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The Great Irish Famine Was Genocide

Posted by seumasach on March 17, 2010

Prof. Francis Boyle

Global Research

16th March, 2010

Some controversy has surrounded the use of the word “genocide” with regard to the Great Irish Famine of 160 years ago. But this controversy has its source in an apparent misunderstanding of the meaning of genocide. No, the British government did not inflict on the Irish the abject horrors of the Nazi Holocaust. But the definition of “genocide” reaches beyond such ghastly behavior to encompass other reprehensible acts designed to destroy a people.

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Canadian Government Sends Body-bags to First Nations for Swine Flu

Posted by seumasach on September 20, 2009

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Russell Means – Lakota declares its Sovereignty

Posted by smeddum on June 8, 2009

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The Cell Phone Genocide Rap by Trillion

Posted by smeddum on March 17, 2009

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Uranium Weapons in Afghanistan: The Silent Genocide

Posted by seumasach on December 13, 2008

With  every passing day the deep, strategic, unspoken and unspeakable agenda of the Anglo-american elite becomes clearer: that agenda is genocide.

Christopher Horstel


11th December
A special issue in the field of war crimes committed by occupation forces in Afghanistan are so-called uranium weapons (1). Uranium is a heavy metal – and, as a consequence, has an extremely strong armour piercing effect. Since dirt-poor Afghanistan clearly cannot afford the luxury of any special armour-plating, the question has to be asked: what purpose does the use of such specialised weaponry serve when the military necessity is questionable?

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Generation X’d Out: An end to the human race as we’ve known it?

Posted by seumasach on December 11, 2008



Babies born to GENERATION X-RAY may be on the fast track to humanity’s genetic DEAD END.


Amy Worthington

The term “Generation X-ray” refers to youth addicted to communicating and recreating with wireless devices—cell phones, PDA’s, WiFi computers and music/gaming equipment. These wireless devices emit high-frequency microwave radiation, recently demonstrated by European researchers to efficiently inflict the same horrific damage on human cells as X-radiation.

Surveys reveal that the average American child under 18 now spends several hours a day irradiating himself with his cell phone “toy.” Meantime, Swedish scientists report that children and teens who use cell phones are up to five times more likely than non-users to suffer glioma brain cancer. Gliomas are among the most difficult to treat and deadly of human cancers. Children who use cordless household phones have over four times the risk of developing brain tumors.


The far-reaching health hazards to children and teens from wireless technology are well-documented in part one of this Idaho Observer series: 
Generation X-ray: Child Victims of Technological Abuse. While the European Parliament and governments around the world are calling for stricter limits on wireless exposure for kids, Gen X-ray continues to ride the down escalator towards disintegrating health and premature death.


Most tragically, because our young people have received no official warning from U.S health agencies, they unknowingly micro-cook their sperm, ova and fetuses with a radiation known to be just as mutagenic and teratogenic as gamma wave radiation from nuclear fallout. The science is clear. Babies born to the hard-core wireless generation will suffer a high probability of genetic corruption from their very seed.


Scientists warn that a pregnant woman using a cell phone, with or without a headset or bluetooth device, could cause her to place the transmitting phone near her abdomen, exposing her baby to dangerous levels of microwave radiation. Both the pelvic structure and amniotic fluids promote the deep penetration of microwaves, which can be easily absorbed by the fetus.



We see them everywhere now. Armies of American women of childbearing age roam dazed through shopping centers with transmitting cell phones pressed firmly to their heads. Often with forlorn pre-schoolers traipsing behind, these gals wander the aisles getting “stoned” on microwaves. The opiod-like “high” they glean from skull-piercing phone radiation is documented in animal studies to habituate like nicotine.1 No one has told them that an extended cell phone “fix” enshrouds their bodies in high-frequency electromagnetic energy with potential to unleash devastating effects on both their living and future offspring. Read the rest of this entry »

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Thanks for What? The Conquest of New England

Posted by seumasach on November 30, 2008


Mike Ely


30th november, 2008

It is a deep thing that people still celebrate the survival of the early colonists at Plymouth — by giving thanks to the Christian God who supposedly protected and championed the European invasion. The real meaning of all that, then and now, needs to be continually excavated. The myths and lies that surround the past are constantly draped over the horrors and tortures of our present.

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The lies of Hiroshima live on, props in the war crimes of the 20th century

Posted by seumasach on August 7, 2008

John Pilger


6th August, 2008

The 1945 attack was murder on an epic scale. In its victims’ names, we must not allow a nuclear repeat in the Middle East

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