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Event: The global financial crash and a sustainable future for humanity

Posted by seumasach on December 10, 2008

8th December, 2008

Jamal Harwood from Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain will address the Global Vision 2000 Conference on the global financial crash and a sustainable future for humanity on 13 December 2008.

Aims of the conference

Leading UK monetary reformers, bankers, economists, academics, journalists, social change activists and visionaries amongst others will be addressing the contemporary unprecedented financial and economic systemic collapse we are witnessing and focussing on the need for radical solutions addressing the causes as opposed to symptoms. This ” black swan” event and contagion is penetrating and infecting the entire world. The event aims to make a contribution towards the debate on the restructuring of the Bretton Woods global financial and economic architecture with fresh thinking which for too long has been deemed fringe but is now actually being forced upon and taken up by Governments. An unique platform for those seeking radical holistic,innovative and sustainable financial, monetary and economic changes. An unique opportunity to participate and join this life and death debate. This event builds upon previous special events held since 2003 which focus upon pioneering a fundamentally different alternative diagnosis and prescription. Global Vision 2000 will chart out and the need to move towards the UNIVERSAL PARADIGM SHIFT by establishing a crisis and future proof architecture and system which works for all.

The desire for a peaceful world has to be strived and struggled for and all obstacles need to be removed and above all justice needs to be central to the new vision. The time for real change has arrived and the agenda for fundamental change has to move from the fringe to the mainstream.

This has been organised by Global Vision 2000 the independent international Islamic thinktank. It aims to provide a platform for a comprehensive debate from alternative social,political and monetary reform movements who believe that the dominant paradigm is unsustainable and needs to be reconstructed. This will be a catalytic event which will launch a powerful call for the liberation of our money, banks and economy from bankers and from debt bondage by moving towards the Universal Paradigm shift.

Introductory comments

It can no longer be denied that the free market globalised world economies face their most critical crisis since the great depression of 1929. The financial tsunami and bursting bubble(s) has swept away Trillions written off in the financial markets and Wall Street/ City is now hitting Main/ High street with the common man being hit hard. The triumphalism of Franicis Fukuyama’s End of History in the end of the 20th century ended with the dominance of the free market over State control but the start of the 21st century is witnessing the self destruction of global financial usurious capitalism with Governments intervening unsuccessfully to halt this unending crisis. In only a couple of weeks with unexpected twists and turns the 2008 financial crisis completely reshaped the world and the financial system. After three months the global financial markets, the world economy is in impetuous breakdown. The turmoil is far from being over and has just commenced and will not recover until it’s modus operandi is fully laid bare and diagnosed with a holistic remedy applied. It is clear that the world economy is going through a turbulent period similar to the ravaging times of the Great depression of the 1930s.With the abrupt announcement of bankruptcy of Lehman brothers in mid-September 2008 the financial crisis entered an acute phase marked by failures of prominent American and European banks and by the continuous efforts of American and European governments to rescue distressed financial institutions with bailouts.

The shocking events of September and October 2008 led to a disastrous loss of confidence in the global economy. Indeed doubts have been raised about the causes and previous decisions. Belief in free markets has been dissolved and the neoliberal market fundamentalism has been exposed as fundamentally flawed and leading financial giants in Wall Street and the City have disappeared or gasping for State intervention. Serious fundamental questions about the system need to be asked. This event goes deep into areas deemed to be no go or taboos as the future of society and civilisation is at stake in this age of instability and turbulence. We are at a crossroads either a new dark age beckons in which case we should all migrate to the nearest planet or chnage and move towards the Universal paradigm shift: we are fast facing the final or finest hour of humanity.

Global Vision 2000 rises to the challenge to raise the questions which need urgent answering about:-

Who really runs the country and world is it our democratically elected governments or unelected banking and financial oligarchs;

Who really creates and controls credit and the money supply ; is it central banks or private banks;

Why is usury taken for granted and unquestionable despite everyone drowning in debt;

Why we need to go beyond framing the debate beyond regulation and reform and advocate rejectionism of the status quo.

Why have our institutions from the government, political parties, media, unions been emasculated and what are the new
mediums for social and political transformation and new models of governance.

Why the Bretton Woods global financial architecture and the military-industrial complex needs to be shelved

Saturday December 13 2008 10-6
43 Lancaster Gate,London
organised by
Global Vision 2000


Registration 9-10
First Session 10-10.45
Moeen Yaseen Global Vision 2000 Introduction
Canon Peter Challen Christian Council for Monetary Justice and GJM Opening speech

Second Session 10.45-2
Tarek al Diwany Zest Advisory The Credit Crunch: Cause and Remedies
Daud Pidcock The other Road to Serfdom
Jamal Harwood Hizb al Tahrir The Crisis of capitalism and the Khalifate
Alistair McConnachie Bromsgrove Group Putting the Horse before the cart again: The economy should come before the banking system
Muhammad Rafeeq Global Vision 2000 The Alternative options

Q & A


Third Session 3-5.30
Nafeez Ahmed IPRD Collateral Damage: The intersection of economic,ecological and energy crises and the end of industrial civilisation as we know it
Robert Corfe Arena Social Capitalism
Francis Mullerday WUBS Corporate social responsibility and social capitalism
Dr.Mustafa Ali Bandung The Field,the House and the Yard:Reflections on racial political economy
Dr.Irfan Alawi CIP Manhattanisation of Makkah and Madinah
Roy Tindle London 21 Sustainability a way forward

Q & A session 5.30-6 Panel

5 Responses to “Event: The global financial crash and a sustainable future for humanity”

  1. Derek Wall said

  2. inthesenewtimes said

    I can’t answer for Alisdair Macconnachie but I think the refusal to share platforms stuff a bit childish and, of course, so in keeping with the sanctimonious self-righteousness of British leftists. But, anyway, it’s always good to get Greens coming into the site giving us an opportunity to ask them why they don’t reply to e-mails about the CCD crisis and its link to EM radiation. But, come to think of it, that’s a silly question, The answer, of course , is that the politically correct explanation for the CCD is “global warming”. As one New Labour councillor put it after hearing for the first time about the disappearing bees:” I don’t know anything about it, but, if it’s happening, it’s global warming”.
    This is when communication breaks down: we have a “holocaust denier’, a “global warming denier’ and a suspected “CCD-EM radiation link denier’. Should we be really sharing the internet together?

  3. Derek Wall said

    I will share a platform with most people but he is a holocaust denier, hostile to asylum seekers and pretty friendly with the International Third Position who published an interview with him in their newspaper the Voice of St George, they were a split from the far right National Front.

  4. smeddum said

    I find the no platform business repugnant. What is a holocaust denier? Someone who says the
    whole thing was made up or are they the ones who say the figures are a few million less.
    Or is a holocaust denier someone who thinks Israel has used this issue to make its own holocaust on the muslim world.

    Is hostility to asylum seekers, just plain racism or a criticism of our white hippy kingdom.
    I would need far more information and even then I would say, we can bring fascists out of the NF.

    In my days with the YCL. We recruited two of them.

  5. inthesenewtimes said

    You haven’t disappointed me Mr Wall- the greens maintain their conspiracy of silence on the most significant green issue we face i.e. the disappearance of pollinators with the catastrophic consequences that entails. I really think its time the greens lived up to their self-declared role as guardians of the planet. Otherwise, people will start to ask the question: “what are greens for?”. The answer apppears to be to lecture us endlessly and self-righteously on a highly questionable climate change theory originating amongst the grandees of the US Democratic Party and to pontificate about who can or can’t appear on platforms.

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