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Shadow of a NATO-Nazi gunman

Posted by seumasach on February 23, 2014

Cailean Bochanan

23rd February, 2014

William Hague has decreed by twitter (for it is thus that the destiny of nations is settled) that he  and his opposite number Steinmeier have agreed to support “a new government” in Ukraine. Which new government would that be?: not the one Steinmeier signed an agreement with on Friday but, implicitly,  the armed insurrectionists who now hold power in Kiev. We’re used to Anglo-American contempt for international law but the Germans are meant to be sticklers for the rules. They haven’t done anything like this since allowing Vladimir Lenin to return to Moscow through Germany with, allegedly, a wad of cash on his person. Supporting a NATO-Nazi coup d’etat shows the Germans not to be the politically correct old fuddy-duddies they appear to be. And it won’t just be politically incorrect, it will be politically disastrous. Who set this trap for Europe’s soon to be defunct leadership? Putin and Obama are looking relaxed about it: is this the latest fruit of their “reset” in a week that Obama also effected a regime change lite in Saudi Arabia with the removal of Assad’s arch-enemy Prince Bandar Bush.

Anyway judging by the funereal airs of the Hollande-Merkel summit earlier in the week they already sensed their fate. Hollande, Qatar’s man in the Elysee, fresh from his sponsorship of Al-Qaida in Syria and Libya(who did “un bon boulot”, a good job, according to his Foreign minister Fabius), is already a passed master of political suicide but Merkel seemed to have a relatively safe pair of hands. But then her foreign minister Westerwelle aided and abetted Victoria “f**k the Europeans” Nuland in handing out cookies to Right Block anti-semites in Maidan square. Then she met Yats and Klitsch, Nuland’s designated post regime change office holders (well actually not Klitsch-definately not Klitsch!) who then left Berlin to make a call to arms in Maidan square. It all looked a bit reckless. Would the gunmen do “un bon boulot”?

Yesterday was the heroic stage of the revolution as statues of Lenin were torn down. You’d think they’d be in awe of the insurrectionist who was able to turn an armed insurrection into a functioning government. They might consider some of his ideas too like writing down the debt to the European imperialist powers but, then again, Lenin wasn’t trying to get into the EU. Yesterday was also the chivalrous stage of the revolt  as they came to the assistance of Maidan in distress, Julia Tymoshenko, a move they may regret as she immediately made a bit for absolute power. The heritage of another, perhaps more afinitive phase of Europe’s revolutionary history was also in evidence as they surrounded the Rada with gunmen while it voted 300-1 to “impeach”( a rather legalistic term, isn’t it?) Yanukovitch. Will the sole voter against also be “impeached”. Even with all this the revolution was not over. The insurrectionists wanted to ban the Communist Party who had ruled so cruelly over them before they were born and Yanukovitch’s own party. But then the cry went up: “Hail! Heroes of the Maidan. The nation is saved! Give in your weapons and return to your wives and children!” Return to your homes and wait for Julia Tymoshenko’s goons to smash down your door at five in the morning.The men of the Maidan weren’t going to fall for that one. . No, the Maidan revolution is a permanent revolution. “All power to the soviet of NATO-nazis!”

Sky, CNN, BBC, France 24 hacks like to ask the steady succession of professors and experts about how damaging and embarrassing all this to Vladimir Putin, a cue to their attentive audiences to revel in the discomfort of the successor of the evil regime which defeated Nazism. But Putin is an advocate of trilateral agreement between Moscow the EU and Kiev and behind that lies the prospect of a Eurasian economic space from Shanghai to London for which the communications and infrastructure are all being build and which will bring peace and prosperity to millions not least the peoples of Ukraine and Poland who are particularly strategically placed to become its beneficiaries. All he needs to realize this dream is the removal of a European leadership which still hasn’t awoken to the fact that the Anglo-America empire is over and even seem lost in nostalgia for certain other  imperial projects of yore.Yesterday’s events brought him a step closer to that goal.

One Response to “Shadow of a NATO-Nazi gunman”

  1. seumasach said

    It’s important to keep in mind that the imperial agenda means the dissolution of Russia and China. The dissolution of Ukraine could be a step towards that but the economic stuff is a red herring. Europe doesn’t intend to take Ukraine into EU and destabilizing it threatens Europe. Merkel and co are acting in CIA/NATO interests not German or European ones.The EU idea is just a bait for the stupid Ukranian youth who think of themselves as Western. I think the plan was to provoke Janukovitch into a military crackdown provoking a civil war. That’s why I think he was right to concede power to the NATo-nazis. They will then burn themselves out just as the MB did in Egypt but a lot quicker. The Europeans are in a mess because they didn’t foresee that move and are now seen to have spawned a fascist coup. Cameron and Obama are remaining quiet. Look for it all to terribly wrong for the “opposition” and the Europeans to end up big losers

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