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Israeli defense official: Assad fully controls his unconventional arsenal

Posted by seumasach on July 25, 2012

Is Gilead blocking an attempt by the US to deploy Israel against Syria after the failure of last week’s attempted coup in Syria. If so, the West has suddenly seen its options dramatically reduced.


24th July, 2012

Amos Gilead, head of the defense ministry’s political and security division, said Tuesday that Israel should be on heightened alert and prepared for every eventuality in the Syria conflict, but there was no room for panic. The Syrian ruler is in total control of his unconventional arsenal, he said and called the FSA’s report that chemical weapons had been deployed to airports on Syria’s borders “unrealistic.”
DEBKAfile: The official did not explain the discrepancy between his laid back approach and the warning issued the day before by US President Barack Obama or the words of Israel’s prime minister and defense minister – first when Syria first moved its chemical weapons out of storage and then after Damascus threatened to use them against external attackers.

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