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U.S. Dollar Attacked by Central Bank Lilliputians Profting From the Carry Trade

Posted by smeddum on October 21, 2009

Oct 21, 2009 –

Market oracle

By: Jim_Willie_CB


Diamond Rated - Best Financial Markets Analysis ArticleThe US Federal Reserve continues to talk about their urgent Exit Strategy. My theory is they will be doing mostly talking and almost no doing. The nations that talk the least will be hiking interest rates the most, like Australia. The United States might be dead last in hiking interest rates. The credibility of the USFed will in the process continue to be harmed much more than already, which is rock bottom. The Dollar Carry Trade and the lost Petro-Dollar advantage will work to destroy the USDollar as the global reserve currency. The USFed will have to resort to unusual means to keep the world ‘interested’ and ‘involved’ in the USDollar at all. When they lose interest and involvement, the US$ will descend into the Third World. The USDollar will then be forced to find its true value, based on its own merit.


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Radio: Jim Willie on the death of the petro-dollar

Posted by smeddum on October 20, 2009

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Jim Willie on the Economic disaster – Max Keiser Show

Posted by smeddum on October 10, 2009

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Systemic Failure Approaches

Posted by smeddum on October 5, 2009

Systemic Failure Approaches

By: Jim Willie CB,

–Friday, 2 October 2009


Debate stirs on whether the financial structure of the USEconomy is broken irreparably. Debate stirs on whether actions taken in the last year or two have put the nation on a path that can even achieve stability, let alone recovery. Debate stirs on whether a pernicious and not so secret syndicate has taken control of the USGovt financial ministries, let alone be removed. Debate stirs on whether lack of US Federal Reserve audits and disclosure of their accounting is integral to sustaining the syndicate control as well as its probable egregious fraud. Debate stirs whether the nationalizations have actually enabled adoption of wrecked assets, have concealed executive ransacking, and have buried massive counterfeit of bonds. Debate stirs whether the mountainous federal deficits, the nationalizations of essentially Black Holes, and the endless war spending make deficit reduction a distant dream. Debate stirs on whether the gargantuan accumulation of USFed reserves will spill over to produce widespread price inflation. Debate stirs on why after causing the foundation failure of the US financial structure from Wall Street and the USFed offices, these institutions not only remain in power but demand greater power. Read the rest of this entry »

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Radio: Jim Willie and the Chinese/USA trade war?

Posted by smeddum on September 21, 2009

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13 Major Reasons for Gold Breakout

Posted by smeddum on September 10, 2009

By: Jim Willie CB,

Thursday, 10 September 2009


Before the Hat Trick Letter was launched, a little splash was made when a Jackass Nobody wrote “25 Reasons Why Gold Will Rise” in November 2002. It was so many years ago that the piece no longer appears in archives. The motive for the article was simple. Just too much pure nonsense and genuine rubbish had appeared in the financial press about why gold was rising. ‘THEY’ claimed the gold price was rising from MidEast tensions, from new global tensions due to a False Flag attack on New York City in broad daylight, and from other factors clearly irrelevant to gold. It was not disinformation so much as stark ignorance and stupidity, perhaps even compromised marketing from the fiat bowels on Wall Street. The crack analysts in financial circles overlooked the negative real interest rates offered by central banks, as the miniscule official rates were overwhelmed by price inflation, thus rendering gold a free pass profitable investment. Stupid inane mindless drivel continues to pour out today as to why gold has reached the $1000 level. In simple English, THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHY GOLD IS RISING. The faceless ‘THEY’ had no idea in 2002 and ‘THEY’ have no idea now. The main fallback factor ‘THEY’ turn to is a hedge against price inflation, the basic kindergarten concept. The Wall Street machine still uses mental crayons, as nothing has changed. They are too busy building leveraged contraptions and forging collusions. Those who are aware in the Mainstream are dead silent as to why gold rises, since they realize their world is to vanish. Read the rest of this entry »

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Radio: Jim Willie China’s Stop-Loss

Posted by smeddum on September 3, 2009

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Uh Oh. … Trouble Dead Ahead

Posted by smeddum on August 24, 2009

Karl Denninger
Market Ticker

Aug 22, 2009

While I disagree with pretty much everything Jim Willie writes when it comes to metals and such, every squirrel finds a nut once in a while:

click to enlarge

You can read the original article at the above link, or I’ll just point out the important parts:foreigners are rejecting virtually all forms of US debt, most specifically corporate and agency (mortgages.) Read the rest of this entry »

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Lost Control & Economic Mythology

