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Letter to Dr. Perry Kendall Provincial Health Officer of British Columbia on wi-fi

Posted by seumasach on August 29, 2012

My letter to Dr. Perry Kendall Provincial Health Officer of British Columbia on Wi-Fi. Yet this letter applies to ALL forms of wireless in ALL countries:

August 24, 2012

Dear Dr. Kendall:

I agree with Mr. Robert Riedlinger and noted author Iris Atzmon of Israel that if Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman can implore the Education Minister of Israel, Gideon Sa’ar, to immediately suspend installation of wireless internet in schools due to the well documented hazards of RF – EMF, Canada should be doing the same, as should all countries.

In May of 2011, the IARC committee of the World Health Organization declared, 29 to 1, after careful perusal of the science, that everything on the spectrum from RF (radio frequency) to EMF (electromagnetic radiation) should be declared a 2b “possible human” carcinogen. Wi-Fi is included in that classification. Children are much more vulnerable than adults. You are exposing them to cumulative radiation by having Wi-Fi in the schools. You know you can hardwire their computers and it will be infinitely safer.

Cancer is a concern, of course, but even greater is the neurological concern, because the brain is the first major organ of the body to be adversely affected by RF – EMF, and the long-term and even short-term effects are potentially devastating. Cognition can be impaired, reaction-time slowed, and impulse control delayed.

I organized a brain study of firefighters, men who are considered to be the strongest of the strong among us, in California in 2004. They had been exposed to a cell tower beaming across their working/sleeping quarters for 5+ years. Each of the men who had their brains scanned showed a hyper-excitability of the neurons, or brain cells. This is considered to be a precursor to early cell death and potentially early onset Parkinson’s, ALS, and Alzheimer’s. Now, 8 years later, two of the men have had psychotic breaks with reality and all are suffering from memory impairment. All the men tested in 2004 had tremors, and some were still in their 20’s.

I was the original author of Resolution 15 which was passed by an 80% margin at the International Association of Firefighters convention in Boston in 2004. I was proud to be joined by four others as co-authors, including two Canadians, Assistant Fire Chief Joe Foster and Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University. Resolution 15 calls for further study and a moratorium on placement of cell towers on firestations in the US & Canada (attached), yet you radiate children in schools?

These invisible waves are microwaves, Dr. Kendall. “Radio waves” is a lovely euphemism. Please do not continue to expose young children to microwave radiation throughout their formative years.

What you are doing by ignoring the IARC/WHO warning is putting young, developing children at great risk. If you choose to look away at this time when there are literally thousands of non-industry funded studies showing the dangers of RFR, you will — metaphorically speaking — have blood on your hands.

At your request, I would be more than happy to send relevant medical studies. You may speak more loudly through your silence if you choose not to learn more about this intensely germane issue.

I would like to ask, for the record, if you receive any campaign contributions, contributions toward governmental or private programs, or gifts — monetary or otherwise — from the telecommunications industry or any entity that has any connection to them?

Thank you for your time and careful consideration.

Kind Regards,

Susan Foster

Advisor, Radiation Research Trust, UK
Member, International EMF Alliance
Honorary Firefighter, San Diego Fire Department
Rancho Santa Fe CA 92091

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