaders have staged a demonstration to vent their anger over unauthorized US drone attacks.

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Pakistan Resists US Presence, Influence

Posted by smeddum on October 6, 2009

Nation Poised to Reject Billions in US Aid

by Jason Ditz, October 05, 2009

Growing opposition to the US attempts to expand its influence in Pakistan is taking shape in the form of increasing resistance to plans by Pakistan’s military and increasingly its civilian government as well.

America’s fortress-like Islamabad embassy

Nowhere has American power been more visible than the massive expansion of the embassy in Islamabad, sparking protests against the site that will some day hold Ambassador Anne Patterson, a contentious figure in her own right who has been threatening US military attacks against the city of Quetta if Pakistan doesn’t give in to demands to launch action of its own. Read the rest of this entry »

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Imran Khan warns of Pakistan’s ‘suicide’

Posted by smeddum on June 14, 2009

Imran Khan warns of Pakistan’s ‘suicide’
Christina Lamb
June 14, 2009
Times online
Pakistan’s military offensive against the Taliban will backfire and fuel more extremism and bomb attacks, the cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan warned last week.

“I have never been so depressed in my life,” he said. “Pakistan is on a suicidal course.”

Khan was speaking in London, where he was visiting his two sons by his ex-wife Jemima before heading to America to raise funds for refugees displaced by the fighting. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dennis Kucinich Once Again Speaks Out Against Wars in the Middle East

Posted by smeddum on June 12, 2009

Dennis Kucinich Once Again Speaks Out Against Iraq War

Cleveland Leader
10th June 2009
Cleveland Congressman Dennis Kucinich today made the following statement against the war supplemental on the House floor:
“Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction, had no intention or capability of attacking United States, had nothing to do with Al-Qaida’s role in 9/11, and each and every statement made by the previous administration in support of going to war turned out to be false. Read the rest of this entry »

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Eric Margolis on Pakistan and Afghanistan

Posted by seumasach on April 30, 2009

Eric Margolis is one of the world’s leading experts on Afghanistan and Pakistan. He is particularly insightful in this interview with Scott Horton of Antiwar Radio.

Click here to hear interview.

Pulse Media

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Cornered in Afghanistan,the US organise a terrorist attack in Pakistan

Posted by seumasach on September 23, 2008

Acculée en Afghanistan, l’OTAN organise un attentat au Pakistan

Thierry Meyssan


22nd September, 2008

Translation at foot of each paragraph

Le slogan comparant l’attentat d’Islamabad et le 11-Septembre est plus réaliste qu’il n’y paraît. Ce carnage non-revendiqué sert en effet exclusivement les intérêts de l’OTAN : l’Alliance atlantique doit prendre le contrôle de toute urgence de la passe pakistanaise de Khybar pour approvisionner ses troupes en Afghanistan. Dans le cas où l’Alliance ne parviendrait qu’à rétablir partiellement sa logistique, Washington envisage de sacrifier les troupes alliées.

[The slogan comparing the Islamabad bombing to the September 11th attacks is more realistic than might appear. This unclaimed attack serves exclusively the interests of NATO: the Atlantic allinace must, as a matter of urgency, take control of thre Khyber Pass in order to supply their troops. If the Alliance can’t solve its logistical problems, Washington plans to sacrifice allied troops]

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