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Kerry in Israel to salvage Mid East peace talks

Posted by seumasach on December 5, 2013


5th December, 2013

US Secretary of State John Kerry spent several hours with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Thursday at a tense time in US- Israel relations. 

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William Hague endorses linkage for the UK

Posted by seumasach on September 27, 2011

Jasmin Ramsey


20 September, 2011

Last night during an interview with Charlie Rose British Foreign Secretary William Hague endorsed linkage — the notion that resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will help promote U.S. strategic interests in the Middle East. Here’s what was said:

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Rampage in Gaza for a Bump in the Polls

Posted by seumasach on January 4, 2009

But electoral benefits will only come with military success and that seems most unlikely. What has undoubtedly been achieved by this invasion is to compromise Obama, to lock him in to the neo-con agenda of endless conflict in the Middle East at a moment when he showed  clear signs, under his mentors Brzezinski and Soros, of wanting diplomacy in the Middle East with a view to refocusing US aggression against Russia and China. His agenda is in ruins and the US remains hitched to an Israel veering out of control.

Mike Whitney


31st December, 2008

Barack Obama has passed his first test with flying colors. He’s made himself disappear so Israel can continue its killing spree in Gaza. The last time a president shrunk this small was when Ariel Sharon took his wrecking-ball through Jenin during the second intifada. Bush slipped down a mouse hole so Israel’s “Man of Peace” could finish his dirty work unopposed. Now Obama has taken refuge in that same dark hideaway.  What a relief it must be for his critics at AIPAC and the far-right think tanks to know that the next Commander in Chief will be every bit as compliant as the last. That’s “continuity they can believe in”.

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War on Gaza may cripple Israel economy

Posted by smeddum on December 29, 2008


War on Gaza may cripple Israel economy 
Mon, 29 Dec 2008 11:41:09 GMT 


An Israeli soldier adjusts the barrel of a tank near Kibbutz Sufa, just outside Gaza. Israel is no preparing its forces for a ground incursion into the strip.

Economists have warned that the Israeli economy would be threatened if the invasion of the Gaza Strip is prolonged or the scope widened. 

Israeli began the launch of massive air strikes on Gaza on Saturday. Over 310 Gazans have so far been killed and nearly 1550 people have been wounded. 

The estimated daily cost of the military operations is expected to stand at tens of millions of shekels (dollars).  Read the rest of this entry »

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Israeli Ministry Warns: Keep Cell Phone Chargers at a Distance

Posted by smeddum on July 22, 2008

Cell phones have more dangers than are currently being exposed by official bodies- have a look at this video! 

Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection

The Ministry of Environmental Protection warns that a mobile phone charger or any small transformer should be kept at least a half a meter away from the human body to avoid the risk of radiation.

The warning comes in the wake of hundreds of queries from residents asking about radiation exposure when recharging their cell phone. A sample check carried out by the Environmental Protection Ministry showed that most of these residents sleep while charging their cell phones next to their beds. Read the rest of this entry »

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