Posted by smeddum on August 8, 2009

By: Jim Willie CB,
Thursday, 6 August 2009

A great question to ask is: what was the first important chapter written in nonsensical Economic Mythology? It gave powerful intellectual protection and coverage by economists, and resulted in widespread acceptance. The answer is clearly the break in the Bretton Woods Accord, when in 1971 Nixon broke the gold standard and permitted the USDollar to float on a cloud of arrogance and on a wave of liquidity that is best described as debt mixed with counterfeit. Little known then, but better known now, is the role of the USMilitary in propping up the value and acceptance of the USDollar. The nation and world were told that greater flexibility would result in order to build economies, deal with cyclical problems, and contend with the needs of global population growth. The momentum of destruction is powerful, damage accelerating, and platforms disintegrating. The key to mythology is to recognize it as nonsense spouted by the high priest economists whose handiwork of destruction must be hidden from view, only to see yet another chapter unfold that captures the attention of the innocent and ignorant. The priesthood is left in charge of the intellectual dogma behind mythology, not much different from communist mumbo jumbo about power to the proletariat, complete with a supporting cast of a Politburo. The US Politburo is hidden from view, a pack of misfit incompetents and established failed figures continuing to spout policy and to manage Fannie Mae, AIG, and now General Motors. The US Federal Reserve is the keeper of the Holy Grail, now manifested in criminal confiscation and disbursement of USCongressional funds, and a secretive balance sheet. Watch them defy the US Supreme Court. Their dogma is mostly vapor with little substance, sufficient to keep the population in participation or at bay, but at least confused. Read the rest of this entry »

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USGovt Yuan Bond Threat

Posted by smeddum on July 30, 2009

USGovt Yuan Bond Threat

by Jim Willie, CB. Editor, Hat Trick Letter |

July 29, 2009

Financial Sense

The tables are fast turning against the deeply indebted USGovt officials. USA Inc is in deep trouble. Its productive engines in both finance and industry are either wrecked or sputtering, even as its debt burden grows exponentially. Debt default litters the landscape. Next its sovereign bonds will be have to be sold to some extent outside the US$ Sphere, which will put at great risk its stock, namely the USDollar itself. Let’s call them USGovt Dragon Bonds. The custodians desperately seek creditors to supply much needed capital in order to fund the gigantic and growing USGovt debts, which by the way are grossly understated. The last resort is to monetize the USTreasury Bond issuance, a process well along. With the aid of the USDollar Swap Facility, the USFed has been able to secretly bid on USTBonds from foreign soil, have it appear like foreign bids, and conceal the continued and broadening monetization initiative. The United States is boldly defying the creditor nations, printing money, and buying its own debt. When more fully revealed, the USDollar will suffer the consequences. A sense of betrayal will surely come, much like discovery that the CIA has been flooding the globe with counterfeit $100 bills, or Wall Street has been flooding the globe with counterfeit Fannie Mae Bonds. Closer to home, it is akin to selling lemonade has been secretly watered down, or putting lawn mower clippings into the reefer batch before sale. Read the rest of this entry »

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Abandoned USDollar & Paradigm Shift

Posted by smeddum on July 25, 2009

By: Jim Willie CB,
— Posted Thursday, 23 July 2009 |  Source:

A paradigm shift is underway, unrecognized inside the US kettle. Its water level is falling and its temperature is rising, even as fewer foreign born cooks stir its contents. The US banking and political leaders errantly pursue a path toward a return to normalcy, when all pathways have been washed out by powerful storms that to do abate and will worsen. Several key developments point to a new global order taking shape, as the Chinese actively work to plant global seeds that result in the Yuan currency serving more of a role in global trade. They will eventually de-throne the USDollar from its primal perch. The USDollar will be used less in global trade. TheUS$-based assets are being diversified. These developments are gaining traction, power, and publicity. The foreign creditors continue to protect their core US$-denominated reserves, while clearly undermining the US$ on the margin, as alternatives are chosen. To date, the alternative choice is hard assets, commodity supplies, and properties from the resource camp. The paradigm shift will change the face of the United States permanently, but to date few recognize the changing landscape.


Last week, a tipoff came that turned out to be true, shared in last week’s article. A contact source passed word that on Sunday night, Asia would sell the USDollar down in a big way. Four to five large parties were involved. Seemingly small moves in the FOREX cause tremendous disruption, since entire continental economies are involved with price shifts. The US$ index did fall markedly, in a moderate quantum leap down. It fell from the mid-79s to the upper 78s, big in the currency world. The principal agent pushing the buck down was the Euro, which enjoyed a major 120 basis point upleg that has held all this week. The Euro now approaches the 143 level. So the tipoff was true. We await the follow-through, like from short covering by Euro traders who were wrong on bets. If the Euro can push past 143 (it is now 142+), then clear sailing to the 155 mark will be enabled, without any notable resistance.The USDollar index would fall enough to capture global attention. Maybe they would proclaim the advent of a Currency Crisis. Read the rest of this entry »

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