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Greek debt deal jeopardized by leftist anxiety in Athens

Posted by seumasach on June 25, 2015

Now is the moment when the failure of the left to develop clear objectives makes them part of the problem rather than part of the solution. The alternatives are either austerity without end to bail out the banks or temporary austerity, with guarantees to protect the weakest, as the banks are put through bankruptcy and the system converts from a parasitic financier, consumer system to a productive system with a reconstructed real economy. Their “anti-imperialism” is merely a pose which ignores the simple reality that the entire West has enjoyed a good standard of living for decades based on the collective exploitation of the rest of the world. The conversion from living off the rest to relying on the fruits of our own labour is bound to be painful but is inevitable given that that Global South is no longer obliged to continue that game. The “anti-austerity” mantra is based on the false notion that there is no crisis of imperialism and their purely emotive knee-jerk reaction could disrupt Tsipras’ intelligent war of position which is helping to lay the foundations for a pan-European transformative programme.

Sputnik News

23rd June, 2015

Greece’s radical left lawmakers are firmly opposed to the deal the PM Alexis Tsipras put forward to the pool of international creditors on Monday, marking a significant threat to a successful resolution of the Greek debt crisis.

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