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The Trump-Kim summit: can the Donald make the Deal?

Posted by seumasach on March 10, 2018

This is also an opportunity to turn China-US relations in a positive directions. China has obviously answered Trump’s exhortations to use its influence to resolve the Korea crisis and it may be able to respond to similar exhortations to deal with the US-China trade deficit with the thorny issue of Chinese investment into the USA facilitated by China’s enhanced image.

Alexander Mercouris

The Duran

10th March, 2018

The key to understanding Kim Jong-un’s summit offer to Donald Trump is that it is the product of negotiations which have been underway since October.

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How Trump’s America helped China and South Korea become friends again

Posted by seumasach on December 12, 2017

“Trump’s neo-isolationist and unilateralist inclinations have given China a golden opportunity to enhance its prestige, status, and international leadership.”

South China Morning Post

12th December, 2017

Zhang Baohui says the rapprochement between Beijing and Seoul, after relations were damaged over THAAD, has much to do with a more moderate Chinese foreign policy, inspired in no small part by the erosion of American soft power under an isolationist Donald Trump

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