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Egypt’s revolution: As it might have been; as it could be

Posted by seumasach on January 27, 2013

It has  to be said that most notably the Egyptian revolution failed to define themselves within the context of the unfolding Arab Spring: failed to separate the chafe from the grain. They could have defined their revolution as an anti-imperialist one by defending not just Egyptian sovereignty, not just the sovereign rights of the Palestinians, but the sovereignty of Libya and Syria. This was the greatest and most dismaying failure of the Egyptian revolution.

Hani Shukrallah

Al Ahram

25th Jasnuary, 2013

Mohamed Hassanein Heikal has likened the Egyptian revolution to someone who had managed to achieve the incredible feat of landing on the moon, but when asked what he wanted as a reward was baffled, asking finally, and after some hesitation for a falafel sandwich.

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