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Thunderbolts of the Gods

Posted by seumasach on December 27, 2011

This work is of the highest interest and builds on the work of Velikovsky, Birkeland, Alfven and others. Here we have the promise of a holistic, multi-disciplinary rediscovery of our world and the cosmos. Most of all, from my own point of view, we have the possibility of gaining a deeper understanding of the roots of the most recent phase of human civilization.

A radical reinterpretation of human history and the evolving solar system

Read introduction and Part 1

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Electric Universe 2012—The Human Story

Posted by seumasach on December 27, 2011

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Noam Chomsky in Venezuela: ‘A better world is being created’

Posted by seumasach on August 31, 2009

James sugget


28th August, 2009

U.S. author, dissident intellectual, and Professor of Linguistics at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology Noam Chomsky met for the first time with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in Caracas and analyzed hemispheric politics during a nationally televised forum on Monday.

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Global Financial And Economic Meltdown And The Need For a Paradigm Shift

Posted by seumasach on July 20, 2009

Global Vision 2000 and the Universal Peace Federation jointly organised, on July 13th, an emergency seminar in a parliamentary Committee room to examine the underlying causes of the financial and economic crisis and the need for a fundamental paradigm shift to restore stability, prosperity, justice and peace.

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Monde et contre-monde

Posted by seumasach on June 25, 2009


L’Occident halète, bouleversé, mobilisé, devant cette crise terrible. La formule “droits de l’homme-démocratie” claque comme un étendard, rythmant la perception que nous avons des manifestations dans les rues de Téhéran. Le nirvana occidentaliste répand son fumet venimeux et dégénéré, et la ferveur nous habite. Nous nous interrogeons, comme autant de midinettes en virée nocturne: pourquoi pas eux, les Iraniens, pourquoi ne bénéficieraient-ils pas de notre faveur royale en suivant nos consignes qui dispensent le bonheur et la liberté du monde? Qu’importe que le “réformiste” iranien ne le soit pas plus que vous et moi. L’essentiel est que les mots (“droits de l’homme-démocratie”) claquent. Il est vrai que notre propre croyance de nous-mêmes en nous-mêmes est en jeu.

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Cosmology in Crisis—Again!

Posted by seumasach on May 28, 2009



Wallace Thornhill

24th May, 20090


It seems the toughest thing for scientists to grasp – that a cherished paradigm like the big bang can be wrong. The latest crisis was reported in on May 5th: “Study plunges standard Theory of Cosmology into Crisis.” The study of dwarf companion galaxies of the Milky Way support the view that a “modified Newton dynamic” [MOND] must be adopted. “This conclusion has far-reaching consequences for fundamental physics in general, and also for cosmological theories.” One of the researchers involved said, “it is conceivable that we have completely failed to comprehend the actual physics underlying the force of gravity.” 

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Loud Paradigm Shift Rumblings

Posted by seumasach on May 24, 2009

Jim Willie


Contrary Investor’s Cafe


21st May, 2009


Numerous events have taken place of global importance. Alone, each story seems of some significance. Together, they paint a mosaic of extreme change in a very dangerous sequence of events that fit together. The greater aggregate story is that a tremendous paradigm shift is underway, with early steps and major moves by global players in clear view. The Western analysts and pundits and mavens are missing it. A PARADIGM SHIFT HAS BEGUN, WITH BANKING POWER SHIFTING TO THE CREDITOR NATIONS AS THE USDOLLAR IS SUPPLANTED, MADE POSSIBLE BY SEVERAL NEW INSTITUTIONAL PILLARS AS WELL AS NEWLY FORGED ALLIANCES. The consequences are significant and will change the face of global banking and commerce. The Hat Trick Letter has described the various steps and their importance all along the way. Much more detail is provided for each major point to follow in the HTLetter reports. Some in the United States and England believe that a return to normalcy comes. They are wrong by 180 degrees. The G20 Meeting of finance ministers and heads of state was the warning. The message from that meeting in London has been long forgotten, a call made in my public article immediately after its conclusion. This article provides an outline of events that have occurred only in the last few weeks, as the pace is accelerating for transformation that begins at the foundation. Piece it all together, use some mental power, sprinkle with only a little imagination, connect some dots easily, and take a look at the global picture that is emerging. Yesterday came the crowning blow, as the United Arab Emirates rejected the Saudis in the Gulf monetary union. My belief is that the rising power in the UAE wants Russia instead of the Saudis, who are tied at the US hip.

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A New Look at Near Neighbors Part One

Posted by seumasach on May 16, 2009

30th March, 2009

A fundamental difference between the standard cosmological and Electric Universe models lies in their views about how the Universe was assembled over time.

According to the standard model, some time after the Big Bang gas and dust clouds organized into stars, stellar clusters, then black holes which merged into super-massive black holes. The super-massive black holes were seeds that gravitationally assembled surrounding gas, dust, and stars into in all the various galactic shapes and sizes. Dark matter halos are also thought to have played a role in gravitationally organizing galaxies.

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Event: The global financial crash and a sustainable future for humanity

Posted by seumasach on December 10, 2008

8th December, 2008

Jamal Harwood from Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain will address the Global Vision 2000 Conference on the global financial crash and a sustainable future for humanity on 13 December 2008.

Aims of the conference

Leading UK monetary reformers, bankers, economists, academics, journalists, social change activists and visionaries amongst others will be addressing the contemporary unprecedented financial and economic systemic collapse we are witnessing and focussing on the need for radical solutions addressing the causes as opposed to symptoms. This ” black swan” event and contagion is penetrating and infecting the entire world. The event aims to make a contribution towards the debate on the restructuring of the Bretton Woods global financial and economic architecture with fresh thinking which for too long has been deemed fringe but is now actually being forced upon and taken up by Governments. An unique platform for those seeking radical holistic,innovative and sustainable financial, monetary and economic changes. An unique opportunity to participate and join this life and death debate. This event builds upon previous special events held since 2003 which focus upon pioneering a fundamentally different alternative diagnosis and prescription. Global Vision 2000 will chart out and the need to move towards the UNIVERSAL PARADIGM SHIFT by establishing a crisis and future proof architecture and system which works for all.

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A reply to “Is Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism”?

Posted by seumasach on November 10, 2008


Cailean Bochanan

10th november, 2008

Paul Anderson has written an interesting piece within the marxist framework, a piece that we hope some marxists will wish to reply to. My own reply to Paul is another attempt by me  to look beyond that framework and, indeed, that of the enlightenment as a whole whose roots in turn lie deep within antiquity.

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Epochal Transformation Accelerates As Global Financial Matrix Disintegrates

Posted by seumasach on November 8, 2008


T. Anthony Michael 

Now that the genie is out of the bottle, worldwide economic, political and social events will proceed with the inexorable force of destiny. The forthcoming changes, shifts and breaks with the past that are delineated below do concern the unsavory business of WHAT, positively, will not be brought into the future. This is of critical importance. Why? Because those who do not know, and understand, and heed history, are always, always forced to repeat it.

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