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Jeremy Corbyn warns against ‘hard Brexit’

Posted by seumasach on September 25, 2016

An important statement from Corbyn. He is effectively coming out for “Remain” by supporting membership of the single market as well as free movement of labour. All the claims that he actually favoured Brexit as would be consistent with his Bennite background therefore come to nothing. Corbyn has shown himself to be an astute politician. He is now in a strong position within the Labour Party and within the country. He will win support of almost everyone who has anything to do with the real economy which will be crucified by Brexit. Now we know why the Murdoch press hate him so much. Their attacks will be unrelenting as they try to cement their alliance with a substantial sector of the working class now aligned behind the military-industrial-financial complex. This latter group can now be seen to be, if there was ever any doubt, at the core of the British system. The same grouping is asserting itself in the USA by sabotaging Obama’s Russian diplomacy. On both sides of the Atlantic we hear the rumblings, the insane rumblings, of war.

Belfast Telegraph

25th September, 2016

The Labour leader dismissed the vision of some in the Brexit camp that the UK could become an offshore tax haven by breaking away from Brussels.

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