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Dr Carlo Speaks: Radiation Is Killing the Bees Despite the Cell Phone Industry’s Disinformation Campaign

Posted by smeddum on May 17, 2009

Dr Carlo Speaks: Radiation Is Killing the Bees Despite the Cell Phone Industry’s Disinformation Campaign
Von: Paul Doyon
Datum: Tue, 5 Jun 2007 13:49:12 +0800

This seems to be the argument I hear all the time. There is no scientific proof. Planted by the disinformation specialists and repeated by laypeople the world over. The hell there isn’t!!! There is a massive amount of scientific proof despite the cell phone industry’s attempt to bury it and put pressure on journals not to publish it.
After the first news cycle, the mobile phone industry ‘hit squad’ went into action.  First, they planted stories that cast doubt on the Einstein quote.  Never before have I seen such a desperate attempt to distance a quote from a figure as revered as Albert Einstein.  In the process, his name was besmerched.  Very sad.   Next, they conscripted scientists from a number of universities to begin going public with other explanations…viruses, bacteria, pesticides etc., etc., etc..  These alternatives have been making the rounds over the past month.  The mobile phone industry is putting quite a bit of money into the pockets of these scientists by supporting their work regarding viruses and alternative explanations.  The industry is dealing with it as a politics and public relations problem….thus, manipulation of the public perception is the appropriate remedy for them.  Sadly, this is business as usual for the mobile phone industry. Read the rest of this entry »

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