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Redshifts and microwaves

Posted by seumasach on February 20, 2014

Stephen Smith

19th February, 2014

Modern astronomy surely suffers from a kind of blindness. It is either a blindness of mind or one of practice.

The continuing presence of Big Bang cosmology among those who are charged with increasing the store of scientific knowledge proves that there certainly is blindness in some form. Not only astronomers, but science reporters have lost the ability to differentiate fact from theory, thus helping to perpetuate the Big Bang. Media reports constantly assert that new discoveries confirm it when such reports are not based on observational evidence.

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Immanuel Velikovsky – Challenging Truths (Camera Three – 1964)

Posted by seumasach on December 18, 2013

Immanuel Velikovsky was a controversial author, his views on astronomical and historical events have been widely rejected by the academic community, despite some of his ideas to be later proven true.
His books use comparative mythology and ancient literary sources to argue that Earth suffered catastrophic close contacts with other planets (principally Venus and Mars) in ancient times.

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Before the Pharaohs: The evidence for advanced civilisation in Egypt’s mysterious prehistory

Posted by seumasach on November 22, 2013

Waking Times

18th November, 2013

There is no other place on Earth like Egypt’s Giza Plateau. Anyone with even a slight interest in history and civilisation is aware of this fact. For on this plateau there stands the Great Pyramids and their sculpted guardian, the Great Sphinx.

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Ancient city discovered beneath biblical-era ruins in Israel

Posted by seumasach on November 19, 2013


18th November, 2013

Archaeologists have unearthed traces of a previously unknown, 14th-century Canaanite city buried underneath the ruins of another city in Israel.

 The traces include an Egyptian amulet of Amenhotep III and several pottery vessels from the Late Bronze Age unearthed at the site of Gezer, an ancient Canaanite city.

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Did ancient Egyptians trade nicotine and cocaine with the New World?

Posted by seumasach on November 14, 2013

“You shall understand (that which perhaps you will scarce think credible) that about 3,000 years ago, or somewhat more, the navigation of the world (especially for remote voyages) was greater than at this day. Do not think with yourselves, that I know not how much it is increased with you, within these threescore years; I know it well, and yet I say, greater then than now; whether it was, that the example of the ark, that saved the remnant of men from the universal deluge, gave men confi- dence to venture upon the waters, or what it was; but such is the truth. The Phoenicians, and especially the Tyrians, had great fleets; so had the Carthaginians their colony, which is yet farther west. Toward the east the shipping of Egypt, and of Palestine, was likewise great. China also, and the great At- lantis (that you call America), which have now but junks and canoes, abounded then in tall ships. This island (as appeareth by faithful registers of those times) had then 1,500 strong ships, of great content. Of all this there is with you sparing memory, or none; but we have large knowledge thereof.

The New Atlantis- Francis Bacon


14th November, 2013

It has long been said that Christopher Columbus was not the first foreigner to step foot in the Americas by the time he reached there in 1492.

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Electric Universe 2014 Conference

Posted by seumasach on November 7, 2013


10th September, 2013

EU 2014 will not just be our biggest conference yet; it will be the best as well. Backed by an interdisciplinary synthesis, the EU community is now attracting unprecedented public and scientific interest.
Conference Vision
Join us at EU2014 for a four-day exploration of interdisciplinary science, an event designed to break the bounds of conventionality. Discover the universal role of the electric force, from microcosm to macrocosm, where virtually every new surprise points us in the same direction. And find your own connections within a movement that will shape the future of science.

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World’s most sensitive dark matter detector comes up empty

Posted by seumasach on October 31, 2013

Contemporary science claims to be objective but has ideological roots which have led to aberrant thesis such as “dark matter”, evolutionary theory posited on only gradual environmental change and biological systems based on only mechanical or biochemical forces. Issac Newton referred to  electrical forces in the Scholium of his Principia by way of an afterthought which was subsequently, fatefully ignored as the “Enlightenment” shied away from the magical worldview of the Renaissance

And now we might add something concerning a certain most subtle spirit which pervades and lies hid in all gross bodies; by the force and action of which spirit the particles of bodies attract one another at near distances, and cohere, if contiguous; and electric bodies operate to greater distances, as well repelling as attracting the neighboring corpuscles; and light is emitted, reflected, refracted, inflected, and heats bodies; and all sensation is excited, and the members of animal bodies move at the command of the will, namely, by the vibrations of this spirit, mutually propagated along the solid filaments of the nerves, from the outward organs of sense to the brain, and from the brain into the muscles. But these are things that cannot be explained in few words, nor are we furnished with that sufficiency of experiments which is required to an accurate determination and demonstration of the laws by which this electric and elastic spirit operates.



30th October, 2013

A new experiment buried deep underground has proven itself to be the most sensitive dark-matter detector ever built. But the first results from the high-tech instrument have turned up empty in its search for elusive dark matter, scientists announced today (Oct. 30).

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Global warming in a climate of ignorance

Posted by seumasach on October 5, 2013

Wal Thornhill


15th February, 2007

Global warming has been deemed a fact. However, the inconvenient truth is that humans are not causing it. Al Gore has been given poor advice. Like Darwin’s theory of evolution and Big Bang cosmology, global warming by greenhouse gas emissions has undergone that curious social process in which a scientific theory is promoted to a secular myth. When in fact, science is ignorant about the source of the heat — the Sun.

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The interdisciplinary story of the electric universe

Posted by seumasach on August 19, 2013

Wallace Thornhill


17th August, 2013

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Did this ancient site experience a catastrophic end?

Posted by seumasach on June 18, 2013

Stephen Smith


4th April, 2013

Tiwanaku, or Tiahuanaco in Spanish, is a ruined citadel occupying almost 10 square kilometers in the Bolivian Andes at an altitude greater than 3800 meters. Carbon-14 dating methods suggest that the site is no more than 3700 years old. However, as previous Picture of the Day articles discuss, radiometric dating is, at best, an unreliable system for establishing age.

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Seeking the Third Story

Posted by seumasach on June 16, 2012

Influenced by the work of Immanuel Velikovsky a number of scientists have developed an elctric universe theory which has the potential to revolutionise our understanding of the universe and of human biology and history. This is an excerpt from a speech at the recent Electric Universe Conference. For more go to

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